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When selling your property, our Solicitors in Lytham are on hand to ease the process, from start to finish. Our fully qualified solicitors near you have a breadth of knowledge, and deal with property sales on a daily basis. When selling your property, our team appreciate that there are many things to think about, from packing boxes, setting up broadband and utilities, to storage and the big move itself. 
The legalities shall, therefore, be handled with ease by your local solicitors, who will draft the Contract pack, to be sent to the purchaser's solicitor. At this juncture, the purchaser's solicitor then has the opportunity to review the relevant property papers, and raise any necessary enquiries. These enquiries can range in category, however, should be raised in accordance with the Conveyancing Protocol - which you can read more about, here. The enquiries are raised on the legal title to the property, for example, to ensure that there are no breaches of covenant, that there is Planning Permission in place for works undertaken, and rights of way over roadways. Additionally, these enquiries can also include queries as to the utilities at the property, and requests for any associated documentation, which can include any recent gas safety checks. 

Fixed-fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham

MG Legal's leading Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham offer all of our Conveyancing services on a clear, fixed-fee rate.  
Our team put your first, and work with care to ensure that your wishes are met. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01253 202 452. 
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Why would I need a gas safety check? 

Gas safety checks allow a qualified contractor to check the gas appliances at your property, and advise you on the safety and working order thereof, noting any faults, or remedial works that may be required. Our solicitors in Lytham appreciate that, where there is an issue therewith, this can lead to costly expenditure, and inconvenience to property owners. So, should I have a gas safety check when selling my house, you may ask. Well, our conveyancing solicitors in Lytham have discovered recent research in this respect, which indicates that just one in five homeowners have ever had such a check undertaken. The Office for National Statistics has shown that 70% of deaths associated with carbon monoxide poisoning and other gases, had been within the home. Thus highlighting the importance of ensuring your gas safety checks are carried out annually, to avoid adverse effects. Our Lytham solicitors are, additionally, at the ready to discuss how this can link to your property sale, and what may be required of you, as a property seller. 

How long does a Conveyancing sale or purchase take? 

It's not uncommon for many Conveyancing firms to offer completion within 4 weeks, guaranteed. Unfortunately, this is not at all a guarantee that can be offered on most occasions.  
Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham are upfront with our clients about the general timescales; most property sales and purchases take in the region of 6 to 8 weeks. We can- and will- do our best to meet any timescales you want to achieve, and will always impress upon the other side's solicitors any timescales we are aiming to work towards.  
However, we would ask our clients to bear in mind that timescales are subject to many factors, such as how quickly the mortgage offer, searches, and enquiries can be finalised. These are all things which are part of the legal process of conveying property. Further, you have to make sure that your timescales align with the other party's timescales, as they may want it to take longer than you do.  
Talk to our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham at the start of your matter to discuss your required timescales, and we will always do our best to work within these. 

Is it a legal requirement for me to have a gas safety check when selling my home, you may ask? Well, our Lytham solicitors are here to confirm the stance. 

A gas safety check provides insight on the appliances at the property, and the state and condition thereof. This does, therefore, arguably, deviate from the enquiries surrounding the legal title, which are permitted in accordance with the Conveyancing Protocol. The general rule is to 'let the buyer beware' under the principle of 'caveat emptor'. This rule places onus on the prospective purchaser, to check the appliances at the property, and ensure that they are satisfied, which includes the gas appliances. In short, it is not a legal requirement for you to undertake a gas safety check when selling your property, however, there are exceptions to this, for example, relating to rented properties. These checks are, of course, recommended for all property owners, and our solicitors in Lytham would stress this, to ensure your safety in the home. 
If you are selling your property, and want to know more about the process, and requirements, speak to your local conveyancing solicitors today. Our solicitors in Lytham offer out of hours appointments, and home visits, to suit your availability and needs - get in touch today, by contacting 01253 202 452. 

How can I contact Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham? 

As explained above, to help you with your Conveyancing matter, our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham are happy to communicate in whichever way suits you- whether you prefer 'phone, email, post, or face-to-face, our team can accommodate. Find our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham's contact details, below: 

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