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An older person, being supported by a professional, in the grounds of a care home; our care home negligence solicitors discuss how to make a claim for compensation if your loved one has been the victim of negligence in a care home.

The Alarming Reality of Neglect in UK Care Homes 

Neglect in care homes is a significant concern in the UK, with various forms of abuse reported, ranging from physical and emotional to sexual and financial. Recent studies have highlighted that neglect is the most prevalent form of abuse witnessed by staff in care homes across England, with common neglectful behaviors including making residents wait for care, insufficient time for food, and inadequate care when moving residents. The consequences of such neglect can be severe, impacting both the physical and mental well-being of residents. 

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The Statistical Landscape 

Data indicates that nearly half a million people live in care homes in the UK, with around 70% of all care home residents having dementia or severe memory problems. Further, a 2020 WHO report revealed that 12% of nursing home staff members admitted to neglecting the needs of residents. This stark reality underlines the urgent need for vigilance and advocacy on behalf of those in care homes. 

Statistical Insights into care home negligence 

Recent data reveals worrying trends in care home negligence. For instance, a study by University College London found neglect as the most prevalent form of abuse in care homes. Additionally, the NHS Digital Safeguarding Adults Collection reported significant numbers of Section 42 enquiries, indicating potential abuse or neglect cases in care homes. 

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Recent Cases of reported Care Home Negligence 

Three men were sentenced for abusing residents at Grove House care home in Sutton, according to the Crown Prosecution Service. Alex Nazareth, Georgios Skordoulis, and Ahmed Hassanen were found guilty of ill-treatment and sentenced to imprisonment. They were charged with multiple acts of abuse against residents with learning disabilities, mental illness, and complex needs. The case is a significant example of disability hate crime, with the CPS emphasizing their commitment to tackling such crimes. For more detailed information, you can visit the Crown Prosecution Service website
In a case reported by ITV News, two individuals, Nakeeba Akhtar and Amar Muneer, have pleaded not guilty to charges related to the death of 84-year-old Shirley Froggett at New Lodge Nursing Home in Mickleover. The incident occurred in September 2018 when Mrs. Froggett suffered a fall after not being properly secured in her wheelchair. The care home and its manager were fined for failing to provide safe care and treatment. The trial is scheduled for December 2, following a pre-trial hearing set for November 4. For more details, you can read the full report on ITV News
Two people have been arrested as part of an investigation which centres on Glenhomes Care Home on Greenmount Lane in Heaton, Bolton. The employees of the care home have been arrested on suspicion of administering a noxious substance and neglect. They remain under investigation. Detectives visited the premises in August after receiving information from a whistleblower who also alerted the Care Quality Commission. A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police’s Bolton district said: “We are investigating allegations relating to a care home in Bolton, following a report of concerns made in August 2022". 

The Legal Aspect: Making a Claim for Compensation 

Care home negligence remains a pressing concern in the UK, as underscored by recent statistics and reports. Cases like the abuse of residents at Grove House in Sutton and the tragic incident at New Lodge Nursing Home in Mickleover highlight the gravity of the issue. 
When a loved one has suffered abuse, or neglect in a care home, it is vital to ensure that those affected receive proper justice and compensation. By understanding the scale of the problem and knowing the steps to take legal action, families and individuals can better protect their loved ones and hold care homes accountable for their actions. Remember, seeking professional legal advice is a critical step in this process. 
If you or a loved one has experienced neglect in a care home, it is crucial to understand your legal rights and options for seeking compensation. Care home negligence solicitors, like MG Legal, provide expert guidance and support in making a claim for compensation, on a no win no fee basis. Our team of no win no fee solicitors help navigate the complexities of the legal system and work to ensure that the victims of care home neglect receive the justice and compensation they deserve. 

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Care Quality Commission Findings 

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) plays a vital role in monitoring care home standards. Their reports often reveal shortcomings in care provision, including inadequate staffing, poor training, and failure in upholding safety measures. The CQC's findings are crucial in identifying areas for improvement and enforcing accountability. 

Steps to Making a Claim for care home neglect 

Document the Neglect 

Keep detailed records of any instances of neglect, including dates, times, and descriptions of the events. 

Seek Medical Attention 

If the neglect has led to physical or mental health issues, obtaining medical records can be crucial in supporting your claim. 


Report your findings to the care home- ask them to increase the level of care given to your loved one. 

Legal Consultation 

Contact a specialised solicitor, dealing in cases of care home negligence, who can assess your case and advise on the best course of action. 

Gather Evidence 

This may include medical records, witness statements, and any other documentation that can support your claim. 

File the Claim 

Your solicitor will guide you through the process of filing a legal claim against the care home or responsible parties. 
The issue of care home negligence demands continued vigilance and action. It's imperative that care homes adhere to high standards of care, with regulatory bodies like the CQC ensuring compliance. For families and individuals, awareness and understanding of their legal rights are essential in addressing and preventing negligence. For those affected, legal avenues exist for seeking justice and compensation, with specialised solicitors like MG Legal offering necessary guidance and support, on a no win no fee basis. 

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This article was published on 10 March 2018, and was updated on 14 December 2023. 
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