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What can go wrong with a chemical peel? 

There are three different types of chemical peels: deep, medium, and light. These determine how deeply the skin is penetrated, and what kind of chemicals are applied to the skin. 
The stronger the acid used on your skin, the more likely it is to cause adverse reactions, and a wide range of skin irritation symptoms and problems. 
A poorly administered peel , or a deep chemical peel on sensitive skin, can lead to: 
Facial scarring, of a permanent or temporary nature 
Permanent or temporary skin discolouration 
Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH) of the skin 
Other reddening and swelling of the skin 
Blistering skin 
Generally, these injuries are caused by: 
No patch test being carried out on the client between 24 and 48 hours prior to the chemical face peel being administrated 
The Glycolic acid, or other acid, being too strong for the client’s skin type, age and condition 
Lack of training and expertise- MG Legal’s beauty treatment compensation solicitors often hear that it was the beauty practitioners first time carrying out the chemical skin peel procedure, or that they were in training when the mistakes were made. 

What should I do if my chemical peel goes wrong? 

When pursuing any claim for personal injury, from a road traffic accident, to a claim against a medical practitioner, or beautician, it is up to you to prove your claim. Evidence is key, with the following being fundamental steps to bringing a successful claim for personal injury compensation against a salon: 
Keep any correspondence or details of your appointment at the salon, and if possible the name of the beauty treatment you consented to- for example, was it a light, medium or deep chemical skin peel that you underwent. 
Take regular photographs of your injuries- this is an important step, and could be key evidence for your claim. 
The name of the beautician that treated you at the salon, and details. 
Keep hold of any information booklets the beauty salon gave you, as the booklet may details the treatment you underwent, and how you will be affected after the chemical skin peel.  
Always keep hold of any consent form the salon may give you- this should mention any potential side effects of the chemical skin peel. 

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Should I make a claim for chemical peel burns? 

If you have suffered any injury as a result of a beautician’s negligence, including burns to the face, or any injury after a chemical face peel, then you are entitled to make a claim for financial compensation. 
You can do so with MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors, on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to yourself.  
If your chemical peel injury claim is successful, the damages you receive in compensation will compensate for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity, and our team will ensure that you get the medical attention you deserve, to get you on the road to recovery. At MG Legal, we have access to the best plastic surgeons, corrective surgeons, dermatologists, and maxillo facial experts, so you can trust us when we say you are in safe hands, and we are looking after you. 

Why choose MG Legal's NO WIN NO FEE solicitors for my chemical peel beauty claim? 

Your choice of solicitor can often be the difference between winning and losing your personal injury compensation claim. At MG Legal, we have access to leading medical experts, so not only will you receive the treatment you deserve for your injury, but a medical report will be prepared, using the most knowledge experts in their field. If, for example the chemical skin peel has caused you to suffer burns, then we would contact one of the specialist dermatologists, plastic surgeons of maxilla facial practitioners that our expert solicitors instruct for our clients, on a regular basis. We are a small, yet dedicated team at MG Legal, and we receive lots of repeat business from word of mouth recommendations, and our glowing reviews.  
Unlike many of the personal injury lawyers seen on TV, to our team, you are more than just a number, you are a valued client, and many of our clients, once we have settled their personal injury claim, will go on to use our property solictors for a house sale or purchase, or even to draft a new will. Our success rate for settling personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis, is in excess of 99%, and our reviews speak for themselves. 
Get in touch online today, here, by phone at 01995 602 129, or via email at . 

How much is my chemical peel claim worth? 

If you have been injured as a result of a negligent chemical peel, or a chemical peel gone wrong, then you should be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries that you have sustained. 
The amount of this compensation will vary depending on the condition of your unique injuries, but can be estimated with reference to the guidelines laid out by the Judicial College. We must, however, keep in mind that these figures offer an estimation of the payout for the injury alone, and do not take into account further payments such as care costs and travel costs. For more information on this, click here
Estimated compensation: 
Skin conditions- affecting employment, with some psychological consequences lasting for some years, or indefinitely 
£12,900 to £18,020 
Skin conditions- resolving in a few months with treatment 
£1,600 to £3,710 
Minor injuries- where there is recovery within three months 
£1,290 to £2,300 
Minor injuries- where there is a recovery within 28 days 
£650 to £1,290 
Minor injuries- where there is a recovery within seven days 
A few hundred pounds to £650 

How long do I have to make a claim for personal injury if my chemical skin peel injures me? 

As with any personal injury claim, you have 3 years from the date you were injured, or from your date of knowledge that the chemical skin peel has caused you to be injured, and the injury was as a result of someone else’s negligence.  
If you were injured, and, for example, suffered burns to your face, as a result of a negligently applied chemical face peel, then the date of your knowledge would in all probability be the day of the treatment, and the 3 years within which you must make a claim for personal injury would start that day.  
If, at the time the salon’s negligence caused you to be injured, you were under the age of 18, then the 3 years to bring your claim for personal injury will not start to countdown until you reach 18 years old. 
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