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Whether it be to see your General Practitioner, or a date for a surgical procedure, we all know that waiting for an appointment to resolve a medical issue can be a frustrating and, in some cases, a timely process. 
When contacting a medical professional, in many cases, it is not good news as we require assistance in restoring our health and getting better when we are ill. Medical attention is, therefore, usually required quickly, not only to ensure matters are resolved and we are back fighting fit, but also to ensure that any symptoms or conditions do not worsen and, subsequently, cause bigger issues. 
This, however, could be set to cause problems, with the Public Spending Watchdog warning that increases in such waiting times could lead to a rise in medical negligence claims. In a recent report, published in March 2019, the National Audit Office reported that approximately 40% of negligence claims are related to failures or delays in diagnosis or treatment. 
MG Legal have a specialist team of solicitors who deal with medical negligence, and come across such cases on a daily basis. MG Legal deal with various matters relating to medical negligence, for example, misdiagnosis, inadequate and incorrect treatment. 
Medical negligence claims are those of a serious nature and are treated with the sensitivity they require by our team and their expertise. Failings within medical procedures and treatment can, in some cases, lead to life long lasting detriment as a result. MG Legal’s medical negligence solicitors are experts in this field and understand the trauma and stress such matters may leave you with. Our team have specialist knowledge which is used to make all best endeavours to obtain the compensation you deserve. The aim is to put you in the position you would have been, but for the incident in question, in so far as is practicably possible. We are not miracle workers – (although in some cases we have been described to have done so), however, we will do our utmost to ensure you receive the best possible award, in the unfortunate circumstances you may have found yourself in. 
The concern is that increased delays within the system and their time scales, are going to correlate with a surge of medical negligence claims and only add to the millions of pounds already paid out in damages, as a result of such cases. 
The issues arising have not, however, gone unnoticed. Amyas Morse, of the National Audit Office, states that the NHS has made ‘insufficient progress on tackling or understanding the reasons behind the increasing number of patients now waiting longer for non-urgent care’. Thus, suggesting that the NHS needs to undertake investigation and action in shortening waiting times, where possible. Demand continues to rise for the NHS services and the issue of waiting times only seems to be enlarging, with growing waiting lists and little action to ensure patients are seen as soon as is possible. Morse goes on to comment that, without significant investment being made into infrastructure and staff, the road is unclear as to how the NHS will be able to adequately action such issues. This is, essentially, the worry here in that if nothing is done, the number of medical negligence claims may be set to escalate. 
If you have, unfortunately, been subject to medical negligence, be it through incorrect treatment, a mis-diagnosis, or treatment that was not even required, and require advice and assistance, contact the best medical negligence solicitors, at MG Legal, who will be able to assist. 
Email us at, or call us at one of our offices (in Lancaster, Longridge or Garstang) and our nearest solicitors will be on hand for a free half an hour consultation. 
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