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Microblading personal injury claims solicitors. 

If you’ve suffered an injury during a microblading procedure, as a result of a beautician’s negligence, MG Legal’s specialist legal experts can help get the compensation you deserve. 
Contact our beauty treatment negligence solicitors for a no nonsense, no obligation chat. 

 MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99%, and settle many thousands of personal injury claims every year. Click below to learn more about our team, and why they are the right solicitors for you.  


When does microblading treatment become a personal injury claim? 

One of the newest beauty trends, and offered by beauticians nationwide, microblading offers sculpted eyebrows, with effects that last longer than simply plucking or waxing. However, the procedure, a tattoo-based technique that uses a handheld tool with small needles that permanently press pigment into the skin, is not without risk. 
If mistakes are made during the microblading procedure it can have devastating consequences, including permanent scarring, irritated skin, and you may be entitled to claim for personal injury arising out of the beautician’s negligence. 
If your claim against the beauty salon is accepted by MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors, we will ensure it is funded on a No Win No Fee agreement, with no financial risk to, you, our injured client. 
From waxing, to dying, microblading or having eyelash extensions, no beauty treatment procedure is without risk. If you look at how microblading is carried out, it is easy to see how the delicate areas around the eyes can be injured. 
Microblading is often carried out in the following stages: 
1. Consultation with your beautician. What must be remembered here is that the eyes and skin surface around the eyes are delicate areas, and a consultation with your beautician, with the risks of microblading explained to you, followed by the signing of a Consent Form, consenting to the potential risks of the microblading procedure, should take place. 
2. Measurements should be taken, and the eyebrows are shaped, threaded, and cleaned, prior to the commencement of the ‘microblading process. 
3. Mixing the colour – the salon will discuss your colour requirements, and mix the dye to whatever colour you like. A patch test should be carried out between 24 and 48 hours prior to the microblading procedure, to avoid allergic reaction to the eye area, including blistering, and blotchiness of the skin. 
4. In order to numb the eye area, a topical numbing agent is applied to the skin. Again, we remind you that the dying, tattooing and numbing of the eye area is not a natural occurrence, and the numbing procedure may cause an allergic reaction in those with susceptible skin. 
5. Needling – The final stage of the microblading procedure, and the stage where the pigment is implanted around the brow. Arguably the most dangerous part of the microblading process because, if the beautician applies too much pressure, or has not cleaned the area surrounding the eye properly, infection can occur. Less serious injuries can occur, and if the beautician does not have a steady hand, you can end up with uneven brows. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

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MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

How do I make a personal injury claim for a microblading procedure gone wrong? 

MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors are some of the very best in their field, and work tirelessly to get our injured clients the best results. If you have been injured whilst having any treatment by a beautician, from microblading, to a chemical peel or fibroblast procedure, then contact our highly experienced, friendly team of solicitors; you’ll be asked to complete one of our Claim Forms, which can be completed online, here, send it back to our offices, and we will get your claim for personal injury started, and all on a no win no fee basis. 
If you choose MG Legal as your personal injury solicitors, you will receive the best possible service, and, when liability is accepted, treatment to assist your recovery, along the way. 

Why choose MG Legal for my beauty treatment compensation claim? 

If you have suffered negligence in a beauty salon in the last 3 years, contact MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors. Our solicitors are experts in beauty salon negligence claims. Our experts are ready and able to help you with your beauty treatment claim, so do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly solicitors today. 
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