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Common accidents in cinemas leading to personal injury: 

While we might think of cinemas as a fairly safe place, everything from the cinema seats, to the food offered, to badly lit walkways can lead to accidents happening in the cinema, and people suffering from personal injury. There are an endless number of ways in which accidents in a cinema can lead to a cinema 
accident claim for financial compensation, but some of the incidents that our personal injury solicitors see most commonly include: 
Slips, trips and falls due to obstacles and broken flooring 
Burns and scalds from the food counters and lids being loosely fitted to beverages 
Food poisoning from the food counters in the cinema 
Faulty cinema chairs leading to injuries 
Wet floors and other hazards leading to accidents in a cinema 
If you have been injured in any of the mentioned ways, or any other cinema accident, contact our injury solicitors today to discuss your potential cinema accident claim with a solicitor within one working hour. 

Am I eligible to make a claim against the cinema if I was injured? 

When our no win no fee personal injury solicitors take on a claim, we essentially have to meet 3 criteria in order for the injury claim to be successful against a cinema. 
the accident occurred within the last three years 
the accident was caused by the negligence or a mistake by the cinema company or staff 
the accident directly led to you being injured 
When we discuss your claim for personal injury compensation with one of our no win no fee solicitors, we will let you know straight away if you have a good claim. Our personal injury solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in settling personal injury claims, on a no win no fee basis; so you won’t get better advice anywhere else. If we do think you have a good claim for personal injury against the cinema, we will accept your cinema accident claim on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, and get to work right away on building your injury claim. And remember, the no win no fee solicitors at MG Legal settle more than 99% of the personal injury cases we accept, on a no win no fee basis, in our clients’ favour. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading personal injury solicitors in Preston accept all cinema accident compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
Our team put your first, and work with care to achieve your financial compensation. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01772 783314 
Get in touch today to speak to a No Win No Fee Solicitor. 

How to make a cinema accident compensation claim: 

The first step to making a successful claim for a personal injury you have sustained in a cinema is to reach out to a fully-qualified injury solicitor specialising in cinema accident claims, such as the team of no win no fee solicitors at MG Legal. 
When you contact our team, whether this is by email or through our online contact form, you will hear back from a specialist solicitor within one working hour. You will then be offered a free, no- obligation discussion of your potential claim with a solicitor, and if we accept your personal injury claim, we will do so on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. 
After accepting your claim, your designated injury solicitor will get to work on building your injury claim against a cinema, working with leading medical specialists to ensure that your claim is as strong as possible. 
To speak to a solicitor on a no-obligation basis, and learn more about how we can help you to make a NO WIN NO FEE cinema accident claim, contact us online here. 

How much is my cinema accident compensation claim worth? 

When you are making a personal injury cinema accident claim, you are more than likely interested in how much your claim may be worth. Any personal injury claim is broken up into two different types of compensation. 
In terms of the injuries alone, known as general damages, our personal injury solicitors have put together the below table outlining how much different injury claims are worth, with reference to the Judicial College guidelines. Special damages, meaning any out of pocket expenses that you have suffered, or will suffer in the future, as a result of your personal injury- such as lost earnings, and medical expenses, and calculated separately, and would be added to the amount our personal injury solicitors win in settlement of your injury claim. 
Injury description: 
Estimated compensation amount: 
Arm fracture- a simple fracture of the forearm 
£6,190 to £18,020 
Elbow fracture- a simple fracture to the elbow 
Up to £11,820 
Leg fracture- simple fractures to a femur with no damage to the articular surfaces 
£8,550 to £13,210 
Ankle fracture- a simple and undisplaced fractured ankle, varying on the likelihood of a full recovery 
Up to £12,900 
Foot fracture- simple metatarsal fractures 
Up to £12,900 
Toe fracture- a simple fractured toe 
Up to £9,010 
Significant scarring- where the worst effects have been reduced by plastic surgery leaving some cosmetic disability 
£8,550 to £28,240 
Less significant scarring- all but one scar easily hidden or camouflaged  
£3,710 to £12,900 
Trivial scarring- where the effect is minor  
£1,600 to £3,310 
Our straight-forward no win no fee claims process: 
Free, no obligation consultation 
MG Legal's specialist solicitors offer a free, no obligation consultation to all potential clients. 
Start your no win no fee claim 
We accept all claims on a no win no fee basis, and will begin building your claim the same day. 
Hassle-free claims process 
Your designated solicitor will be in regular contact, and keep you updated throughout the claims process. 
Maximum compensation awards 
Our team go above and beyond to achieve the maximum financial comepnsation for our clients. 

What to do if you’re injured in a cinema accident: 

Inform the staff- Before doing anything else after an accident in a cinema, and assuming that you are able to do so, inform the manager of the cinema or a member of staff about the accident that you have had, how it happened, and how you have been injured. As part of this, the incident should be recorded in the premises’ accident log book, and you should try to insist that it is. 
Request to check the CCTV of the incident- After informing the staff of what has happened, you should the request to have access to any CCTV footage that is available of where accident took place. If your accident was captured on CCTV, you should be given a copy of this CCTV, or be allowed to make a note of the time stamp to ensure that it does not get deleted, and use this footage in your future injury claim against the cinema. Video footage of the accident taking place can be one of the strongest pieces of evidence available in any personal injury claim, so it really is worth asking to get access to this CCTV. 
Take photos of the location and your injuries- If you cannot access any CCTV footage of the accident, the next best thing is to take your own photographs of the incident site, and the injuries that you suffered as a result. Try to take regular photographs of your injuries to show how they develop, in a personal injury diary, as this can help to prove the validity of your claim. Learn more on this here. 
Seek medical attention- Obviously, if you are badly injured in a cinema accident, this should be your first step immediately after the accident takes place. Still, even if you are fit enough to go home from the cinema location, you should try to seek medical attention for your injuries. This will ensure that you receive the best treatment for your injuries, as well as ensuring that your injuries are properly recorded on your medical records, which can be used by our solicitors for your subsequent cinema accident compensation claim against the cinema. 
Get in touch with a specialist no win no fee personal injury solicitor as soon as possible- When you reach out to a good solicitor, such as MG Legal, we will get to work on your personal injury claim the same working day. Contact us online here to speak to a solicitor within one working hour. 

MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99%, and settle many thousands of personal injury claims every year. Click below to learn more about our team, and why they are the right solicitors for you.  

Faulty product cinema accident claims: 

One of the most common types of personal injury claims that our NO WIN NO FEE solicitors see on a regular basis, are injuries that have been sustained from the chairs and seating in the cinema screens. 
When the mechanisms in these cinema seats are not properly maintained, or have faults, then there is potential for body parts to become trapped in the seats, and customers to suffer injuries. Recently, VUE cinema was fined a total of £700,000 after a customer tragically lost their life after becoming trapped in one of the cinema seats. This was an awful incident, but a reminder to cinemas and other businesses how important it is to ensure regular safety checks are carried out on their seating and other products. 
If you have been injured in any way because of cinema seating, whether it’s a trapped finger or a more serious injury, do not hesitate to get in touch with MG Legal’s NO WIN NO FEE personal injury solicitors about your potential cinema accident claim for financial compensation. 

Can I make a cinema accident compensation claim for my injured child? 

Yes, if your child is injured in an accident at the cinema that was not their fault, you can make a personal injury claim for financial compensation against the cinema on their behalf. 
To learn more about how this works, and how our personal injury solicitors can help, you pursue personal injury compensation if your child was injured at the cinema, then please, see this here

Do I need a solicitor for a cinema accident claim? 

In order to pursue a personal injury claim, there is no official requirement for you to work with a personal injury solicitor. However, when people attempt to pursue a personal injury claim without the assistance of a legal expert, they are much less likely to succeed, and you are likely to receive much more compensation when you work with a personal injury solicitor, rather than go it alone. 
The process might seem easy and straightforward to make a personal injury claim against a cinema, but this is far from the case. The defendant, in this case the cinema company, is not likely to go down without a fight, and admit liability, and you need a fully-qualified solicitor on your side to guide you through the process when this happens. Remember, you didn’t ask to be injured, and if it’s the cinema’s fault that you were, why should you be so easily put off making a personal injury claim? 
When you work with MG Legal, you can rest assured that your designated injury solicitor will go above and beyond to ensure that your claim against the cinema is successful. Our personal injury solicitors enjoy winning, and our wonderful reviews are testament to the effort we put in to achieve you the maximum financial compensation possible in your claim. We will take care of everything for you, allowing you to simply relax and receive regular updates from your solicitor about how the claim is progressing. 
To learn more about how our team of solicitors are the right team for your NO WIN NO FEE injury claim against a cinema, contact us online here and speak to a solicitor within one working hour. 

Slip, trip and fall cinema accident claims: 

With the narrow walkways, dim lighting, and amount of steps, it is not surprising that slip, trip and fall claims are regularly made against cinemas. Some of the common slip, trip and fall claims occurring in cinemas include: 
Falls due to inadequate lighting in the cinema screens 
Wet floors or other hazards that are not identified 
Ripped carpets leading to trips and falls 
Faulty steps leading to trips and falling 
If you have been injured in any way in a cinema due to a slip, trip or fall, do not hesitate to contact our specialist NO WIN NO FEE injury solicitors here, and hear back from us within one working hour. When we speak with you, we will tell you instantly if we think you have a good case. 

Burns and scalds cinema accident claims: 

A big part of going to the cinema, for a lot of us, is buying food and drinks from the food counter in the cinema. However, one common issue that our personal injury solicitors see is when the hot drinks and food at the cinema food counters are not packaged properly, or not properly sealed, leading to customers being injured or scalded. 
If you have suffered from burns when buying food or drinks in the cinema, contact our personal injury solicitors about making a NO WIN NO FEE injury claim today. 

Food poisoning cinema accident claims: 

Whether it’s a burger, hot dog, or cheese nachos, there are a number of food options in most cinemas up and down the country. When these food items are not prepared safely, stock rotation is not properly carried out, or food is left out for too long after being cooked, there is a potential for customers to suffer from food poisoning from their cinema food. 
If you or your child has suffered from food poisoning after eating cinema food, and think that you have a food poisoning claim, contact our NO WIN NO FEE solicitors today about your potential claim. 

Why choose MG Legal: 

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How much does it cost to make a cinema accident claim? 

When you make a personal injury claim with MG Legal, your claim will be pursued on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. This allows you to make the claim at no financial risk, with no up-front costs, and if we do not win your claim for financial compensation then you don’t owe us a penny. To learn more about our NO WIN NO FEE agreement, and how it works, see this here. Or to speak to a qualified solicitor about your potential claim against a cinema, contact us online here. 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE cinema accident claim with MG Legal: 

MG Legal’s specialist personal injury claims solicitors are the right team to help you to make an injury claim against the cinema. Our team have been settling cinema injury claims for our clients for over thirty years, and in this time have built up a success rate in excess of 99%. Because of this, we are confident in accepting all of our client’s cases on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, allowing them to make a claim with no financial risk involved.  
Get in touch with our specialist solicitors, here, for a free, no-obligation, confidential discussion on how we can help you with your cinema injury claim. 
Or, if you live locally, then pop into one of our local solicitor's offices in Garstang, Lancaster, or Longridge for the surrounding Preston areas to speak to one of our specialist solicitors face to face about your claim. 

Recent cinema accidents that could lead to a cinema injury claim: 

Criminal assault in cinema at the Trafford Centre- At a screening of James Bond in the Trafford Centre Odeon cinema, a man was criminally assaulted over a seat mix up. During the assault, one man was punched in the face multiple times, and suffered injuries to the head. When criminal assaults like this break out in a cinema, victims can make a criminal injury claim for financial compensation with our no win no fee solicitors. To learn more about making a criminal injury claim, simply contact our team of no win no fee personal injury solicitors online here. 
Man tragically died in an accident with a faulty cinema chair- Recently, VUE cinema was fined a total of £700,000 after a customer tragically lost their life after becoming trapped in one of their cinema seats. This was an awful incident, but a reminder to cinemas and other businesses how important it is to ensure regular safety checks are carried out on their seating and other products. 
Cinema fizzy drinks found to contain bacteria causing food poisoning- An investigation into the soft fizzy drinks at a number of well -known cinema chains found that they contained a dangerous level of bacteria, including salmonella. Many of the drinks had bacteria levels many times higher than the acceptable level, with some drinks from Odeon cinema chain having bacteria 10,000 that of the acceptable level. These presence of salmonella poses a risk of food poisoning to customers, and could lead to a food poisoning claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors. As with all businesses, cinema companies have a duty of care to their customers to follow Health and Safety regulations, including regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment. These findings suggest that cinemas are tot taking proper care to ensure the cleanliness of their drinks equipment to ensure the safety of customers. 

What does the law say about cinema accident claims? 

Just like any other public business, cinemas must follow a number of health and safety laws that are in place to keep customers safe and protect them from injury, when they are on the grounds of the cinema, or inside, watching a film. 
One of these statutes, the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957, requires business owners to carry out a number of steps to keep people safe on the premises. Part of this includes carrying our regular risk assessments of the premises, and taking action in due time for any hazards that are found. They must also provide all employees with full health and safety training, including how to take care of hazards, and how to use hot catering equipment and prepare hot food. 
When these actions are not taken, the business makes themselves liable to personal injury claims against them for any injuries that customers or employees suffer on the premises. 
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