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Defective Medical Equipment Claims 

The list of medical services, procedures, and equipment used by our healthcare service is extremely long. One concern arising from this is the use of defective equipment on patients.  
If you have been injured because of defective medical equipment, you could be eligible to make a defective medical equipment claim with our medical negligence solicitors. 
Get in touch today to start your claim for defective medical equipment compensation 
MG Legal accept all defective medical equipment claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 
Our specialised defective medical equipment claims solicitors have 30 years of experience in all aspects of medical negligence financial compensation claims, and have achieved a success rate of over 99%. Click below to learn more about what our expert medical negligence solicitors do, and why they are the right team for you. 

What kind of defective medical devices and equipment can I make a defective medical equipment for? 

All medical equipment and medical devices go through rigorous testing before being deemed safe for use, and even the they must be maintained, checked, and cleaned in particular ways in order to be safe to use on patients. 
Some examples of equipment and devices that can lead to defective medical equipment claims are: 
Implants such as spinal implants 
Contraceptive devices and implants 
X-Ray, MRI and CT Machines 
Breast and other cosmetic implants 
Breast implants 
Faulty knee replacements 
Defective hip replacements 
Contraceptive devices 

How do I prove medical negligence in a defective equipment medical negligence claim? 

For any medical negligence claim to succeed, there must be negligence or a breach of a duty of care. It can sometimes be difficult to judge when the line into negligence has been crossed, or if the treatment you have received is just of a poor standard.  
Negligence is, broadly speaking, governed by two cases, the first of which is Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee. This case gave rise to the “Bolam Test”, which states that if a large proportion of doctors believe the treatment reasonable, it was not negligent. 
The second test, from Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board, sets the standard for medical Consent. Before agreeing to any course of treatment or procedure patients should be told “what they want to know, no what the practitioner thinks they ought to know”. 
Often, breaches in the form of defective equipment negligence can only truly be judged following a review of medical records. This is a service that MG Legal’s expert medical negligence solicitors will carry out for you on a no win, no fee basis. If you think your treatment was either negligent, or you weren’t cautioned about the risks, get in touch and we will carry out an assessment of your case without your having to pay monies up front. 

Why choose MG Legal for my defective medical equipment compensation claim? 

MG Legal’s specialist medical negligence solicitors are on hand to help you with your defective medical equipment claim today. Our medical negligence solicitors have 30 years of experience in this area of law, and accept all medical negligence compensation claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, so that you don’t have the added stress of paying legal fees at an already difficult time. 
Get in touch with us today, here, and you will speak to one of our personal injury specialists the same day. When you speak to someone about your case, you will be speaking to someone who will be directly involved in the claim, who will become the designated solicitor for your file when we accept your defective medical equipment compensation claim. 
Get in touch with us by phone, email, call-back request or at any of our offices in Garstang, Lancaster and Longridge and we will aim to have the ball rolling today on your defective medical equipment compensation claim. 
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