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At MG Legal, our Family Law and Divorce specialists understand how difficult and distressing it can be when you are facing a disruption to your family life.  
Whether you are contemplating divorce, having child contact issues, or you are in a financial dispute with your partner, MG Legal’s expert divorce solicitors can guide you through the process, and provide advice on where you stand legally – helping you to bring the certainty back into your life sooner than you think. 

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Fixed-fee Divorce Solicitors: 

MG Legal's leading Divorce Solicitors in Preston offer all of our family law services on a clear, fixed-fee rate. 
Our team put your first, and work with care to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01524 581306 
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Divorce and separation needn't be stressful 

Knowing that everyone is different, MG Legal offer a bespoke service to each and every one of our clients, and our advice will be clear, to the point, and unique to your situation. 
Our experienced team, headed by our specialist family and divorce lawyer, Sara Williams, will deal with your problems in a stress-free environment, and will speak with you in non-legal jargon that you will understand.  
From the initial meeting, throughout, Sara will listen, understand, and give the best, local advice, that only a family lawyer of her standing is able to deliver.  

Why choose MG Legal? 

Well, there is nothing our expert family lawyers haven't seen or done in the Family Courts. We know that the advice given could affect the rest of your life: so we sit and listen, advise as to the options and then do more than any other legal team to endeavour to get you what you want. Our success rates are second to none - read our reviews. 
When you have the right legal team behind you, getting divorce needn't take an age, or be a particularly costly experience. When MG Legal's divorce specialists near you, accept your instruction, the divorce process will be put in motion the same day, and we will keep you updated throughout the process.  
MG Legal – Your Local Solicitors 
Here at MG Legal, our specialist divorce solicitors know that going through a divorce, whether you supported the decision or not, is an extremely difficult time. 
Our team of divorce solicitors will ensure that the process runs smoothly, keeping you regularly updated, and with as little time and money involved as possible. 

Why choose MG Legal: 

Fixed-Fee Guarantee. 

We are the experts. 

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What are the Stages of the Divorce Process? 

Many instruct a Family Law solicitor to act on their behalf when getting divorced, to take away the pressure, and to, in essence, use our local family law specialists, as a kind of buffer- basically your family solicitor, at whichever office is local to you, will liaise with your spouse's legal representative, or indeed, them, leaving you to get on with your life, whilst our experts finalise your divorce. Unfortunately the terminology and process used by some solicitors can add to the confusion and stress of a divorce; therefore as your local Family Solicitor near you, we have created a short guide to the process and terminology of the divorce procedure. 
The Initial Appointment 
This initial appointment can be scary, but you needn’t worry; our super friendly Family Team will instantly make you feel at ease. This appointment is essentially to gather all the information from you, such as the date, length and place of marriage, whether there are any children of the marriage, properties and businesses. We will need to ask some more personal questions, such as why you or your spouse have chosen to end the marriage. We are not here to judge and it is important that you tell us everything. 
As Family Law solicitors we understand that this can be nerve-wracking, and should you need the extra support please feel free to attend with a friend or family member. Please note however that we can only take instructions from you as our client. We would ask that if you are the Petitioner (i.e you are the one applying for the divorce) that you bring your original marriage certificate with you (or official copy from the Registry) in order that our experienced Divorce Assistant, Lucinda, can begin to draft the Divorce Petition with you at the earliest oppportunity. 
During this appointment you will be advised as to the best reason on which to base your aplication for divorce of divorce. The following facts are accepted by the Family Court as reasons for divorce 
Drafting of the Application and Second Appointment 
Once the reason for divorce has been established and a marriage certificate provided, (if you are not in possession of the original then we can request an official copy on your behalf for the fee of £14.00) then our Divorce Assistant will proceed with drafting the Petition. Once done you will be invited in to to peruse and approve the Petition. We can also deal with this appointment by telephone. 
In accordance with protocol, a copy of the Petition will be sent to your spouse, or their own representatives for them to consider before it is sent to the Court so that any initial issues can be resolved and there is no delay during the proceedings. Once any issues are resolved, or if we do not hear from your spouse or their representatives within 14 days, the petition will be sent to the Regional Divorce Unit. The Court fee is currently £593.00, which is required upfront, but depending on your financial situation you may be eligible for a reduction or an exemption from the Court fee - see the Help with Fees form for guidance. 
Acknowledgement of Service 
Once the Petition is issued a sealed copy of the Petition, a Notice of Proceedings and an Acknowledgement of Service form will be sent to your spouse. Your spouse is required to sign and return the Acknowledgement to the Court within 7 days of receipt. Should they ignore the papers and fail to return the Acknowledgement, then we would advise you to instruct a local process server to personally serve. 
If the Acknowledgement is returned, the Court will send a copy to us and we can then progress to the next stage. 
Decree Nisi – The First Decree 
Once we have the Acknowledgement we will then contact you with an application for Decree Nisi, which is the first decree of divorce, and a Statement in Support of Petition. Your representative will explain the steps to you or invite you in to go over the forms. If your spouse has signed the Acknowledgement in person a copy of the Acknowledgement will be exhibited to the Statement in Support and you will need to confirm on the Statement in Supoprt that you recognise the signature of your spouse. 
Once these papers have been sent to the Divorce Unit, they will be passed to a Judge for consideration. If the Judge is satisfied that you are entitled to a divorce based on the information contained within the Petition, a Certificate of Entitlement will be issued. This will set out the date and time that the Court will pronounce decree nisi and make any orders in relation to costs. If there is something the Court is not happy with, or requires further explanation on, then a Notice of Refusal will be issued - this does not happen often. 
Neither you nor your spouse will need to attend the Court on the date that Decree Nisi is pronounced, unless your spouse is opposing an application for a costs order, however they will need to inform ourselves and the Court of their intentions at least 14 days prior to the date of Decree Nisi. You can find more on this here. 
Decree Absolute – The Final Decree 
After the Decree Nisi has been pronounced you are legally required to wait 6 weeks and 1 day before you are able to apply for the final decree, the Decree Absolute. This is the document that will legally end your marriage. However if the division of matrimonial assets still needs to be resolved, and there are assets that would be affected by legally ending the marriage, it is likely that we would advise you to delay applying for your final decree until terms of settlement have been agreed. 
The Decree Absolute normally comes through within 2 weeks of the application for being submitted. Once we are in receipt of this we will send the original decree to you for your safe keeping. The Court will also forward a Decree Absolute to your spouse for their records.  
If financial matters have delayed the application for Decree Absolute and it has been over 12 months since the date that Decree Nisi was pronounced, you will need to send a short statement with your application to confirm, amongst other things, the reason for the delay and that there has been no reconciliation since Decree Nisi. 
Should you have any questions in relation to the divorce procedure then please feel free to book a fixed fee half hour consultation with our Family Law Team, (£75.00 plus VAT) on 01524 581306. Alternatively enquiries can be made on our website or by emailing 
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