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What is a separation agreement? 

Essentially, a Separation Agreement is a legal written contract made between two parties if their relationship breaks down, and can be used whether they are married, in a civil partnership, or living together. It is used to formally establish how any assets and responsibilities will be divided between the two parties after they have separated.  
Our specialist divorce lawyers and family solicitors are experts in the drafting of separation agreements. 

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What to include in a separation agreement? 

Every Separation Agreement is tailor made to the couple involved, and will include different things depending on the requirements of the couple entering into it. The document is set out to answers all of the questions that may arise at the time of separations, and amicably set out what will happen. 
Some of these include: 
What will happen to the family home (one person agrees to live there, the property being sold, the division of equity) 
How will personal items and assets be divided (for example, cars, designer goods, household furniture, electronics) 
How savings and inheritance money will be divided 
What will happen regarding the child arrangements (where will they live, how will you meet their financial needs) 
Who will keep the family pets 
If married, or in a civil partnership, when will a petition for divorce or application for dissolution be made 

How much does a separation agreement cost? 

Each party to the Separation Agreement is advised to seek their own legal advice from a specialist family lawyer as to the implications of entering into it. There is no set answer to the question ‘How much does a separation agreement cost’, but our team of family law specialists at MG Legal offer separation agreement services at a reasonable, fixed-fee rate. You can see a complete and clear collection of our family law fees, here. 

Is a separation agreement legally binding? 

A separation agreement is not an entirely legally binding contract, in the sense that it is not an official Court Order. Still, it is a formal document, and when created properly with a family solicitor, it will carry some weight if it needs to be referred to during Court proceedings. 
MG Legal’s specialist separation lawyers and family law solicitors are experts in helping to draw up separation agreements, and we always ensure that it is done so in the clearest way possible, and in a way that offers you maximum legal protection. If you do instruct our separation lawyers to assist in the writing of your Separation Agreement, you can rest assured that if you do decide to get a divorce or dissolution later down the line, your carefully drafted Separation Agreement can be easily submitted to the court to assist in the creation of a legally binding Financial Order (consent order). 

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If you are wondering, ‘how do I make a separation agreement?’, then get in touch with our specialist separation lawyers and family law solicitors today, here. 
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