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A common phrase that our personal injury solicitors in Preston hear thrown around a lot, is ‘I wouldn’t normally claim’, and we want to stop you right there. If you’ve been injured, through no fault of your own, there should be no shame in claiming personal injury compensation that you deserve, to compensate you for your injuries suffered and any other losses. 
Our team would explain that if you’re thinking of claiming for a personal injury, you probably have a lot of questions that you want to ask. Afterall, most people who are making a claim for personal injury compensation, have never made one before, and therefore, rightly, don’t know the process. So, here’s some of the common questions that our team, based in Preston, are asked. 
How much compensation will I be entitled to? 
Our personal injury team would love to say ‘You will be entitled to £5,000.00’ immediately. However, as we all know, in every aspect of the law, it can depend on a range of things, such as the extent of your injuries, your losses (occurring from either your injuries or loss of earnings, and damage to your property, etc), and other factors. Before our team can fully advise you about what injury compensation you may be entitled to, we may need to obtain your medical records, and you may need to attend medical appointments with specialist doctors. Our personal injury experts may also want to look into other similar cases to yours, to see what compensation the injured parties obtained. 
What information does my Personal Injury solicitor need? 
First of all, our personal injury solicitors require the basic details, such as where the incident occurred (i.e. at work, in your local supermarket, on a street near your house, etc). Our injury team may also ask you to bring any evidence with you, such as letters from your GP or the other party, or a video of you in the car (such as dash-cam footage). 
What will a personal injury compensation claim cost me? 
Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No, we’re not kidding! Our team won’t ask you for any money upfront, and we won’t bill you for the work that we carry out. Our personal injury team will work on your matter, from start to finish, at no cost to you - all on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. That means that if your claim is unsuccessful, it won’t cost you a penny. All our costs will be claimed back from the defendant’s solicitors, or their insurance company. You can read more about ‘Conditional Fee Agreements’ on our personal injury solicitors’ blog
How long will my case last? 
Sadly, it’s another question that depends on the circumstances of your case, and whether the defendant third party accepts liability for causing the accident immediately, or whether they deny any wrong-doing. Some cases, in the experience of our injury compensation team, can be resolved in a matter of weeks, whilst others (generally the larger cases, where the injuries are extensive and uncertain) can take anywhere between a few months to years. Our expert team of personal injury solicitors will always get you the compensation that reflects the nature of your injuries, and any other losses suffered. 
How do I instruct personal injury solicitors? 
Well, if you’re looking for personal injury solicitors local to Preston or Lancaster, then look no further. Our injury team have been voted as the top personal injury solicitors in Lancaster by (a real testament to our expert team’s hard work and dedication to our clients!). We offer free initial consultations in all personal injury matters, and home visits are available by appointment. 
Don’t hesitate, contact your local team today, here, email, or pop into your local office - Lancaster, or Preston (Longridge and Garstang). 
Our team can start your claim today, and help you to get the compensation that you deserve. 
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