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Dealing with the estate of a loved one after they have passed away is not only emotionally taxing but can also be a legal labyrinth for the uninitiated. The process, known as probate, involves gathering the deceased's assets, settling any debts, paying taxes, and distributing the remaining estate according to the will or the law if there is no will. While it's possible for individuals to handle this process on their own, there are compelling reasons why instructing a solicitor to deal with an estate makes more sense. 
A Stamp for "Probate"; our Probate Solicitors discuss why instructing a solicitor to deal with an estate can be better.

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Legal Expertise and Guidance 

The probate process is complex and bound by specific legal rules and time lines. Solicitors specialising in probate law understand these intricacies inside and out. They can work through the legal system efficiently, ensuring all paperwork is correctly filled out and filed on time. Their expertise also extends to understanding potential tax implications and how to minimise the estate's tax liability, which can save the estate significant money. 


Administering an estate is time-consuming, often requiring months to complete. For those who are grieving or have their own lives and jobs to manage, finding the time to properly handle these tasks can be challenging. A solicitor can take on the bulk of this work, from corresponding with banks and asset holders to dealing with the probate court, freeing up your time, and reducing your stress during a difficult period. 

Avoiding Disputes 

When an estate is managed by a family member, there's a risk of disputes arising among heirs, especially if the distribution of assets becomes contentious. Having a solicitor act as an impartial third party can help mitigate these tensions. Solicitors can ensure that the estate is administered fairly and according to the wishes of the deceased, as documented in the will, or in line with statutory inheritance rules if no will exists. 

Error Prevention 

Mistakes in the probate process can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. An incorrectly handled estate can result in financial penalties, disputes, and delays in distribution. Solicitors have the experience to avoid common pitfalls, ensuring that the estate is managed correctly and efficiently from start to finish. 

Peace of Mind 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to instruct a solicitor is the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that the estate is in professional hands can alleviate the stress and burden on grieving families. Solicitors can also provide clarity and updates throughout the process, ensuring that you are informed and confident that the estate is being managed appropriately. 
While handling an estate without legal assistance is possible, the benefits of instructing a solicitor far outweigh the potential savings of a DIY approach. With their legal expertise, ability to save time, prevent disputes, avoid mistakes, and provide peace of mind, solicitors are invaluable during the probate process. Instructing a solicitor ensures that your loved one's estate is managed with the care, professionalism, and efficiency it deserves. 

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Why You Should Use MG Legal for Dealing with a Deceased’s Estate 

When the time comes to deal with the estate of a loved one, the importance of choosing the right legal assistance cannot be overstated. Probate and the administration of estates are complex processes that require expertise, sensitivity, and a thorough understanding of the law. MG Legal, with its specialisation in wills and probate, stands out as the premier choice for navigating these challenging times. Here’s why opting for MG Legal is a decision you won’t regret. 

Unparalleled Expertise 

MG Legal is not just another law firm; we are a team of dedicated, fully-qualified solicitors who specialise in wills and probate. Unlike firms that might delegate crucial work to paralegals or junior staff, MG Legal ensures that every case is managed by an experienced solicitor. This means that your case benefits from a level of expertise and knowledge that is both deep and broad, ensuring that all aspects of the probate process are handled with the utmost professionalism. 

Accredited Professionals 

Our commitment to excellence in elder law and probate matters is recognised through our memberships in prestigious organisations like Solicitors for the Elderly and Lifetime Lawyers. These affiliations are not just titles; they represent our dedication to staying at the forefront of legal practices, ethical standards, and specialised training in our field. Choosing MG Legal means entrusting your loved one's estate to a firm that is acknowledged by its peers for its expertise and ethical standards. 

Our services are Tailored to each of our clients individual needs 

At MG Legal, we understand that dealing with the estate of a deceased is not just a legal process but a deeply personal one. That’s why we offer home visits and out-of-hours appointments to accommodate the needs of our clients during what is often a difficult time. Whether you're dealing with grief, managing work, or have mobility issues, our aim is to make our services as accessible and convenient as possible. 

Local Presence, Broad Reach 

With offices across Lancashire, MG Legal combines the accessibility of a local firm with the expertise of a legal powerhouse. Being local means we understand the community and can provide a personalised service that a larger, more impersonal firm might not. It also means that we are just a short distance away whenever you need us, whether it’s for a face-to-face meeting or an urgent legal matter that needs attention. 

Comprehensive Probate Services 

MG Legal is adept at handling all matters related to probate and estate administration. Whether your case involves straightforward estate distribution or complex issues such as cross-border assets, contested wills, or tax implications, our team is equipped to handle it. Our solicitors have a wealth of experience in navigating the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of probate, ensuring that the estate is managed efficiently and with the respect it deserves. 
Choosing the right solicitor to handle the estate of a deceased loved one is a crucial decision that can have lasting implications. MG Legal offers not just legal expertise but a commitment to providing compassionate, personalised service during a difficult time. Our dedicated solicitors, prestigious memberships, client-centric services, local presence, and comprehensive probate capabilities make us the ideal choice for managing your loved one’s estate. Entrust MG Legal with this responsibility, and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in capable hands. 
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