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As your local Personal Injury Solicitors, we are very aware that everyone makes mistakes at work; after all no one is perfect. Luckily for the majority of us mistakes can be fixed and don’t often leave to any serious outcome. Sadly when a mistake is made within the medical industry a “little mistake” can end up fatal, as with the case of Rosie Umney. 
On July 02 2018, 15 year old Rosie Umney visited her GP along with her mother after falling ill at school, after a quick examination she was sent home with antibiotics for an ear infection. Tragically just 10 hours later Rosie passed away with her mother by her side. It was ruled that at the time of her death Rosie, a diagnosed type 1 diabetic, was in advanced diabetic ketoacidosis, the keyword there being advanced. 

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Had the GP attending Rosie and looked into her background or in fact carried out further examination such as urine test or blood sugar test then without a doubt Rosie would have been sent straight to the hospital and every attempt would have been made to save her life. 
We have no doubt in our minds that the GP attending Rosie did what he thought was best, however if her condition had been taken into account then Rosie’s family would not have had to endure the pain they had from losing their beloved Rosie. 
It was ruled by the coroner that the failure to carry out such test and admit Rosie to hospital undoubtedly contributed to her untimely death, a finding of neglect was made. While this may provide Rosie’s family some comfort, it can’t bring her back. As her family will now have to live with the knowledge that due to someone else misjudgement and mistake their daughter was cruelly snatched away from them. 
As Personal Injury and Medical Negligence solicitors, we are experts in dealing with cases of Medical Negligence; fortunately the majority are not fatal cases. Should you need any advised or feel that you have been the victim of medical neglect then pop into our Garstang Office or give us a call on 01995 602129 and our expert Personal Injury team, as your Local Garstang Solicitors will endeavour to assist in any way they can. 
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