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A row of new build houses, with a green opposite them; our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lancaster discuss new build property trends in 2024, and how our team believes the local authorities are keeping up with house trends.
As we step into 2024, the UK's housing sector continues to evolve, especially in the realm of new build properties. This blog, written by Chloe Cardwell, conveyancing solicitor, and director here at MG Legal, examines the latest developments and how local authorities are striving to meet their housing targets, emphasising the crucial role of MG Legal, a leading solicitors’ practice dealing in conveyancing in Lancaster, Lytham, and Preston. 

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The Current State of New Build Properties 

Recent government reforms to the National Planning Policy Framework have shifted the focus towards making local housebuilding targets advisory rather than compulsory. The government's reform of the National Planning Policy Framework is a significant shift in housing policy. Local housebuilding targets, now advisory, has prompted local authorities to adapt their strategies. Housing Secretary Michael Gove's introduction of league tables to track local authorities' performance is a pivotal change. This approach aims to enhance transparency and accountability in meeting housing needs. This change, introduced to monitor local authorities' performance in planning permissions and housebuilding against their five-year plans while encouraging local plans and increased housing supply, has raised concerns regarding the delivery of necessary infrastructure and attention to the needs of an aging population and net-zero homes. 

Regional Disparities in New Build Completions 

Statistical analysis reveals a clear regional disparity in new build completions. There's a stark contrast in new-build completions across regions. London and the South East lead with a significant portion of completions, while areas like the North East and Yorkshire and the Humber lag behind. This uneven distribution underscores the challenges local authorities face in balancing regional development needs. London and the South East accounted for over a quarter of all new-build housing completions, peaking at 29% in 2017/18. This is significantly higher than the North East (4%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (7%). Such disparities highlight the uneven distribution of new housing developments across the UK. 

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Revitalisation through Brownfield Developments 

A promising development is the government's allocation of £57.8 million to councils for developing brownfield land into quality housing. This initiative aims to regenerate local areas by transforming derelict sites, with an expectation to build around 5,600 homes on these lands. This approach not only supports housing needs but also preserves green spaces and potentially supports up to 17,000 jobs in the housing and construction sectors. 

The Role of leading Conveyancing Solicitors 

As a leading conveyancing firm, MG Legal plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through the complexities of investing in new build properties. Our expertise is invaluable in a landscape where housing policies and local authority strategies are continuously evolving. MG Legal, a leading conveyancing solicitor firm in Lancaster, Lytham, and Preston, plays a crucial role in navigating these changes. Our expertise in property law ensures our first -time buyer clients, and indeed, anyone who instructs us as their conveyancing solicitor, a smooth transaction amidst evolving government policies and local authority strategies. 

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The landscape of new build properties in the UK is undergoing significant changes as we enter 2024. While the shift in government policy towards advisory targets for local authorities presents challenges, it also opens up opportunities for innovative housing solutions, especially through the development of brownfield sites. MG Legal's expertise in conveyancing will be instrumental in guiding clients through this evolving landscape. MG Legal stands as a key player in ensuring smooth property transactions. Their expertise in conveyancing law makes them an ideal partner for those navigating the new build property market. 
For more detailed insights, visit Inside Conveyancing's articles on new housing policies, regional disparities in new-build completions, and the transformation of derelict land. 
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