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The Civil Liabilities Act, passed a year ago, and due to go lie in April 2020, drastically changes the way in which personal injury arising out of road traffic accidents will be handled by personal injury solicitors, and requires a totally new platform upon which all such ‘low-value’ road traffic accident claims, are to be handled. 
The ‘Act’s main directive, it would appear at least, is to curb the amount of claims made by those, drivers and passengers alike, injured as a result of road traffic accidents. The delays, the same as a result of the new platform for low-value road traffic accident claims, not yet being in place, and, or course, Brexit and the general election, have come as quiet a relief to your local personal injury solicitor, and indeed, personal injury solicitors far and wide. 

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The lack of any agreed procedures and protocols means that, despite the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s promises that the new platform will be ready for April 2020, the legal fraternity, including the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, very much doubt that the personal injury reforms will come into play before the end of 2020. The MIB has said it cannot comment on policy-led work due to pre-election purdah rules. Instead a further update will be made as soon as a new government is in place. 
So, a sigh of relief then? Well, not really, because if you have been injured in a road traffic accident, and want to claim personal injury, the reforms will come into play at some point next year, and the limit before you can claim legal fees will increase to £5,000.00. Obviously, the insurance industry is in its element; being extremely smug that the Civil Liabilities Act passed, thereby capping personal injury compensation, and of course the legal costs of any personal injury solicitor, in your local vicinity or otherwise. 
The Civil Liabilities Act is borne out of the ‘cash for crash’ culture that the insurance companies have persuaded the law makers, exists, and is endemic throughout the personal injury sector of law. Trust the writer when they say that, at no point has any client of our local Preston solicitors ever believed their client’s claim to be frivolous, or in any way made up. 
The new ‘Act does appear daunting. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, can you still make a claim for personal injury? Yes. Yes, you can. Come and see our team of personal injury solicitors in Lancaster and Preston, and we can discuss your options with you. if you’ve been injured, you can still claim compensation, and the team at MG Legal, would only be too happy to assist with your claim. 
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