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A review of statistics in the last quarter of 2019 shows that the number of Conveyancing firms in England and Wales fell to a record low, 5% down on the same period in 2018. Some might think that this is due to poor quality firms being found out by ever more stringent requirements and simple ‘natural selection’ whereby a poor business will fail and a good one will thrive. MG Legal, your property solicitors in Garstang, have worked hard to build a dependable Conveyancing team who will handle your sale or purchase (or both) quickly, professionally and above all, comprehensively. 

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What is a conveyancer? 

Simply put, a Conveyancer is a person or company qualified and registered to assist with the legalities of transferring property from one person or company to another. They are generally Solicitors, Legal Executives or Licensed Conveyancers, all of whom have proper training and accreditation to do what they do. There is, of course, a little more to it than that, Conveyancers also ensure that the transaction is properly carried out and that there are no issues the purchaser should know about. The process serves to ensure that the property and money (flowing in opposite directions) are exchanged properly and legally and that in the future, there will be no dispute and that there are no nasty surprises later. At MG Legal, your property solicitors in Garstang, our Conveyancers are all fully qualified Solicitors. 

What makes some firms prosper and others not? 

It is true that a poor firm will enjoy less word-of-mouth recommendations that a good one, the same being true of any online reviews and testimonials. However, this is not the absolute rules and there are more factors in play than simple good vs poor businesses. 
If you have ever been to an estate agent to view and house, you will probably have been recommended to use the estate agent’s “own”, “in-house” or “recommended” solicitors. This is often accompanied by an assurance that because they “work with” that particular firm the conveyance will be completed that much more quickly and that any other firm will take a lot longer. 
The truth is that many firms work on a large-scale basis, offering financial incentives to estate agents for every instruction following them recommending their services and advertising heavily online. Many of these firms are simply interested in getting the conveyance completed as quickly as possible, this being their business model. Naturally, any property solicitor owned by or with a stake in the estate agents will win twice, being paid for advertising the property and then for processing the property transaction. 

Is it myth that estate agents linked to conveyancers work more quickly? 

Most definitely, there is no place in the Conveyancing process for an estate agent, legally or logistically. When transferring a property, both parties will have a Conveyancer, why put another link in the chain? Everyone has played Chinese Whispers as a child and so, why take that risk with the most expensive purchase, or sale, you will likely make in your life? For every step that matters, your Conveyancer will need to see you, have your responses, your signature, your authority to do what is required. At MG Legal, your property solicitors In Garstang, we pride ourselves on our ‘hands on’ approach, approachability and our pro-active approach to the process. Other side being lazy, not responding? We’ll make sure they do, personally. 

Is the fee a reflection of the Conveyancer’s ability? 

No, most certainly not! MG Legal, your property solicitor in Garstang, aim to provide the best Conveyancing service, at an affordable fixed cost. We know the value of a happy client and so, we do not compromise our service, whilst still offering the most competitive fixed fee Conveyancing prices around. We know people like to shop around, after all who doesn’t like a bargain? So, we ensure that we offer the best quote you’re likely to receive, so look no further than MG Legal, your property solicitor in Garstang. 

How do I get a quote? 

Just give us a call or drop us an email. All we need to know if whether you’re buying or selling, or both and for how much. For purchases, we need to know if you’re getting a mortgage and if the property is Leasehold of Freehold. With that information, we will send you a comprehensive fixed fee quote for your conveyance, including all of our fees, disbursements such as searches and Land Registry fees and VAT, so the bottom-line figure is what you’ll be paying. 

How do I instruct MG Legal? 

Once you have your quote, just tell us you want to go ahead and we will have our Client Care Letter and the relevant Conveyancing pack sent out to you the same day. No estate agents are needed. 
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