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Now-a-days, everybody is becoming more planet conscious, and we’re being urged to do all we can to save the World from the doom and gloom of global warming. 
A major eye-opener was the Blue Planet documentary, which drew attention to the vast quantity of plastic cluttering our oceans, aided by the 8.5 billion plastic straws thrown away by the UK every year. 
To help combat this plastic fiend, many pubs in the UK have either stopped offering straws what-so-ever, or have switched to the almighty cardboard straw. Now, whilst our team of personal injury solicitors in Preston will do all they can to help combat global warming, and to help wage the war against plastic, unfortunately, not all members of MG Legal’s wider team are a fan of the card straw – we’d rather go without! 
Another new craze that seems to be on the up and rise, are re-usable, metal straws, a pack of which you can pick up for around £3.50 on Amazon. But, whilst they are advertised as eco-friendly, the big question is: are they people-friendly? 
According to a recent case, the answer seems to be clear: when not used carefully, the straws can be dangerous. Elena Struthers-Gardener, aged 60, was using her metal straw with her screw-top lid mason jar, which, after a sudden fall, impaled her left eye socket and continued into her brain. Within a couple of days, Mrs Struthers-Gardener’s life support was turned off. 
In a statement made by Brendan Allen, the assistant coroner, he explained how there is no give in the straws, and if someone were to fall on the straw at the wrong angle, it can lead to serious injury. 
Whilst our team of personal injury solicitors in Preston haven’t dealt with such a sad case since the rise of the metal straws, we are specialists in dealing with personal injury cases from the start, all the way through to obtaining an excellent settlement for our clients. We deal with all Personal Injury matters on a “No Win, No Fee” basis so our time and effort will not cost you a penny! As we care about our clients, you can also keep up to 100% of your compensation – just ask our team about how we can help! 
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