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Learn more about making a legal claim for CoolSculpting fat freezing injuries with our specialist NO WIN NO FEE solicitors. 
Hagens Berman, a well known personal injury law firm in America, is carrying out a nationwide investigation into the makers and providers of CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment, believing that they ‘intentionally ignored the hazards of this product, misleading the public for sake of profits’. 
The CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment has been popular in the US for a few years now, and recently it has made its way over the Atlantic to the UK, where providers of the affordable fat freezing treatment, marketed at low-risk and non-invasive, are now appearing up and down the country offering the procedure. 

Findings of the investigation into Coolsculpting fat freezing and PAH: 

Here at MG Legal, our CoolSculpting gone wrong injury solicitors are all too aware of the risks of PAH after CoolSculpting, but there have been few large-scale investigations done into the relationship between the two. 
However, this new US research suggests that patients may have been deceived by CoolSculpting manufacturers and providers about the risk involved in the treatment, and how likely it is to develop paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) and other tissue abnormalities after undergoing CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment. These new studies suggest that as many as 1 in 138 patients who have CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment carried out go on to develop PAH as a result, with the risk being higher in male patients than female patients. 

What is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia after CoolSculpting? (with photos) 

A potential complication that can occur during CoolSculpting gone wrong, is known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). PAH after CoolSculpting is the paradoxical overgrowth of fatty tissue around the area treated during the CoolSculpting gone wrong. 
The affected area can become hardened and enlarged, in a similar shape to the CoolSculpting treatment applicator. See the image below for reference, from: Barbie's Beauty Bits 

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When was PAH linked to CoolSculpting? 

According to the American law firm, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting treatment knew about PAH being a side effect of the fat freezing as early as 2011, but failed to mention any link until 2014. They go on to claim that when the link was established, it was played down, with the manufacturers only reporting PAH to occur in 1 in 20,000 patients. 
From this, Hagens Berman have deduced that the makers and providers of the CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment have ‘deliberately misrepresented information’ about the link to PAH, in a way that has harmed customers. 

What is the risk of PAH from CoolSculpting fat freezing? 

With the limited medical literature existing on PAH, and limited knowledge on its relationship to CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment, it is difficult to offer a hard statistic on the risk of patients developing PAH after CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment. 
Earlier this year, a 2021 study on CoolSculpting gone wrong and PAH CoolSculpting injuries suggested that 1 in every 2000 patients who undergo CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment suffer from PAH as a result. This figure might seem small, but it is double the 1 in 4000 figure offered by Allergan, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting fat freezing. 

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What can I do after CoolSculpting gone wrong in the UK? 

While large-scale action is beginning to take place across the pond regarding the safety of CoolSculpting and the risk of patients developing PAH, it is still early days for the CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment in the UK, and there simply is not the evidence and research available into the treatment here for a movement such as this to take place. 
Still, here at MG Legal, we are one of the nation’s first personal injury solicitors specialising in CoolSculpting gone wrong injury claims, and are working with clients who have suffered from PAH and other injuries after undergoing CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment. We are helping them to recover their financial losses related to their CoolSculpting treatment, including the cost of their treatment, the cost of any procedures carried out to treat the PAH or other injuries, and any other financial losses such as lost earnings. 
To learn more about making a CoolSculpting gone wrong claim with our specialist solicitors, see our full page dedicated to this here, or contact us online here to hear from a solicitor within one working hour. 

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If you have been injured as a result of CoolSculpting fat freezing gone wrong, you could be eligible to make a NO WIN NO FEE claim for financial compensation with our specialist beauty negligence solicitors. Our team are leading CoolSculpting injury solicitors, with a success rate of over 99% in all of the claims that we take on. 
Because of this success, we accept all CoolSculpting gone wrong claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, allowing you to make a claim at no financial risk. 
When you work with MG Legal for your CoolSculpting fat freezing injury claim, your designated beauty negligence solicitor will be available at any point throughout the process to answer any questions you might have, and keep you updated on your claim. 
We work with leading medical experts to obtain full medical reports for our clients, and ensure that all of our client's claims are built to be as strong and robust as possible. 
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