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As a conveyancing client, the use of the Land Registry will, in all probability, not be something you are familiar with. This is, however, a very important part of the conveyancing process for your Lancaster law firm to deal with. The Land Registry are proposing big changes which, when effected, will not only affect your solicitors in Lancaster, Preston Law Firm, or your nearest solicitors, but will also affect your conveyancing Lancaster transactions. 
What is the Land Registry? 
The Land Registry portal is a crucial tool used on a daily basis, by your solicitors Lancaster. The portal operates a wide range of services which your Lancaster law firm require to progress and complete your property transaction. The need for the Land Registry portal will differ, dependent on your matter. 
For example, if you are selling your house, your solicitors in Lancaster will require the use of the portal to obtain Official Copy documents, which are records held about the property, required to prepare the Contract for Sale. Whereas, if you are purchasing a property, your solicitors in Lancaster will use the portal for registering the property in the names of the new owners. 
The portal does, of course, provide your solicitors in Lancaster with a wide range of other services, from map searches, protecting interests in property and many more. As you can see, behind the scenes, they are an important part of your conveyancing transaction. 
What are the Changes – and what do they mean for me? 
As they are so important to the conveyancing process, recent communication from the Land Registry states that, after recent review, they want to become the ‘world's leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach for data'. 
They have made a number of observations and set objectives in order to reach their goals of becoming quicker, cheaper and simpler. These include the following: 
- Publishing a charter to help protect and guarantee land and property rights, 
- To respond to queries promptly and professionally, 
- Improve services continuously and drive innovation, 
- To provide secure, stable and highly available services, 
- To be open and transparent in its customer dealings, 
- To publish call handling times on the website, 
- To refresh the look, feel and functionality of the portal so that access is more intuitive. 
These observations, also place obligations on your solicitors in Lancaster. These are primarily based upon providing all information required when sending applications to the Land Registry. Thus eliminating the need for the Land Registry to raise requisitions (questions), with your solicitors Lancaster, which essentially will contribute to streamlining the process. 
Both your Lancaster law firm, and the Land Registry, are to work together to make the process quicker, cheaper and simpler and ultimately, to benefit you – the clients, removing delays within the sale/purchase of your property. 
As you will see, on the face of things, the Land Registry and their role may seem of little importance to you, however, you can reap the benefits of such changes that are being proposed. 
For more information on the Land Registry and their role, contact MG Legal, your Lancaster law firm. Our solicitors in Lancaster, solicitors in Garstang, and property lawyers in Longridge, Preston, have expert knowledge and are on hand to answer any queries you may have. Contact us today at, or on 01524 581306, and we would be delighted to be of assistance. 
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