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When a loved one passes away, we are often in a state of disarray. Life will not be the same again, and, in most instances, a sense of sadness and feeling lost can take over. Being an executor of an estate, dividing a loved one’s personal possessions, paying bills, debts, and closing bank accounts, is never a job that anyone looks forward to. Navigating the complexities of being an executor of a Will can be a daunting task.  
This blog aims to elucidate the duties of an executor under English law, highlighting relevant legislation and case law. For those seeking professional guidance, MG Legal, solicitors specialising in Wills and Probate based in Lytham, FY8, offer expert assistance in this area. 

The Role of an Executor 

An executor, appointed through a Will, is responsible for administering the deceased’s estate. This involves a range of duties, from organising the funeral to distributing assets. Given the legal responsibilities involved, understanding your role is crucial. 
Key legal obligations of an Executor: 

Obtaining Grant of Probate 

Under the Administration of Estates Act 1925, an executor's first duty is to apply for a Grant of Probate. This legal document authorises you to manage the estate. 

Valuing the Estate 

You must accurately value the estate, considering all assets and liabilities. The Inheritance Tax Act 1984 requires an executor to ensure correct tax payments. 

Paying Debts and Taxes 

The estate’s debts, including taxes, must be paid before distributing assets.  

Distributing the Estate 

Executors must distribute the estate according to the Will, as per the Wills Act 1837.  

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Potential Challenges 

Executors often face challenges, from locating assets to dealing with beneficiaries. Complex estates may involve intricate tax issues or contentious probate, requiring expert legal advice. 

Why Seek Professional Help? 

MG Legal in Lytham, FY8, specialise in wills and probate, providing valuable support to executors. They can help navigate complex legal requirements, ensuring compliance and minimising the risk of personal liability.  

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Being an executor carries significant responsibilities. With the right guidance, you can fulfill your duties effectively and with confidence. For expert legal assistance, consider consulting MG Legal, Wills and Probate solicitors in Lytham

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