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I’ve suffered a personal injury, and been offered compensation, directly from the Defendant’s Insurer. What should I do? 

Believe it or not, this happens more than you’d imagine. You see, insurers are funny things- they like to save money on a huge scale, so, if they can obtain an injured party’s details (for example, you are a passenger in their insured’s vehicle, and their insured caused the road traffic accident), then they will often offer an injured party to a road traffic accident, a nominal sum to settle matters there and then. Those injured often approach our personal injury solicitors in Lancaster, with tales of being offered £1,500.00 to settle their claim, without the need for those pesky personal injury lawyers to get involved. Well, the advice given by our personal injury solicitors in Lancaster is usually this- we ask how much you have been offered by way of compensation. We ask how injured you are? Which parts of your body are injured, and how this is affecting you? Oh yes, and how do you feel trusting an insurance company, with no medical training or qualification, whatsoever, to value your claim for personal injury compensation, and make you a fair, altruistic offer, commensurate to the injuries you have sustained? 
And that, last question, is why you need a local personal injury solicitor to get you the most compensation. 

Contact our Injury Compensation specialists 

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, be it a trip or fall, injury at work, medical negligence, or, of course, road traffic accident, then please contact our offices on 01772 783 314 for a No Win No Fee service. 

Over the past 20 years, the press would have you believe that the compensation culture has dramatically increased. On the contrary in fact; the number of people making a claim for compensation, through a personal injury solicitor, or by way of litigant in person, has in fact dropped. The ‘American compensation culture of ambulance chasing’ as those myopic enough, and lucky enough to have never been injured, would call it, is on the decline. The personal injury industry is neither booming, nor a new thing- the term, Ambulance Chaser was originally coined in the Times Newspaper in 1897. 

What would a Personal Injury Solicitor do for me if I have been injured? 

Well, in order to get you maximum personal injury compensation, we would have an independent, qualified medical expert, examine you. If you have a soft tissue injury, then in all probability, we would instruct a GP, in your local area, to prepare a medical report, and would value your injuries, properly, and with our combined 50 plus years knowledge of the personal injury industry. If, for example, you are most seriously injured, then we’d instruct an orthopaedic surgeon. Injury to your face? Well, we’d instruct a maxillo-facial surgeon. Suffered medical negligence? Then we’d instruct a trauma or accident and emergency surgeon. Without labouring the point, you get the picture- our team of solicitors in Lancaster have access to the most qualified medical experts to prepare a medical report detailing your injuries. Our aim is to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. 

And how does this differ if I accept the Defendant insurer’s offer? 

If you accept an offer, without taking the advice of a local personal injury solicitor, or having a medical report compiled, detailing the full extent and nature of your injuries, and you accept the £1,500.00 offer from the Defendant’s insurers, then, that’s your lot. If you suffer from a creaking back, or a stiff neck for the next 3 years; if you accept the Defendant’s piffling offer, then you can’t come back for more. If you chose our personal injury solicitors in Lancaster, we have a success rate in excess of 99%, and have a history of obtaining maximum compensation for clients. 

I’ve heard that the Ministry of Justice is making offers, and trying to avoid Personal Injury litigation 

Indeed, they are. The MoD, which would otherwise be the defendant party in any litigation, is seeking to stop claims from ever progressing to litigation, and is keen to settle compensation claims as ‘quickly and cost-effectively as possible.’ Call the writer, a well-versed Personal Injury solicitor in Lancaster, cynical, but why, when the MoD have been known to defend personal injury claims, to the Supreme Court, are we now to believe that they have developed a new-found sense of empathy, are intend to settle all claims for personal injury at work, brought against them, on an economical basis. 
Bearing in mind the bad press than the personal injury sector has, wrongly, been forced to suffer, those injured in the last three years, need to keep their wits about them. The industry still needs personal injury solicitors to address the balance, and give those who have been injured the chance of obtaining the personal injury compensation, they rightly deserve. 
Questions or Queries? If you fancy a chat regarding any of the above, or you have suffered a personal injury in the last 3 years, then please feel free to get in touch on 01524 581306, or email our personal injury solicitors in Lancaster at
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