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Storms, bad weather and torrential rain are blamed for all sorts of problems; but you wouldn’t imagine the weather being blamed for the plethora of potholes, fissures, and, well, huge holes that have appeared in the roads and pavements around the UK in the past 12 months. Personal Injury solicitors Preston, MG Legal, expert road accident solicitors, have won thousands of pounds of compensation for clients who have suffered injury from tripping over or falling into (sometimes quite literally) the potholes the local councils will opine have been caused by the spell of recent bad weather. 
We all remember the ‘Beast From The East’- the awful spell of cold weather affecting the UK in February 2018. Well, as a result of the ‘Beast'; The AA have advised that the damage caused to vehicles arising from potholes, the same being caused by freeze thaw (water freezing in the tiny cracks in the roads, making the cracks expand, and eventually become fissures), has increased their call outs dramatically to the point where their profits have been affected. 
Local authorities are supposed maintain UK roads; the motorways being maintained by Highways England. But MG Legal, solicitors Lancaster, are still representing, and indeed winning claims for more and more clients, all of who have been unfortunate to trip over the aftermath of what the councils are deeming bad weather. All roads and highways in England are supposed to be maintained, thus keeping them in a reasonable condition. Obviously roads do not have to be as, shall we say, smooth, as pavements (roads should be in a state of repair allowing cars, cyclists and motorcyclists to use them without incident), whereas Preston solicitors, MG Legal, will say that roads, highways and pavements should usually kept in a reasonable condition appropriate to the sort of road or path they are and the sort of traffic (whether vehicles, pedestrians or animals) likely to use them. For example, Blackpool promenade should be more even than a country road and road surfaces should be kept in good condition, but in general only so as not to pose a significant risk of damage to vehicles and bicycles, not pedestrians. 
Personal injury solicitors Preston, such as MG Legal, are taking instruction, all on a NO-WIN-NO-FEE basis, from anyone who has tripped, fallen or taken a tumble.. there are accident compensation solicitors out there, and then there’s MG Legal; Preston solicitors, with a passion for success, and accident injury solicitors who can say they have successfully settled more than 99% of their client’s cases, on a NO-WIN-NO-FEE basis. If you’re looking for expert solicitors who deal with medical negligence, and solicitors Lancaster to assist with your claim for personal injury compensation, then look no further and please contact MG Legal, accident compensation solicitors Lancaster at and one of our team will respond immediately. 
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