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How to choose the right estate agents
If you are thinking of selling your house, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right way to achieve a sale, and the best estate agents, for you and your property. Moving house is not easy, and is often cited as one of the most stressful events in life. Still, ensuring that you enlist the right estate agents and conveyancing solicitors for the job means that this does not have to be the case. 
Using an estate agent is by far the most popular way that people sell their homes, with a recent Which survey showing that around 86% of homewoners use this method. 
But, how do you find the right estate agent for your property needs? With this question in mind, our conveyancing solicitors have put together a useful list of our expert advice on finding good quality estate agent services. Read on below to see our top tips. 

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#1 Research Estate Agents 

With the online market growing every day, it’s not always necessarily local Estate Agents that our Conveyancing Solicitors find themselves dealing with now. Some Agents will offer low fees, however, there can be hidden caveats, such as you have to use their associated legal team to deal with the sale (who then charge an extremely high fee), or you may have to deal with all the viewings, corresponding with potential buyers, and negotiating a purchase price yourself. 
Other Agents will jump straight in and state that they can achieve a sale price of over £20,000 more than the other Agents quoted. 
So, before you get sucked in, make a list of potential Agents (try and approach at least five, with a mixture of local Agents and online marketing), and contact them all to obtain a valuation and confirm what their fees would be for selling the property. 
You should also ask them the following:- 
- How much will you charge for selling the property? 
- How much will VAT cost? 
- Are there any additional fees? 
- Who carries out the viewings? 
- How long are we in contract with you? 
- Where do you market the property? 
- Are there different packages or levels of marketing available? 
- Do we have to use your legal team? 
Other things to consider is how experienced the Agents are, how many properties they sell a month, do they have local knowledge, and, if your property is out of the ordinary, have they sold any properties like yours before? 

#2 Ask for recommendations 

When making a decision such as this, it can help to get as many opinions as possible before making a decision. Text your friends, post in your local Facebook group, speak to your colleagues at work. Quite often, you won’t just hear about recommendations for good Estate Agents, you will also know who to avoid from hearing of other people's bad experiences. 
Word of mouth is powerful, and it is through reccomendations such as these that our conveyancing solicitors get many of our new clients. 

#3 Shortlist your favourite Estate Agents 

Once you have spent time considering all of the above factors, you should make a shortlist of your top three favourite Agents, and invite each to give you a full valuation of your property. Normally, the Estate Agents would arrange a visit to your property, to have a chat with you, look around at your property, and discuss their marketing strategy in full with you. 
And remember, just because one Estate Agents offer you a high price, this doesn’t mean that they will be the best Estate Agents to sell your property. Quite often, an Estate Agent will market a property at the value that the seller wants to achieve, even if they advise you that you are not likely to achieve this. So, just because they’re offering the highest price, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a different Agent. 

#4 Consider Online Estate Agent Ranking Tools 

One excellent tool, available for free on, is an Estate Agent ranker, which compares the percentage that each Agent had to reduce the property price from the original selling price that the property was marketed for, before the property sold. You can also use’s tool for comparing Estate Agents. No matter which Estate Agent you choose to market your property, MG Legal’s team of Conveyancing Solicitors can guide you through the next stage of your property sale. 
We offer excellent fixed-fees, and a personal approach to all of our client’s property sales and purchases. You can contact our team for a fixed-fee, no obligation quote online, here, or email One of Conveyancing Solicitors will give you a call back within one working hour with a full quote and to discuss your property sale. 

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