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A table set for Christmas, with plates, wine glasses, a Christmas tree and candles in the background, with Christmas-themed socks and other presents around; our No Win No Fee Solicitors discuss food allergies at Christmas and how to stay safe.
The festive season is a time of joy and celebration, often centred around food. However, for individuals with food allergies, it can be a period of heightened vigilance and concern. This blog, written by no win no fee compensation solicitor, and Director at MG Legal, Mark Gregory, highlights key foods to be aware of during Christmas and provides essential advice for dining out safely. 

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Identifying Common Christmas Allergens 

Traditional Foods and Hidden Allergens 

Christmas meals and treats can contain a variety of common allergens. Here are some to watch out for: 

Nuts in Christmas Desserts 

Many Christmas treats, like fruitcakes and puddings, often contain nuts, a common allergen. 

Dairy in Festive Beverages 

Eggnog and other creamy drinks are traditionally dairy-based. 

Gluten in Baked Goods 

Cookies, pies, and other baked items typically contain gluten. 

Eggs in Various Dishes 

Used in baking and in some stuffing recipes. 

Seafood in Starters 

Prawns and other seafood items can be popular at Christmas parties. 

Soy and Wheat in Sauces 

Soy and wheat are often found in gravy and other sauces. 

Pre-Packaged Snacks 

Pre-packaged Christmas snacks can contain hidden allergens. Always check labels for ingredients and cross-contamination warnings. 

Dining Out with Food Allergies at Christmas 

Communicating Your Allergies 

When dining out over the Christmas period, communication is key: 

Inform the Staff 

Always inform the restaurant staff about your allergies when making a reservation and upon arrival. 

Ask Questions 

Don't hesitate to ask about ingredients and preparation methods. 

Look for Allergy-Friendly Establishments 

Some restaurants are better equipped to handle food allergies. 

Legal Obligations of Food Establishments 

The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as “Natasha's Law” has the intention of protecting food allergy sufferers and give them security in the food that they are buying. Natasha's Law aims to increase transparency within the food industry in order to better protect both the customers and businesses. Restaurants are legally required to provide allergen information. However, the level of understanding can vary, so proactive communication is vital. 

Tips for a Safe Christmas Feast 

Preparing Your Own Meals 

Read Labels Carefully 

Even with familiar products, recipes can change. 


Be vigilant about cross-contamination in the kitchen. 

Create Allergy-Friendly Versions 

Adapt traditional recipes to suit your dietary needs. 

Attending Parties 

Bring Your Own Food 

Consider bringing dishes you know are safe. 

Host Your Own Event 

Hosting allows you to control the menu. 


Beware of the buffet food, and ask the host if their kitchen is allergy free. 

The Role of MG Legal: Food Allergy Compensation Specialists 

If you suffer from an allergic reaction due to negligence or mislabelling of food, over the Christmas period, you will probably be entitled to compensation. MG Legal, specialists in food allergy compensation claims, can provide expert legal advice and representation in such situations- and all on a no win no fee basis. 
Christmas should be a time of joy for everyone, including those with food allergies. By being aware and taking the necessary precautions, you can enjoy the festive season safely and comfortably. 
For more information on navigating the legal aspects of food allergy compensation, especially during the festive season, consider consulting MG Legal, your food allergy compensation specialists. Read our blog on How to Make an Allergy Compensation claim, here
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