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In recent weeks, a woman wrongly underwent an invasive procedure in an NHS hospital. Our medical negligence solicitors weigh in on the event. 
Many of the incidents and cases that our expert medical negligence solicitors work on are the kind of mistakes and mix-ups that many people assume would never happen to them. Still, from time to time, whether on the NHS or under private healthcare, these ‘worst case scenario’ accidents do happen, and are normally always the result of medical negligence on behalf of a medical professional. 
One of these scenarios that happened recently, saw a 39-year-old woman undergo an invasive gynaecological procedure that she was not meant to undergo, all because of a case of mistaken identity in an NHS waiting room. Read on to hear more about the case, and learn more about medical negligence cases in the eyes of the law. 

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We can all imagine the complete shock that a patient had in an NHS hospital, when she found out that an invasive gynaecological procedure had been completed on her, instead of the simple fertility treatment that she was visiting to receive. 
The woman checked into the hospital at the same time as another patient who was intending to have a colposcopy completed, in which the cervix and the womb are examined by a camera to check for any suspected abnormalities. After this patient’s name was called numerous times, the 39-year-old woman who was attending a fertility treatment appointment misheard the name as her own, and went into the wrong clinic room to receive the wrong procedure entirely. 
This was just one of 472 serious healthcare incidents reported in England between 2019 and 2020, and the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch believes that changes need to occur surrounding safety measures and time pressures. 
This kind of mistaken identity is just one example of a huge variety of medical negligence that can occur in hospitals and other medical facilities due to mistakes by medical professionals. Our expert medical negligence solicitors have worked on a number of different case types, including cancer misdiagnosis, surgery negligence, GP negligence, and even wrongful death negligence claims. 

What classes as medical negligence? 

While all doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals are highly qualified at what they do, and complete the majority of their work to an incredibly high standard. However, from time to time, mistakes do happens, and they can sometimes be a result of negligent actions, or medical professionals failing to take the correct safety precautions and other formalities. 
Some common examples of successful financial claims for medical negligence are:- 
failure to diagnose a medical condition, or giving the wrong diagnosis; (Read More) 
a mistake during a procedure or operation; (Read More) 
being given the wrong drug ; (Read More) 
failure to obtain your informed consent prior to commencing treatment; 
failure to warn you about the risks of a particular treatment; 
using faulty, or the wrong equipment when performing surgery on you; (Read More) 
failure to perform an MRI Scan to diagnose an illness; (Read More) 
failure to correctly read your medical notes; 
failure to seek assistance, supervision, clarification or guidance; 
improper use of drugs or prescribing the wrong amount of medication. (Read More) 

How can MG Legal help with my medical negligence claim? 

Here at MG Legal, our expert medical negligence solicitors know that medical practitioners often have to work in busy, cramped conditions, and are under lots of pressure. Still, this does not mean that you should have to be subject to medical negligence. 
After all, you have done nothing wrong, and our solicitors understand that. Read our reviews, here. If we can help you, then you will not find a team that will put more work into helping you pursue compensation for medical negligence
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