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The ever increasing number of theme parks in the country makes it easier for us all to enjoy a day out, go on a rollercoaster, a waltzer, log-flume and more. When we do, even though the ride might feel ‘dangerous’, we trust that the theme park has actually made the ride safe for us. This is one of many duties that come under the broad umbrella of Public Liability and so, if you sustain a personal injury as a result of something being faulty, not properly operated or just simply not being given enough warning or instructions, you can make a public liability claim against the theme park using a local Personal Injury Solicitor

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At the most serious, people can be badly hurt on theme park rides that aren’t managed properly and in the worst cases, such as a recent case at Drayton Manor, people can be killed.  
A schoolgirl, Evha Jannath, was killed after falling from the Splash Canyon ride during a school trip. The inquest decided that the school did the right thing by supervising the pupils as they did, but that the theme park was not strict enough in its’ public liability procedures, which could have prevented the death. Had the theme park given more specific instructions and put up full signage at the start of the ride, the pupils on the ride would have been more aware of the risks of standing whilst inside the ride as she did, which ultimately led to her being thrown over the side of the car she was in. 
It has been reported that the Health and Safety Executive are considering prosecuting Drayton Manor for their failings, although these proceedings have yet to commence. Whilst an HSE prosecution does support a personal injury claim, this will take place entirely separate to any civil claim that you might pursue via a local Personal Injury Solicitor. 
Death is, of course, the most serious public liability claim that a Personal Injury Solicitor can deal with and here at MG Legal, your local Personal Injury Solicitor, we have unfortunately had to deal with this type of claim. MG Legal are experienced in dealing with the everyday accidents such as tripping in the street or slipping in a supermarket to more serious Public Liability Personal Injury claims with life-changing injuries. 
Contact MG Legal, your local Personal Injury Solicitor, today to discuss how we can help you with your claim. We look to take every claim on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) basis. Please feel free to telephone, email or drop in to any of our offices in Garstang, Lancaster or Longridge to discuss your claim today. 
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