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I’m not going to apologise but I will give you fair warning that there is definitely a feminist angle to this. Ugh your eye rolls are almost audible but please don’t stop reading! I’m not about to insult your intelligence with a lesson on the meaning of glass ceilings, patriarchy or even that fact that in the 21st century there is STILL a massive gender pay disparity (which remains at around 30% difference between the genders). You probably already know this. 
However, I’m willing to bet that you didn’t know that fewer than 20% of the partners at the top ten commercial practices in London are women. There are small but welcome signs of progress in the largest firms however a mere 29% currently make up the proportion of Partners in Law firms throughout the UK. 
I hasten to add that these are not figures from the 1040s you’re reading! 
Factor in recent findings which established that male associate solicitors are ten times more likely to become partners that their female counterparts and MG Legal, specialist Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester, start to look even more special. 
**Deep breaths** 
Did you know that the UK has NEVER sent a female judge to a key international tribunal?! This includes the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Credit where credit it is due, we did manage to send a female (just one!) to the International Court of Justice. In 2017; the fact that the UK Supreme Court got a third female Justice, made headline news….surely we should be looking at the merits of these judges…not their gender?! 
So why are MG Legal, divorce solicitors Preston, so special? Over half of the staff here at Lancaster Solicitors MG Legal are female. Not only are they incredible at what they do but they’re helping to break stereotypes every day just with their presence. How amazing it that? That’s not all though. With up and coming Trainees, MG Legal, solicitors in Longridge are paving the way for females within the profession and little by little MG Legal, Solicitors in Lancaster are doing their bit to help balance equality in the Legal profession! Your local family law solicitors are well and truly smashing that glass ceiling that I said I wouldn’t mention! 
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