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We often use the initial consultation with our new personal injury compensation clients to ask them questions about their accident, and themselves, to help us to get the information we need to progress their claim. However, our team of personal injury solicitors in Preston also use it as a time to allow our clients to ask the questions they need to, to make sure they feel happy about how the claim process works, and what’s involved. But we don’t stop there. Our team is on hand throughout your claim to make sure that you can ask any questions that you might have. 
To help our clients get started, here’s a list of some of the most commonly asked questions that our road accident solicitors are asked… 
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How long do I have to make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim? 
In the UK, most claims are limited to three years from the date of the accident, or the date of knowledge of the injury, whichever is sooner. In cases where the injury does not become apparent for many years, such as in some medical negligence cases, the date of knowledge would be when you are made aware, either by your personal injury solicitors in Preston, your medical expert or another source, that the injury is linked to a specific incident. On the other hand, in Road Traffic Accidents, our road accident solicitors explain that the time period of three years will usually start running from the date of the accident itself. 
In other cases, such as an accident at work or a slip, trip or fall, it will probably be obvious where your injuries stem from, and therefore the time period will begin from that date. In order to ensure that your claim is not ‘statute-barred’ (meaning that you’ve passed limitation), your personal injury solicitors in Preston will ensure that your claim is issued in Court, if necessary, before the three-year deadline comes around. 
Although the above applies to most claims, it’s important to note that some claims, such as those on behalf of a minor, or people who don’t have complete mental capacity, are normally subject to different limitation rules. Check with our expert team here, to find out what limitation applies to your claim. 
Can I claim if the accident was not completely my fault? 
When you are making a claim, you will normally need to prove that you were either completely not at fault, or at least only partially at fault. In cases where the accident was partly your fault, you need to be able to prove that the injury you have suffered was due to someone else’s negligence, and not from your negligent act. 
Do I have to go to Court to make a claim for my injuries? 
In most cases, it is possible to reach an out-of-Court settlement, provided that it is clear that the accident was the fault of the other party. Generally, this is achieved by our personal injury solicitors in Preston negotiating on your behalf with the third-party insurers.  
If there is a dispute about who is the at-fault party, it may be the case that you do need to attend Court. However, rest-assured that this does not happen in the majority of cases and, in any event, our expert team will be on-hand to represent you every step of the way. 
How much will I have to pay to make a compensation claim? 
From the very start, your injury claim will not cost you a penny. Our team offer a free initial consultation, during which they can advise you if you have a claim, and the matter will then be taken on with a Conditional Fee Agreement, meaning that the claim will be dealt with on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, meaning that if you lose, you don’t have to pay a penny. 
Another perk of using our team of road accident solicitors, is that you can keep up to 100% of your compensation. 
How much can I claim for my injuries? 
Another common question our team get asked, is how much compensation our clients could be entitled to. For information on the full amounts you could claim, see our blog, here
Do I need to use a solicitor to claim compensation? 
We have previously discussed the difference between a claim management company and using a solicitor, which you can read about here, but our team have successfully settled over 99% of our client’s personal injury claims, and have an expert team dedicated to dealing with your case. 
Now, you probably have a thousand more questions (or maybe just one or two more, depending on how many of our personal injury blogs you’ve managed to read), so you can contact our team here or give them a call on 01772 783 314 to discuss your claim. 
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