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Here at MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitors, we like to keep up to speed on the attest developments in the legal world and to ensure we can provide the most up to date advice on cases, including those of potential medical negligence.  
A recent Inquest has ruled the death of a two-year-old, who choked on a cocktail sausage, as Misadventure, but we know that there is often more than meets the eye in instances of medical negligence and in any type of personal injury claim. This case was no different and looking beneath the surface, a much more complex story emerges. 

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The Coroner’s Hearing was not entirely straight-forward, with a number of issues being found to have contributed to the tragic outcome. Firstly, it was heard that the two-year-old had, one month prior, choked on a mint and so the Coroner commented that giving her another small food item was “unwise”. Following this, the child’s mother struggled to call 999 due to issues with her phone signal. However, when she did get through, the local Emergency Call Centre was understaffed and there was nobody to take the call until the third attempt. This delayed the dispatch of an ambulance and potentially reduced the prospects of survival. Further failings were noted in the miscommunication between nursing teams at the hospital that led to a five minute delay in an anaesthetist being called as the incident was not noted as a “Cardiac Arrest”. Whilst it was not confirmed as an error and could simply have been dislodged during transit or other emergency treatment, it was also found that the tube meant to be inserted into the child’s windpipe was in her oesophagus. This child’s mother has stated she would be looking to take further legal action. 
In this tragic case, just like in many potential medical negligence cases, there are multiple factors and at MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, we make sure that we explore every angle of your claim. Whilst, in an ideal world, our services would never be required for this type of claim, personal injury and medical negligence do occur on a daily basis and so to do the best for our clients, we ensure that we explore every angle of every claim to give the best chance of success in your personal injury medical negligence claim. Just because, at first glance, something appears to be “one of those things” or the result of a bad decision, people still deserve the best care, medical or otherwise, to ensure they are not further injured or that their condition could be swiftly and completely cured. 
If you think that you have been the victim of medical negligence, call MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, to discuss how we can help you today. We look to accept all personal injury cases including medical negligence cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement (“no win, no fee” agreement) so that everyone can have the access to justice they deserve. 
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