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Every year thousands of people have to go without, especially at Christmas. More specifically, there are thousands of children who don’t have the luxury of food, warm clothing or gifts. Now, we’re not saying that Christmas isn’t hard for most people – we all know gifts and food can add up – but for these children, they can wake up on Christmas morning to nothing from Santa Claus, and not even a warm meal. 
So, this year, rather than thinking of ourselves, we’re doing our best to put back into the community. Mission Christmas is a gift appeal that delivers gifts to children in Lancashire whose parents or guardians are unable to supply them. MG Legal, Solicitors in Lancaster, are clubbing together to donate presents to children in need. 
Usually, the appeal struggles with gifts for teenage boys and babies, as these are the hardest presents to think of and buy. However, if you look on the website, there are plenty of ideas, such as smelly sets, aftershave, and care products. For babies, you can buy things like age-appropriate toys, clothing, dummies, etc. 
You need to ensure that the items are in any original packaging they are bought in, and are unwrapped – the volunteers will need to go through the presents and check the age on them and the condition before they are handed out. 
So, if you want to join in and help children in need this Christmas, feel free to drop the gifts off at one of the drop-off points, which can be found online, or contact your Solicitors in Lancaster if you have any questions. 
If you need any inspiration, look online or contact Solicitors in Lancaster to see what amazing gift ideas they have come up with. 
Solicitors in Lancaster will be taking their gifts to one of the drop off locations the weekend starting 15 December so, if you’ve decided to donate, we might see you there! 
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