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Welcome to our latest blog at MG Legal, your trusted no win no fee personal injury solicitors. Today, we're delving into the world of motorway accidents, a topic that unfortunately touches the lives of many UK drivers. Understanding the most common types of accidents on motorways can be vital in staying safe and knowing your rights if you’re ever involved in one. 
Motorway accidents are a significant concern in the UK, with thousands occurring each year. Recent statistics reveal a staggering number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities on UK motorways. 

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In 2022, the UK witnessed a decline in road fatalities and serious injuries compared to pre-pandemic levels, but a slight increase from the previous year. There were 1,711 fatalities and 29,742 Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties in Great Britain, reflecting a decrease of 2% and 3% respectively from 2019. England had the highest number of road deaths (1,443) and serious injuries (25,018) among the UK countries. Hendy Car Store has some useful guidance on Driver Fatigue, here

Vulnerable road users and road traffic accidents 

Vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists, have higher casualty rates per mile travelled compared to other vehicle occupants. In 2022, these groups accounted for a significant proportion of road casualties: 22% of fatalities were pedestrians, 20% were motorcyclists, and 5% were pedal cyclists. The casualty rate for motorcyclists was notably high, with an estimated 123 fatalities and 1,980 serious injuries per billion miles traveled. For cyclists, the rate was 23 deaths and 1,041 serious injuries per billion miles travelled. 
Motorcyclists, in particular, are considered the most vulnerable among vehicle users. In 2021, 310 motorcyclists were killed, and over 5,000 were seriously injured in Great Britain. The fatality rate for motorcyclists was nearly 40 times higher than car occupants. The most common cause of death in motorcycle accidents was head injuries. 
Car occupants, while having a lower casualty rate per mile travelled, accounted for the majority of traffic and hence a significant proportion of fatalities. In 2020, car occupants represented 42% of road users killed in Great Britain. 
These statistics underscore the importance of road safety measures for vulnerable road users and highlight the potential risks they face. Enhanced safety interventions and awareness campaigns are crucial to protect these groups and reduce casualties on UK roads. 

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When Do Most Motorway Accidents Occur? 

Timing plays a crucial role in motorway accidents. Our analysis shows that certain times and days are more prone to accidents. 

Most Common Times for Motorway Accidents: 

The peak times for road traffic accidents in the UK are during the morning rush hour between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, and the evening rush hour between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. These periods see a surge in traffic as people commute to and from work or school, leading to increased congestion and a higher risk of accidents. Factors such as driver distraction, time pressure, fatigue, and adverse weather conditions also contribute to the likelihood of accidents during these times. Accidents can occur anywhere, but certain areas like the M25 motorway and urban centres like Manchester and Birmingham are known as accident hot spots. 

Days with Higher Accident Rates: 

In the UK, the most common day for car accidents is Friday, with Sunday being the safest day on the roads. This trend aligns with the typical travel patterns where there's an increase in traffic on Fridays as people commute home from work or begin weekend journeys. The higher volume of vehicles and the urgency to start the weekend could contribute to this increased risk. On the other hand, Sundays tend to have less traffic and perhaps more relaxed driving conditions, leading to fewer accidents. 
Moreover, it's interesting to note that while you might expect more accidents during the winter months due to adverse weather conditions, spring and summer months like May, June, and July also see a high number of accidents. This increase could be attributed to more cars on the road during these months as people enjoy the warmer weather. 
These insights into the timing of road accidents can be helpful in understanding and mitigating risks associated with road travel in the UK. 

Casualties by road user type 

The 4 main road user types are car occupants, pedestrians, motorcyclists and pedal cyclists. 
‘Other vehicle occupants’ include e-scooters, which account for much of the increase in casualties for this road user category compared to 2019 figures. 

Fatalities by road user type 

The number of people killed on motorways in 2022 was 100, lower than the 103 killed in 2021. By contrast, rural road fatalities (59 per cent) are over represented compared to the proportion of rural road traffic (44 per cent). 
In 2022, 46% of fatalities were car occupants, 22% were pedestrians, 21% were motorcyclists and 5% were pedal cyclists. 
Of these 4 road user types: 
The biggest percentage change compared to 2019 was for pedestrians, which showed a decline of 20% 
Pedal cyclists also saw a large change compared to 2019 with a decline of 15% 
Motorcyclists and car occupants saw small increases compared to 2019 

The Most Common Types of Motorway Accidents 

Rear-End Collisions 

Rear-end collisions are perhaps the most frequent type of motorway accidents. They often occur due to sudden braking, tailgating, or a lack of attention. These accidents can range from minor bumps to serious crashes, especially at high motorway speeds. 

Lane Change and Sideswipe Accidents 

Changing lanes on a motorway requires careful attention, but sometimes errors occur, leading to sideswipe accidents. These are common when drivers fail to check their blind spots or signal their intentions to other road users. 

Vehicle Rollovers 

High speeds and sudden manoeuvres on motorways can lead to vehicle rollovers, particularly for higher vehicles like SUVs. Factors like Tyre blowouts, sharp turns, or collisions can trigger these terrifying accidents. 

Multi-Vehicle Pile-Ups 

Motorways, with their high traffic volume and speeds, can be sites for multi-vehicle pileups. These occur due to a chain reaction of collisions, often in poor visibility or slippery road conditions. 

Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles 

Large commercial vehicles, including lorries and HGVs, are involved in a significant number of motorway accidents. Due to their size and weight, collisions with these vehicles can be particularly dangerous. 
While motorways are designed for efficient travel, they come with their own set of hazards. Being aware of these common accident types can help you stay alert and safe. However, if you do find yourself in a motorway accident, know that MG Legal's expert team of no win no fee personal injury solicitors is here to help. We specialise in providing personalised legal advice and support to ensure your claims proceeds as quickly as as stress-free as possible. 

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