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When you call MG Legal, your solicitors Garstang, for a quote to buy a house, we will put you through to our conveyancing department, we will ask if it is a leasehold or a freehold property. Sometimes, at that point, we have to explain the word conveyance, as well as the different between freehold and leasehold properties. 
Our personal injury team might ask if you have recovered your PAV through your own insurer, or if you have mitigated your loss some other way. Again, we might need to explain these terms. 
We appreciate that, when your working week comprises nothing but legal terms, it can be easy to forget that clients do not always understand the stick phrases. 

Contact your expert team of local solicitors 

We know your expertise lies elsewhere 

MG Legal, your solicitors Garstang, specialise in legal matters, this is the reason we are here. If people had the ability to manage their own conveyance, to make a personal injury claim, obtain a contact order to see their children or produce a power of attorney, they wouldn’t be talking to us. 
Whether you are a butcher, baker, nuclear physicist, carer, driver etc, we know that you doubtless know far more than use about many things. Nobody is an expert on everything. So, whilst you might know the finer points of curing bacon, making sourdough bread, splitting an atom, preventing bed-sores or getting to Lancaster to deliver that package on time when the M6 has closed again, we know you likely don’t know everything about the legal world. 

It’s a collaboration, not a lecture 

You, the client, are vital to MG Legal, your solicitors Garstang, so we make sure you are involved in your case from start to finish. You know about the personal aspects of your file, whether the new home you’re buying, the injury you’ve sustained or how you want your will to read, we know that this is a two-way street and that we can best act for you if you know what we are doing and understand the process. 

Making it simple, so you can make the decision 

We don’t make decisions for you, our job is to look at the matter at hand, tell you about it in the best, simplest terms and so allow you to decide what you want to do. Query about an easement on your new property? We will tell you what an easement is, how it could affect you living in the house and if your house price might be affected if you want to see in the future. 
If the third-party insurer in your personal injury claim raise arguments about mitigating factors, we will explain about mitigation (in all likelihood we’ve probably already done it). 
Query about whether a “financial affairs” or “health” power of attorney, or both, is the right one for you? We’ll explain the benefits and limitations of each. 

We want you to trust us entirely 

There is nothing worse than employing someone to do any type of work, whether a solicitor, accountant, builder, plumber or mechanic to do something that you can’t and having that nagging doubt. Wondering if, when the garage calls and describes a “catastrophic vertical gearbox interphase disconnect”, you really do need the new gearbox or if it’s just the gear-knob that’s a bit loose. 
At MG Legal, your solicitors Garstang, we make a point of being available for our clients. You will never call us and be given a vague answer by a secretary or, as we often find with insurance companies, some who “doesn’t know the file”. You will speak to someone in the right department and most importantly, someone who can answer your questions. 

Repeat business makes the firm a reputation 

You won’t find MG Legal on national TV, or paying out money left, right and centre to middlemen or referrers. Our long-term plan has always relied upon having happy, local clients, who write positive reviews and then recommend that their friends and family use our services. We want each client to come straight back to us whatever your need. 
We don’t ever wish something bad to happen to our clients, but we are here for you whether you’re moving to a bigger, better house or because someone has, unfortunately, collided with the back of your car and everything in between. We want happy clients and a reputation that brings us new clients, who we can also send away happy. 

How to contact MG Legal 

MG Legal are happy to hear from you by phone, email, web-contact form or at any of our offices in Garstang, Longridge and Lancaster. Simply get in touch, we will put you through to the right department and we will look to have the ball rolling the same day. 
We aim to accept all personal injury matters on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) and most other types of work can be completed on a fixed fee basis. 
MG Legal – Your Local Solicitors 
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