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Part of a contract, with a signature at the bottom, and two people shaking hands to agree the terms; our Conveyancing Solicitors in Preston discuss exchange of contracts and completion in Conveyancing.
Exchanging contracts and completing a property sale or purchase on the same day is a topic of interest for many involved in the property market. Typically, the exchange of contracts and completion occur on separate days, with a gap that allows both parties to make necessary arrangements. However, same-day exchange and completion is not only possible but can be an attractive option under certain circumstances. In this blog, our Conveyancing Solicitors in Preston explore the feasibility, advantages, and considerations of this approach to streamline the conveyancing process. 

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Understanding Exchange and Completion 

Before delving into simultaneous exchange and completion, it is crucial to understand the distinction between these two events: 

Exchange of Contracts 

This is the point at which both buyer and seller are legally committed to the transaction. The exchange involves the formal swapping of signed contracts, and a deposit is usually paid by the buyer. 


This is when the transaction is finalised; the buyer pays the remaining balance, and ownership of the property is transferred. The keys are handed over, and the buyer can move in. 

Possibility of Same-Day Exchange and Completion 

Same-day exchange and completion is indeed possible and is sometimes used in specific scenarios, such as: 

Chain-Free Transactions 

When there is no property chain, or if both the buyer and seller agree to synchronise their respective transactions to accommodate a same-day process. 

Cash Buyers 

Transactions are simpler without the need for mortgage financing, making same-day exchange and completion more straightforward. 

Investment Properties 

Investors looking to quickly secure a property, especially at auction, may prefer this method. 

Advantages of Simultaneous Exchange and Completion 

There are several benefits to completing your property sale or purchase on the same day as exchange: 

Reduced Stress 

Eliminating the gap between exchange and completion can reduce the stress and uncertainty often associated with waiting periods. 

Lower Costs 

Same-day transactions can potentially lower costs by minimising the need for interim accommodation or storage solutions for furniture and personal belongings. 


For those looking for a quick transaction, such as investors or those buying a new home without selling an existing one, same-day exchange and completion simplifies the process. 

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Considerations and Challenges with Simultaneous Exchange and Completion 

While appealing for its simplicity and speed, same-day exchange and completion come with considerations: 


Both parties need to be fully prepared with all necessary documentation, funds, and arrangements in place well in advance. 


The tight timeframe leaves little room for error. Any last-minute issues with funds transfer, documentation, or logistics can derail the process. 


While it can reduce stress in some ways, the condensed timeline can also increase pressure on all parties to ensure everything is in order. 

Mortgage Lenders 

If a mortgage is involved, getting lender approval for a same-day transaction can be challenging. Some lenders may not accommodate the condensed timeline. 

How to Approach Same-Day Exchange and Completion 

If you are considering this route, thorough preparation and clear communication are key: 

Engage a Conveyancing Solicitor Early 

A solicitor experienced in same-day transactions is invaluable, for example, our Conveyancing Solicitors in Preston, who are well-versed in simultaneous exchange and completion. They can guide you through the preparation and ensure all legal formalities are correctly dealt with. It helps that our conveyancing solicitors at MG Legal are on your mortgage lenders panel- this can often speed up the conveyancing process. 

Coordinate with All Parties 

Open lines of communication with all involved parties, including solicitors, estate agents, and lenders, are essential to synchronise the process. 

Financial Preparedness 

Ensure all funds are readily available for transfer on the day of the transaction. Delays in transferring funds are a common obstacle. 

Plan for the Unexpected 

Have contingency plans in place for potential last-minute issues. For example, consider what you will do if there’s a delay in funds clearance. 
Exchanging and completing on the same day is a viable option for those seeking a quick and streamlined property transaction. While it offers several advantages, such as reduced stress and potential cost savings, it requires meticulous preparation and cooperation from all parties involved. By understanding the challenges and diligently planning, buyers and sellers can successfully deal with same-day transactions to achieve their property goals. 
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