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Our medical negligence solicitors discuss how medical negligence claims work, and how they can help improve NHS care. 
There is no denying that we are very lucky here in the UK to have the NHS, and the amazing care that the service provides to UK citizens. Since 1948 when it was formed, the NHS has provided a healthcare service to all citizens, performing life-saving operations and treatments at no cost to the patient. However, what we must remember is that the NHS is not an entirely free service, and we do actually pay for the medical 
care that we receive, through the taxes we pay. What must also be remembered is that the NHS has a number of guidelines that its members, including all medical professionals from GPs, nurses, surgeons and dentists, must follow, and a duty of care that they owe to their patients. 
While this standard of care is met in the large majority of cases, and NHS doctors and nurses go above and beyond, working long hours in tough conditions to ensure that the quality of care given to their patients is maintained, there are instances where standards fall, and mistakes are made, leading to acts of medical negligence that cause injury or illness to patients. 
Earlier this year, it was reported that almost 5 million people were on an NHS waiting list, awaiting treatment of some kind. This is a shocking figure, and one which is the highest recorded since tracking began in 2007. Of this 5 million, it was also revealed that over 350,000 patients were having to wait more than one whole year for routine operations and procedures. When you think that the annual budget for the NHS was £134billion, in 2019, and The NHS is largely funded from general taxation, with a small amount being contributed by National Insurance payments and from fees levied in accordance with recent changes in the Immigration Act 2014, there is a valid argument, that there should be fewer mistakes. 
However, this is not the case. With record waiting times, and NHS guidance to waiting times not being met, there is a growing concern for the amount of delayed medical diagnoses, medical misdiagnoses, and medical errors which are taking place, and the injury and illness that this is causing for patients. 
So, if you are one of the many who have been injured or suffered further illness as a result of NHS negligence, you might be unsure as to whether you feel morally able to make a medical negligence claim against the NHS for financial compensation. Our medical negligence solicitors are here to explain to you why it’s okay to seek the financial compensation that you deserve, and why you might actually be improving the services offered by the NHS by doing just that. 

What happens when I make a medical negligence claim against the NHS: 

When you work with a specialist medical negligence solicitor such as MG Legal to make a medical negligence claim, we will present the NHS with a Letter of Claim explaining the situation, and how you as our client suffered from medical negligence. With this letter, the NHS legal representatives will get to work on investigating the incident. 
Depending on the outcome of their investigations, it could be that they recognise that the negligence act took place, and offer an amount of financial compensation to your as a way of settling the claim. This means that the NHS are essentially recognising what has happened, admitting liability for the incident, and offering you financial compensation for it. This means that a problem has been investigated, recognised, and will now be rectified, making it much more unlikely that it will happen to anybody else. 
Alternatively, if the NHS do not admit liability for your injuries or illness, it could be that the case may have to go to court, where a judge will determine the outcome. If this happens, and our medical negligence solicitors fight your case in court and obtain your financial compensation this way, the NHS will be ordered to take measures to prevent the medical negligence from occurring again and injuring other patients. 
Either way, you are left with the financial compensation that you deserve, and action is taken to prevent anybody else from being injured in the same way that you were. When you contact the medical negligence solicitors at MG Legal, we will tell you, during the time we speak on the ‘phone, if we think you have a valid claim. We will give you the confidence to pursue your claim if we think your claim for medical negligence compensation is strong, and has caused you to suffer injury, or illness, as a result of a medical practitioner’s negligent acts or omissions. 
The medical negligence solicitors at MG Legal are here to help. We are a phone call, or email away, and if you want a chat about making a medical negligence compensation claim, with one of our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors, do not hesitate to contact our solicitors online here for a free no obligation, no hassle, consultation. 

Will my medical negligence claim against the NHS take money from the NHS patient care budget? 

This is a common misconception that we hear from our medical negligence clients, and one that our medical negligence solicitors are quick to explain. All NHS negligence claims are dealt with by NHS resolution, which is in place to represent NHS doctors and staff when acts of medical negligence have occurred. 
Every NHS trust across the country must pay an annual premium to NHS resolution, to provide the money to resolve NHS negligence claims.  This means that the money involved in your medical negligence claim will come from a budget set aside specifically to deal with NHS negligence claims, and will not impact NHS patient care whatsoever. 
This may be reassuring to many who are considering making an NHS negligence claim but were worried about the impact this may have on the NHS, and whether or not the money that they achieve will come out of another patient’s care. And when you make a medical negligence claim against the NHS, the NHS investigates the incident circumstances, so that there is less of a chance of the negligence that you have suffered, happening to another person. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading medical negligence solicitors accept all medical negligence claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
Our team put your first, and work with care to achieve your financial compensation. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01772 783314 
Get in touch today to speak to a No Win No Fee Solicitor. 

Make a medical negligence claim to prevent the same things happening to other people: 

The most important aspect of NHS negligence claims, and why they should always be made, is to prevent the same acts of negligence and mistakes happening to other patients in the future. If you go through the necessary complaints and claims process against the NHS for the negligent treatment that you received, problems can be identified and properly investigated to allow for changes and improvements in patient care. 
On top of this wider obligation, you and your loved ones deserve to obtain financial compensation for the negligent care that you have received from the NHS, and the injury and illness that you have suffered. The NHS owes all of its patients of duty of care, and when this has fallen short, it is only fair that you receive the correct financial compensation that you deserve, enabling you to try and get on with the rest of your life. 

No Win No Fee medical negligence claims with MG Legal: 

When you work with MG Legal on your medical negligence claim, you claim will be made on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. This means that if your case is not won, then you don’t have to pay anything at all, making the process financially risk-free. 
Our medical negligence solicitors are able to operate in this way due to our complete confidence in the work of our medical negligence solicitors, who have a success rate of over 99%.  We have been helping clients just like you for over 30 years who have suffered from negligence in the hands of medical professionals who they put their trust in. Do not hesitate to get in touch today, here, for a free, no-obligation discussion with a specialist solicitor about your potential medical negligence claim

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