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What mistakes lead to cancer misdiagnosis claims? 

There are more than 200 different types of cancer, and each is diagnosed and treated in a different way. With such a vast amount of different cancers out there, diagnosis can sometimes be incorrect. Symptoms can be shared with other illnesses, and doctors and professionals can, and do, get it wrong. This can leave you or your loved ones with irreparable damage, often leading to the loss of a family member. 
One of the most common breaches our team of medical negligence experts have worked with occurs when a patient attends their GP who fails to recognise that the symptoms may be a sign of cancer. MG Legal’s medical negligence experts find that many cases of cancer misdiagnosis by the NHS can be impacted by the GP or surgeon, with whom our client seeks instruction. In these cases, as the medical practitioner does not believe the signs of cancer are there, the correct procedures to detect cancer it are not carried out. These include imaging tests, computerized tomography (CT) scans, bone scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) scans, ultrasounds and X-rays.  
Unfortunately, as we are well aware, often our medical practitioners fail in exercising the standard of the ordinary skilled man, and the cause of cancer misdiagnosis claims is usually always a result of one, or both of the following:  
Medical Misdiagnosis: where a patient has been misdiagnosed with cancer or a less serious condition, and has unnecessary treatment or surgery. Or, when a medical professional diagnoses you with the wrong condition/fails to diagnose any problem at all. 
Delays in diagnosis: Late diagnosis is when a patient's condition is initially missed by a medical professional and only diagnosed at a more advanced stage. This can occur if a GP or medical professional has misread test results, failed to read the symptoms correctly or not taken the patient seriously when they have attended upon their surgery. 

What constitutes negligence in cancer misdiagnosis: 

If you are looking to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim, and are unsure as to whether your treatment constituted medical negligence, cancer misdiagnosis, or a delayed cancer misdiagnosis, you might be wondering what constitutes negligence in a cancer misdiagnosis claim
If, as part of your treatment and diagnosis, your doctor or medical professional has failed to do one of the following things, you might be eligible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim
Refer you for the relevant tests 
Carry out an adequate examination 
Conduct the necessary scans or biopsies 
Send you for specialist cancer treatment 
Diagnose cancer despite indications from symptoms and test results 
Organise relevant follow-up care 
Provided incorrect/unnecessary treatment 
If you have experienced any of the things mentioned above, you could be eligible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors. Simply contact us online here to discuss your potential cancer misdiagnosis claim on a free, no-obligation basis. 

Can I make a cancer misdiagnosis claim on someone else's behalf? 

Yes, you can make a cancer misdiagnosis claim on behalf of someone else. If one of your loved ones has passed away, or is too ill to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim on their own behalf, you might be able to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim on their behalf. This is done through a process known as being a ‘litigation friend’ for your loved one’s cancer misdiagnosis claim, and you can learn more about this here. Or, to learn more about making a wrongful death cancer misdiagnosis claim, see this here. 

Cancer misdiagnosis during COVID-19 pandemic- 

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of everybody’s minds over the last couple of years, including most NHS staff and doctors. This is understandable, and our medical negligence solicitors know that the NHS has been under immense pressure since the Coronavirus pandemic started, long ago, in March 2020, with staff shortages, overrun wards, and the delaying of many non-urgent appointments and surgeries ongoing to this day. 
As new data is being released for the last 18 months, a worrying revelation relating to how the disruption has affected cancer treatment is becoming apparent, with damning reports showing an increase in mortality and a decrease in diagnoses. 

What are the most common misdiagnosed forms of cancer? 

Listed as being the second most common cause of death in the UK, with 137,234 people dying from cancer in 2020 in England alone, meaning cancer is a prevalent issue in society. Research by the All.Can cancer initiative, states that one in five UK cancer patients waited more than six months to get the correct diagnosis.  
Though the NHS and government have targeted earlier diagnosis, successive reports have found the UK is lagging behind other nations, with too many cancers being caught after they’ve already spread. Cancer Research UK found that 38% of cancer cases are preventable. 

What do you need to prove in cancer misdiagnosis claims? 

With any kind of medical misdiagnosis, there are essentially two things that you are trying to claim: 
1. That your doctor or medical professional owed you a duty of care, and that this duty of care was breached. 
2. That this breach, in this case the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, led to an injury or worsening of your medical condition. 
In regards to proving negligence on the part of the medical professional involved, this is generally done using what is called the Bolam Test. In short, the Bolam Test asks whether a particular action by a medical practitioner would be considered competent by a reasonable body of similarly qualified practitioners. See more on the Bolam Test in action, here. 
Essentially, any doctor or medical professional who saw you regarding the symptoms of your cancer, and failed to recognise them as clear and obvious symptoms, has probably breached their duty of care. If they did not properly listen to your symptoms, failed to send you to the correct specialist when they should have done so, misread medical test results, or failed to properly examine you, then they acted negligently. If this action in turn led to a cancer misdiagnosis, then you could be entitled to financial compensation. 
Contact out expert No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitors specialising in cancer misdiagnosis today for a no-obligation chat, here. Our team have over thirty years of experience in cancer misdiagnosis claims, and have a success rate in excess of 99%. We go above and beyond other solicitors to get you the compensation you deserve, because we truly understand the devastating effects that medical misdiagnosis can have. 

What are the common symptoms of cancer that should be spotted: 

When it comes to cancer, the symptoms can differ depending on the type of cancer that a patient has. However, there are some recognisable signs and symptoms of cancer that a GP should recognise and take action on. If a patient visits their GP displaying any of these tell-tale signs of cancer, then the doctor should take necessary action and refer them for the necessary tests. 
A cough for more than three weeks 
Lumps under the skin that are growing 
Rapid weight loss that cannot be otherwise explained 
Moles displaying symptoms such as growth, changing in colour, and bleeding 
If you have visited your GP with any of the common symptoms of cancer, and have not been referred on for the relevant tests or to the relevant specialists, then you could be eligible to make a no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors. 
To speak to a no win no fee solicitor on a free, no-obligation basis simply contact us online here and speak to a solicitor within one working hour. 

How commonly does cancer misdiagnosis happen? 

It is impossible to accurately estimate just how often cancers are misdiagnosed. One study looked at cancer misdiagnosis rates across the UK as well as 9 other countries, and it shockingly found cancer misdiagnosis rates to be at around 32%. As all types of cancers are so different, so too are the misdiagnosis rates of different cancers. The study found that prostate and lung cancer misdiagnosis rates were at 28%, and head and brain cancer was the most commonly misdiagnosed types of cancers due to their complexity and the range of symptoms. 
If you have suffered from cancer misdiagnosis of any kind, or negligent cancer treatment, and would like to learn more about making a cancer misdiagnosis claim for financial compensation, simply contact our no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis solicitors online here and speak to a specialist solicitor within one working hour. 

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Success rate of over 99%. 
Our medical negligence solicitors have a success rate of over 99% in all no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis claims

£1.5 million compensation for delayed cancer diagnosis: 

Our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors have recently been made aware of a case in which a man was awarded a £1.5 million settlement after the delayed diagnosis of his tongue cancer, which was mistaken for an ulcer. 
When the patient first saw his GP complaint of a persistent ulcer under his tongue, he was advised to visit his dentist and have the nearby tooth blunted to remedy the ulcer. However, when this did not work, he returned to his GP and was given a referral to an oral surgeon, with an urgent referral for suspected cancer of the head and neck. Because of this urgency, he quickly saw an ENT surgeon, who once again claimed that the ulcer was caused by a sharp tooth, sending him on his way. Only after seeing his GP for a third time was he eventually diagnosed with a form of tongue cancer after a biopsy. 
This is something that our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors see time and time again, where patients are repeatedly returning to see doctors about cancer symptoms that are ignored or misdiagnosed as minor problems. Because of his delayed cancer diagnosis, the man has had to have part of his tongue removed in surgery, and now has impacted speech and eating, and has been compensated £1.5 million in his medical negligence claim against the NHS trust that failed to diagnose his cancer. 
If you have visited your GP with any of the common symptoms of cancer, and have not been referred on for the relevant tests or to the relevant specialists, then you could be eligible to make a no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors
To speak to a no win no fee solicitor on a free, no-obligation basis simply contact us online here and speak to a solicitor within one working hour. 
Woman from West Sussex tragically dies after her cancer was misdiagnosed, as a result of medical appointments carried out ‘over the phone’: 
74 year old Trish Gower has tragically died after waiting for over two months for an in-person appointment with a doctor. After making multiple attempts to see a medical professional in person, Mrs Gower was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that was in her lungs, ovaries, and lymphatic system, which was in-operable. 
After speaking to her doctor over the phone initially, Trish’s symptoms were first misdiagnosed as acid reflux, and she was told that she couldn’t be offered a face to face appointment due to Covid regulations. After developing a bad cough and shortness of breath, and taking several negative covid-19 tests, Trish tried to get an in-person appointment with her GP, but was told that this was not possible. 
Only two months later, when Trish began developing lumps around her throat, was she offered an in-person appointment, and an emergency scan where her incurable cancer was first diagnosed. Raymond, Trish’s husband, claims that Trish’s death could have been avoided if her symptoms were properly taken into account and she was offered an in-person appointment sooner. 
If you have encountered problems with the diagnosis of your cancer, whether this be a cancer misdiagnosis, or a delayed cancer diagnosis, then you could be entitled to make a no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis claim with our specialist medical negligence solicitors. Let our no win no fee solicitors help you get the compensation you, or your loved ones, deserve. Simply get in touch with us online here for a free no obligation discussion with a no win no fee solicitor, and here back from a solicitor within one working hour. 

New NHS campaign aims to diagnose 100,000 cancer cases early every year: 

A new campaign has been launched by the NHS is urging those displaying cancer symptoms of any kind to make an appointment with their GP, after appointments, check-ups and diagnoses were delayed due to the pandemic. Each year, in the UK alone, almost 400,000 people are diagnosed with cancer of some kind. However, it is thought that only around half of these cases are caught in the early stages. In a recent NHS poll, 40% of people admitted that they would probably ignore some of the less worrying signs of cancer, such as weight loss or stomach problems, and 1 in three people said they would feel worried about wasting NHS time by going in for a checkup. 
Speaking of the aims of the new NHS campaign, Amanda Pritchard, NHS’ chief executive, has said that “NHS staff have pulled out all the stops to ensure cancer was prioritised throughout the pandemic, with over half a million people starting treatment over the last two years and record numbers of people now being referred for checks and tests”, while urging people to “get checked without delay”.  
It is no secret that it can be scary to recognise a health symptom that can be a sign of cancer. However, speaking on this common fear among patients, Cancer Research UK’s director of policy, information and communication, said that “Sometimes a little bit of concern or fear about our health can prompt us into action, but it’s vital that this fear doesn’t get to a level that stops us picking up the phone or walking into the surgery.”. 
Our specialist cancer misdiagnosis solicitors often speak to potential clients who are unsure as to whether they can still make a cancer misdiagnosis claim during the pandemic. However, the short answer to this question is yes, you are still well within your rights to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim if your cancer diagnosis or treatment has been negligent in any way.  
If you or a loved one have suffered further injury or illness, or even passed away, as a result of medical negligence of any kind, you could be eligible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim for financial compensation with our specialist no win no fee solicitors here at MG Legal. 
Our specialist cancer misdiagnosis solicitors offer a free, no-obligation discussion of your potential no win no fee claim with all potential clients. Our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors know that no amount of money or financial compensation can bring back lost time with a loved one, but it can help you to achieve the compensation that you deserve, and leave one less worry for you and your family through this difficult time. 

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What counts as late cancer diagnosis claims? 

A late cancer diagnosis, otherwise known as a missed cancer diagnosis, or a delayed cancer diagnosis, is a type of medical negligence claim against a medical professional who has failed to diagnose or treat your cancer as they should have. 
Essentially, cancer misdiagnosis claims fall into two categories- 
A doctor has failed to recognise symptoms of a cancer, either dismissing them, or wrongly diagnosing them as something else 
Referrals and further checks, after the initial appointments, are delayed due to administration mistakes or long waiting lists 
If your cancer diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, has been delayed in the last three years, as stated above or in another way, then you could be entitled to financial compensation. 
Get in touch with MG Legal’s specialist cancer misdiagnosis solicitors today, here, for a no-obligation discussion of your potential claim. Our solicitors know that cancer misdiagnosis, whether your own or that of a loved one, can be an extremely difficult time. We act with sensitivity and empathy with all of our clients, helping them to obtain the financial compensation that they deserve, and helping them move forward with their lives.  

Can I make cancer misdiagnosis claims for someone else? 

Yes, you definitely can make a cancer misdiagnosis claim for someone else, whether it is a close relative or a family friend. If you are looking to file a cancer misdiagnosis claim on behalf of a relative who has died due to a delayed or inaccurate cancer diagnosis, see here for more information. 
However, many people who themselves are suffering from cancer may be unable to take on the added stress of pursuing a medical negligence claim for their cancer misdiagnosis, or be too unwell to do so. If someone is deemed incapable of making and pursuing a cancer misdiagnosis medical negligence claim for themselves, they can appoint someone else to do so on their behalf. In legal terms, we call this person a ‘litigation friend’. 
As we are all well too aware, cancer is an awful disease that can make people extremely ill and very weak. For this reason, it is much more common in cancer misdiagnosis claims than others, such as road traffic accidents, to be made by litigation friends on behalf of a loved one. Many people suffering from cancer are too ill or weak, whether it be mentally or physically, from their disease to actively go through the process of making a claim for financial compensation. It might be that the injured party has mental capacity, but is unable to provide instruction, for example, they are in a coma or intensive care and cannot engage with legal representatives. The alternative is that the injured party does not have mental capacity, either because of a pre-existing condition or because of the injury they have sustained. Pre-existing conditions include Cerebral Palsy or Dementia and injury-related conditions might include brain damage. 
Generally speaking, if the person requires someone to manage their daily affairs for them, they will need a litigation friend. A good way of testing this threshold is whether or not you, or someone else, holds a Power of Attorney or Deputyship to manage their affairs. If they do, then this is likely the person to bring the claim on their behalf. If this is not the case then it is still possible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim on their behalf. Contact our medical negligence expert solicitors at MG Legal, here, if you require more information on this. 
If you would like to discuss making a cancer misdiagnosis claim for someone else, or have any questions, get in touch with our expert medical negligence solicitors specialising in cancer misdiagnoses, here, for a no-obligation chat. 

How do I prove my cancer misdiagnosis was negligent? 

MG Legal’s medical negligence solicitors are experts in their field. Often in cases where cancer has been misdiagnosed, the negligence is glaringly obvious, with incorrect, completely useless treatment being prescribed for months, if not years, as a result of medical misdiagnosis. Often our injured clients will come to our offices with a letter of apology from the NHS, or their medical practitioner, admitting fault for the negligent treatmen and offering their deepest sympathies. This does not get you any compensation, but it does make the job of our expert solicitors easier. That’s where our friendly medical negligence experts can help you, on a No Win No Fee basis. 
On many occasions, the medical practitioner may steadfastly deny liability, or that their treatment caused you to be injured, at all. Our solicitors then get to work proving that your cancer misdiagnosis, or the delay in a diagnosis of cancer, has caused you injury or harm, that could have been avoided if you were to receive the appropriate, proper medical treatment, in the first place. 
If you think that a medical professional failed to fulfil their responsibilities, and their failure caused you unnecessary harm, contact us now and we'll be able to advise you on how we can gather evidence for your medical negligence claim. 

Why choose MG Legal's NO WIN NO FEE solicitors for my missed cancer diagnosis claim? 

If you choose MG Legal’s medical negligence specialists to handle your cancer misdiagnosis claim, then you will deal with the same person from the day you first speak to us until we conclude your case. We know that in times like this, when you have been let down by the medical profession, you need a strong, reliable legal team you can rely on. 
We do our very best to make our clients happy and, because of our hard work, our clients have been awarded millions of pounds in personal injury compensation. If you like your solicitors to use normal language, with no legal jargon for the sake of it, and to get the job done, as and when they say they will, then look no further, and welcome to MG Legal.  
We also know that not all of our clients bring a claim for cancer misdiagnosis, just for the money. The compensation is of course important, and can give the help you need to move on, and build a normal life. In addition to the compensatory award, MG Legal’s medical negligence solicitors can ensure that you receive an explanation, for the negligent treatment, and receive an apology from the medical team that are the cause of your claim for cancer misdiagnosis compensation

How has the pandemic affected NHS cancer treatment? 

Throughout the pandemic, our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors have seen first-hand how patients have been impacted, and have suffered, as a result of the NHS pressures. Some of the impacts include: 
The cancellation of scans to track the progression of cancer in patients 
Failure to recognise symptoms of cancer due to sub-par appointment conditions 
Patients with suspected cancer, or showing signs of cancer, not seeking medical attention due to the pandemic 
Early symptoms of cancers, such as lung cancer, being mistakenly diagnosed as Covid-19 
The cancellation of routine checkups for cancer patients and chemotherapy patients in order to track the progress of their treatment and adjust medication accordingly 
Vulnerable or immunocompromised patients being unable to attend appointments due to the risk of contracting Covid-19 and shielding 
If your cancer treatment or diagnosis has been affected in any of the above ways due to the pandemic, then MG Legal’s cancer misdiagnosis solicitors are here to help, on a no win no fee basis. Our team have over 30 years’ experience in medical negligence claims, and have worked with countless clients who have suffered as a result of the pandemic. To speak to a cancer misdiagnosis solicitor about your potential no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis claim, simply contact us online here and speak to a solicitor within one working hour on a free no obligation basis. 

Can a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim be made after death? 

Unfortunately, with medical negligence cases involving serious and terminal illnesses, it is not uncommon for a claimant to die during the course of pursuing their claim, or for family members to have to make a claim for medical negligence on behalf of someone who has already died. 
Both of these situations can be incredibly sensitive and emotional for everybody involved, and our expert medical negligence solicitors specialising in cancer misdiagnosis will work sensitively with those involved to quickly establish whether or not a claim can be made. 
After this, your designated solicitor will take care of everything for you, allowing you to spend your time remembering your loved one and rebuilding your life without them. Your solicitor will be only a phone call away throughout the entire process, and will be on hand to answer any questions, or discuss any worries that you may have, as well as keeping you regularly updated on the case. 
For a full overview of making a medical negligence claim after a loved one has died, click here. 

What are the different types of Cancer Misdiagnosis? 

With over 200 different kinds of cancers, all of which have different symptoms which overlap with other conditions altogether, it is safe to say that there are a large number of cancer misdiagnoses that can occur. While this is the case, there are some examples of cancer misdiagnosis claims that our expert medical negligence solicitors would claim were the most common, and occur the most frequently. 
These include: 
Breast cancer- there are now over 55,000 cases of breast cancer being diagnosed in the UK each year. With so many new cases, it is unsurprising that there are a high number of instances where symptoms are mistaken for other inflammatory breast conditions, such as mastitis, or for non-cancerous cysts. 
Lung cancer- can often be mistaken for a number of alternative lung infections which manifest in the same way and with similar symptoms. These include bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and even asthma. All of these lung conditions start off with similar respiratory problems, such as wheezing and shortness of breath. 
Pancreatic cancer- Another commonly misdiagnosed cancer, pancreatic cancer can often be mistaken for, and misdiagnosed as, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallstones, or pancreatitis. It can also sometimes be ignored as diabetes, due to the condition being a symptom of pancreatic cancer itself. 
Bowel cancer- is often misdiagnosed as a more basic bowel condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 
Still, this list is far form exhaustive. There is no particular formula to a cancer misdiagnosis. If your cancer, of any kind, was wrongly diagnosed as something else, diagnosed as nothing to worry about, or ignored for a period of time, then you could be entitled to financial compensation through a cancer misdiagnosis medical negligence claim
Get in touch with our expert medical negligence solicitors, here, to discuss your potential No Win No Fee claim for cancer misdiagnosis compensation. 
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