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Chemical peel personal injury solicitors. 

A chemical peel is a skin resurfacing procedure, with a chemical solution applied to the skin, removing the top layers, with the skin growing back younger, smoother and more wrinkle -free than before.  
Skin is softer, with less freckles and pigmentation marks. But, when applying harsh chemicals to the face, things can, and often do go wrong.  
Beauticians leave the chemical on for too long, do not carry out patch tests, or have an unqualified member of the team carry out the chemical peel treatment, leaving you burnt, red, blotchy and irritable, and needing to apply sun cream to the affected areas until all is back to normal.  
MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors have seen it all before, and we accept all chemical peel personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis, with a success rate for wins for our clients, in excess of 99%. 

Why choose MG Legal? 

MG Legal’s beauty treatment compensation solicitors are here to help, and accept all beauty treatment negligence claims on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our clients. Our success rate speaks for itself, and our many happy clients are only too happy to recommend our services. Call your nearest office now, or email us at injury@mglegal.co.uk, and one of our personal injury specialist will make contact with you today. 

Can I make a claim for personal injury from a chemical peel procedure? 

Yes. If you have undergone a chemical peel and something went wrong, resulting in a personal injury, then you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation against the beautician’s salon, or the beautician directly.  
Any claim for personal injury compensation would be dealt with by the salon’s public liability insurance if they have one in place. If the injury was in the last 3 years, and was caused as a result of the beautician’s negligence, then give our beauty treatment compensation solicitors a call, and we will be more than happy to walk you through the process of making a claim for compensation. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Get in touch today to start your claim for personal injury compensation 
MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

How much is my claim worth? 

Any claim for compensation after a poorly carried out chemical peel procedure depends on how is has affected you, and the nature of the injuries sustained. The compensation awards for scarring and infection, will differ greatly from blotchy or dry skin, from which you recover in a short period of time.  
The expert personal injury solicitors at MG Legal have dealt with many claims against beauty parlours and beauticians, for both men and ladies, and the effects of the treatment can vary depending upon the nature of the negligence, and the damage to your skin.  
Burns and scars are not always pleasing on the eye, and often we have had clients especially bothered about their appearance, after being burnt as a result of a poorly carried out chemical peel, and we have had to arrange for not just physical treatment, but psychological treatment too, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), so that they can manage to get through the day, without mentally breaking down, when their physical injuries are mentioned. The amount of compensation MG Legal have won for their clients therefore differs from case to case, somewhat dramatically; from a few thousand pounds, to, often, and depending on the injuries sustained, tens of thousands. The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines is now in its 15th Edition, and is the guide by which all personal injury solicitors, judges and barristers must defer on the subject of personal injury compensation.  
So that you have some idea of the damages you could receive if you have suffered a personal injury as a result of a chemical peel gone wrong, we have quoted the JSB Guidelines for facial injuries, including burns, scalds, broken bones and disfigurement, below. Please note that the figures are guidelines, and every client of MG Legal will receive the utmost attention from our personal injury team, so that your personal circumstances are taken into consideration, resulting in you receiving maximum compensation for your injuries: 
Facial Disfigurement is calculated subject to many common factors, some of which are quite obvious; some which may come as a surprise. They include: 
The nature of any underlying injury that has resulted in the facial disfigurement 
The nature and extent of any treatment required by the injured person to assist with recovery, both physical, and psychological 
The nature and extent of any residual scarring or disfigurement to our client, and how this affects their daily life. 
The age of the injured person. Younger people are often awarded more compensation resulting from facial scarring, burns and disfigurement. 
The impact, and this is based on each injured party subjectively, in order to be a fair assessment, of the facial burning, scarring or disfigurement, and the extent to which they value their appearance 
How the facial injury affects the client’s social, domestic and work lives. 
The categories for valuing facial injuries, including facial burns, scarring, broken facial bones and disfigurement are as follows: 
Very Severe Scarring – including a 10% uplift, the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for compensating younger clients who suffer facial injuries, where the cosmetic effect is very disfiguring, and the psychological effects, to the injured persons social, domestic and work life is severe, range from £27,940 to £91,350. 
Our personal injury experts ask you to note that any compensation figures given, are for facial injuries alone, and do not include medical expenses, lost earnings, and any corrective surgery required- all these losses are calculated separately, and are tailored to each client, accordingly. 
Less Severe Facial Scarring – this category of facial injury includes facial disfigurement that is substantial, and clearly noticeable, and with the injured person suffering psychological distress, to their work life and domestic life, but the scarring, is to a lesser degree than the most serious category, of very severe scarring. With a 10% uplift, the compensation figures for less severe facial scarring are between £16,860. and £45,440. 
Significant Scarring – on a lesser scale than severe or very severe facial scarring, significant facial scarring is categorised as injury to the face, where the worst effects can be, or have been reduced by treatment such as plastic surgery, but where there remains some cosmetic deformity, and the injured person’s psychological injuries have diminished to a point where they are able to function in daily life, and at work. In the significant facial scarring category, the scarring to the injured person’s face will however be visible at a conversational distance, of a metre or so; so, for example, in a bar, over a dinner table, or in a meeting. With a 10% uplift, significant scarring, based on personal injury alone, compensation for significant facial scarring, is calculated from £8,550 - £28,240. 
Less significant facial scarring – accidents or negligence that cause one facial scar, or smaller scars to the face that are capable of being hidden by, not surgery, but camouflage, and the overall affect on the appearance of the injured person’s face is not markedly changed, and the psychological injury is no more than that of an ordinarily sensitive young person. Young person, means between the age of a teenager, and an injured person in their early 30’s. How the injured person is affected, is obviously extremely subjective, is decided on a case by case basis, and MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors ensure all of our injured clients receive not just the best, most suitable, medical assistance, but also the most relevant medical report, from the most renowned cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, camouflage experts, and psychologists to ensure the medical evidence detailing the injuries sustained, does not miss any one element of injury or distress to our client. Less significant scarring compensation, again, with a 10% uplift, is often awarded between the sums of £3,710 and £12,900. 
You don’t have to be incredibly injured to make a claim for personal injury compensation, and injuries to the face, including minor chemical peel burns, blotchiness, cuts, bruising and abrasions, need not be as serious as you think. In order to accept your claim for personal injury for medical negligence, or injury at the hands of a beautician, your injury needs to be valued in excess of £1,000, and the 15th Edition of the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines has a bracket for Trivial Facial Scarring, with personal injury awards being awarded, with a 10% increase, between £1,600.00, and £3,310.00. 
The best personal injury solicitors will maximise any personal injury compensation you are awarded resulting from chemical peel burns, or any other facial trauma. The above figures are somewhat generic, and MG Legal’s facial injury personal injury experts will always ensure that the most compensation is negotiated for you. With MG Legal’s personal injury experts, you are in safe hands. 

How are chemical peel injuries caused? 

The injures some of MG Legal’s clients have suffered as a result of poorly carried out chemical peels vary from person to person. What our personal injury team have found however, is that the cause of the injury to our client is always as a result of the negligence of the beauty salon of beauty practitioner undertaking the treatment, and the reasons are as follows: 
No patch test carried out on the client between 24 and 48 hours prior to the chemical face peel being administrated; 
The Glycolic acid, this being the chemical often used to carry out light skin peels, was far too strong for the client’s skin type, age and condition, and therefore deep burn injuries were sustained across the face; 
Lack of training and expertise. MG Legal’s beauty treatment compensation solicitors often here that it was the beauty practitioners first time carrying out the chemical skin peel procedure, and therefore mistakes are made, resulting in injury to the client; 
Improper advice. Many clients undertaking chemical skin peels are advised that the chemical skin peel is exactly what they need to make them look younger and fresher for that special occasion. Our personal injury solicitors often receive a flurry of claims against beauty parlours in December- after their local beautician has advised the client that they need that fresh look for their work’s Christmas party, and then proceeded to apply a chemical peel treatment that is not required, and does not suit their skin tone, or type. 

Should I make a claim for chemical peel burns? 

If you have suffered any injury as a result of a beautician’s negligence, including burns to the face, or any injury after a chemical face peel and your injury is as a result of the negligence of the beautician, then you are entitled to make a claim, and can do so with MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors, on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to yourself.  
if your chemical peel injury claim is successful, the damages you receive in compensation will compensate for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity, and our team will ensure that you get the medical attention you deserve, to get you on the road to recovery. At MG Legal, we have access to the best plastic surgeons, corrective surgeons, and maxillo facial experts, so you can trust us when we say you are in safe hands, and we are looking after you. 

What do I need to start a claim for chemical peel burns against a beautician? 

When pursuing any claim for personal injury, from a road traffic accident, to a claim against a medical practitioner, or beautician, it is up to you, the injured party, to prove your claim. Evidence is key, with the following being fundamental to bringing a successful claim for personal injury compensation against a salon: 
Details of your appointment at the salon, and if possible the name of the beauty treatment you consented to- for example, was it a light, medium or deep chemical skin peel you underwent; 
The name of the beautician that treated you at the salon, and details, if possible of their qualification – where they an inexperienced new starter, with no training or was it the beauty salon owner, who had not carried out a patch test, or left the chemical skin peel on too long? 
Keep hold of any information booklets the beauty salon gave you, as the booklet may details the treatment you underwent, and how you will be affected after the chemical skin peel. And of course, how your skin is supposed to look if the chemical skin peel treatment was successful; 
And always keep hold of any consent form the salon may give you; this should mention any potential side effects of the chemical skin peel, although, it will be quite obvious if you are left with burnt skin, that something has indeed gone wrong. 

How long do I have to make a claim for personal injury if my chemical skin peel injures me? 

As with any personal injury, you have 3 years from the date you were injured, or from your date of knowledge that the chemical skin peel has caused you to be injured, and the injury was as a result of someone else’s negligence.  
If you were injured, and, for example, suffered burns to your face, as a result of a negligently applied chemical face peel, then the date of your knowledge would in all probability, be the day of the treatment, and the 3 years within which you must make a claim for personal injury, or at least, issue proceedings in the county court, would start that day.  
The law that stipulates that you have 3 years within which to bring a personal injury claim, is the Limitation Act 1980. If, for example, you suffered a personal injury at a beauty salon on 20th March 2020, if you were over 18 years old at the time you were injured, then you would have, to be on the safe side, until 19th March 2023 to pursue your personal injury claim, and serve proceedings at the county court. Some personal injury solicitors would argue that you would have until 20th March 2023; but for the sake of one day, the personal injury team at MG Legal always file county court proceedings within the 3 year period, and not on the actual 3rd anniversary.  
If, at the time the salon’s negligence caused you to be injured, you were under the age of 18, then the 3 years to bring your claim for personal injury will not start to countdown until you reach 18 years old. 

Why choose MG Legal for my chemical peel beautician personal injury claim? 

Your choice of solicitor can often be the difference between winning and losing your personal injury compensation claim. At MG Legal, we only ever employ the best solicitors to work on your claim, and we have access to the best medical experts, so not only will you receive the treatment you deserve for your injury, but a medical report will be prepared, using the most knowledge experts in their field. If, for example the chemical skin peel has caused you to suffer burns, then we would contact one of the specialist dermatologists, plastic surgeons of maxilla facial practitioners that our expert solicitors instruct for our clients, on a regular basis. We are a small, yet dedicated team at MG Legal, and we receive lots of repeat business from word of mouth recommendations, and lots of new clients from our local areas.  
Unlike many of the personal injury lawyers seen on TV, to our team, you are more than just a number, you are a valued client, and many of our clients, once we have settled their personal injury claim, will instruct one of the solicitors in one of the other departments for a house sale or purchase, or even to draft a new will. Our success rate for settling personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis, is in excess of 99%, and our reviews speak for themselves. 
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