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Researchers are trying to determine why there have been twice as many dog attacks on humans in the last twenty-five years. 
According to statistics, hospitals in England treated nearly 9,000 people who experienced dog attacks last year. This is more than double the rate of admission in 1998, with bites on adults accounting for the majority of the increase. Attacks on children are still frequent, but the numbers are more consistent. 

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Dog bites occur in the home in 4/5 cases. 

The University of Liverpool's Dr. John Tulloch is a leading researcher into animal attacks. He said "Most bites are occurring at home. With adults, over 80% of bites are occurring at home, and with children over 90% of bites are occurring at home." 
"That suggests the dog involved is either their own dog, a friend's dog or a dog they know rather than a strange dog on the street." 

Why is there a rise in dog bites? 

When asked why there has been such a noticeable rise in dog bites over the past 25 years, Dr. Tulloch says, "We need more information, there are more dogs, but the rate of increase in bites is at a faster rate than the growth of the dog population." 
"That to me says we're interacting with our dogs in a different way than we may have done 20-30 years ago." 
"The group that is seeing the fastest growth in dog bites is middle-aged women. We don't know why that is. These are some of the questions we're actively trying to explore at the moment." 
"Once we can get to the bottom of what is causing this increase and why its occuring in certain communities can we actually develop some sort of intervention that's going to be successful." 

Making a claim for Personal Injury caused by a dog bite 

Our team understand that being attacked by a dog can be traumatic, leaving you with stress about your injury, or fear of being attacked again in the future. You may be in pain, and your injuries may be long-lasting, or scarring. 
Contact MG Legal, your Personal Injury Solicitor in Garstang, to discuss your claim and we will carry out an initial assessment straight away. We aim to accept all cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) basis to ensure that you have the access to the legal representation you need. Call, email, use our web-contact form or see us at one of our offices is Garstang, Lancaster or Longridge and we will aim to have the ball rolling the same day. 
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