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With office Christmas parties, nights out with old friends, and plenty of family get togethers happening over the festive period, our personal injury solicitors know all too well about the risks of accidents and injuries that are part and parcel of the fun and celebrations. 
While the traditional workplace party taking place in the office setting might be a thing of the past for most, modern day Christmas celebrations among work colleagues at restaurants and bars are more common than ever. Still, as colleagues start to let loose, and the drinks start to flow, it is not uncommon for things to go wrong. While the typical embarrassments of drinking too much and oversharing might seem like the worst thing in the world, in reality, there are large numbers of serious accidents, and fights breaking out between drunk partygoers, that occur at Christmas parties. 

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Am I eligible to claim against my employer if I was injured at the Christmas Party? 

While the liability of your employer might not be as clear cut at a Christmas party or office party as when in the workplace, this does not mean that you cannot make a claim against your employer for injuries suffered at a workplace Christmas party. 
In a recent study by National Accident Helpline, the following injuries are the most common injuries that are suffered at a Christmas party: 
Slips, trips and falls- over 3.6 million people have suffered injuries after falling at a Christmas party 
Lighter burns- around 1.5 million people have reported having been injured on lighters or other people’s lighters at parties 
While things such as minor lighter burns might not be grounds for a personal injury claim against your employer, things such as trips, falls, violent assaults, and food poisoning are all examples of accidents where a personal injury claim might be able to be made for any injuries suffered. 
If you have been injured in any way at a Christmas party, and are looking to make a no win no fee personal injury claim against your employer, get in touch with our specialist solicitors online here, to discuss your potential claim on a free, no obligation basis. 

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Make a criminal injury claim for a violent assault at a Christmas party: 

When it comes to alcohol-related assaults and violent crime, statistics show that alcohol is a factor in over 40% of all violent crimes that occur, and this number is set to be much higher over the festive period. 
Based on victim reports, alcohol use by the offender was a factor in: 
37% of rapes and sexual assaults 
27% of aggravated assaults 
25% of simple assaults 
Still, being under the influence of alcohol and in a pub or bar over the festive period is definitely not an excuse to physically assault others, and doing so could lead to a claim for personal injury against your employer, of if not work-related, then you may be eligible to make a criminal injury claim, or a CICA claim for financial compensation. 
In one such case, an employee made a successful injury claim against their employer after the company’s Managing Director punched him after a work Christmas night out. When an argument had broken out between an employee and the managing director, the managing director punched the employee in the face, and as a result he suffered from brain injuries with a serious long term cognitive dysfunction. 
This was an upsetting case, but one that resulted in the company being found liable for the injuries, as the managing director was attending the event as the most senior member, and discussing work related issues with his staff at the event. 
If you have suffered injuries of any kind during a physical altercation in a pub, or on a night out, that was not your fault, you could be entitled to make a criminal injury claim with our pub injury solicitors. This is done through the CICA claims process, and MG Legal’s specialist criminal injury solicitors are experts in these types of claims. For more information on the CICA claims process, see this here.  If you have been the victim of a violent assault in a pub, and wish to discuss your potential pub criminal injury claim with a specialist solicitor, on a free, no-obligation basis, simply contact us here. 

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If you have been injured in any way, in an accident or incident that was not your fault, while at a Christmas party, then you could be eligible to claim financial compensation in a no win no fee personal injury claim with our specialist injury solicitors. 
Our team of solicitors have over 30 years of experience, and a 99% success rate in all of the claims that we accept. Simply get in touch, here, or email us at , for a no obligation, cost-free discussion of your potential claim, where we will discuss the strength of your potential claim, and how much it could be worth. Get in touch today to get the ball rolling with your claim the same day. 
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