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Theme Park accidents and Fairground accidents claims 

Many of us visit theme parks and fair grounds for a chance to have fun, and let loose for the day. While the thrill of theme parks is all about taking risks with the heights, speeds, twists, and turns of rollercoasters and rides, what we don’t expect is to be surprised with unexpected injuries while there. 
If you, or any of your family have suffered from injuries while at a fairground, or theme park that were not your fault, get in touch with MG Legal’s specialist team of personal injury solicitors today to discuss your No Win No Fee compensation claim. 
Claim up to £28,240 for your Fairground Accident claim with MG Legal. 
Get in touch today to start your claim for personal injury compensation 
MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

What is a fairground accident claim? 

A fairground or theme park accident claim is a claim for financial compensation as a result of an injury sustained in a theme park or fairground. 
They can be made for injuries of any kind, but some of the most common fairground injuries include: 
Whiplash injuries due to ride crashes or problems 
Fractures and broken bones due to mechanical errors on rides 
Food poisoning due to poor food hygiene in the thee park kitchens or food court 
Cuts and lacerations due to unrecognised breakages to rides, seating areas, or signs 
Head injuries due to unsafe rollercoaster padding and protection 
Slips, trips and falls due to unmarked hazards around the park 

Can I make a claim on behalf of my child who was injured at a theme park? 

Yes, as a parent or guardian you are able to make a personal injury claim for a fairground accident on behalf of your children.  
If your child is injured person the three year limitation period does not begin to run until they reach their 18th birthday, meaning that if your child is planning on making a claim for personal injury compensation, then they have three years from the date at which they turn 18 to do so. These time limits are governed by the Limitation Act of 1980. 
What we do advise, however, is that you seek the advice of one of our dedicated personal injury solicitors, as soon as possible, in order to avoid missing your chance to make a personal injury claim, on behalf of yourself, or your children.  

What can I claim for in a fairground or theme park personal injury claim? 

If you are planning to make a claim for financial compensation for a theme park accident, for either yourself or your child, then the value of your claim will be broken down into a number of different elements. A full overview of these different damages can be seen here. 
In terms of the injuries alone, our team of expert personal injury solicitors specialising in fairground or theme park accident claims have put together the below table outlining a number of injury compensation amounts, using guidelines by the Judicial College. 
Injury description: 
Estimated compensation amount: 
Neck injuries- soft tissue injuries (whiplash) where a full recovery takes place within one to two years 
£4,080 to £7,410 
Neck injuries- soft tissue injuries (whiplash) where a full recovery takes place between three months and a year 
£2,300 to £4,080 
Neck injuries- soft tissue injuries (whiplash) where a full recovery takes place within three months 
Up to £2,300 
Arm fracture- a simple fracture of the forearm 
£6,190 to £18,020 
Elbow fracture- a simple fracture to the elbow 
Up to £11,820 
Leg fracture- simple fractures to a femur with no damage to the articular surfaces 
£8,550 to £13,210 
Ankle fracture- a simple and undisplaced fractured ankle, varying on the likelihood of a full recovery 
Up to £12,900 
Foot fracture- simple metatarsal fractures 
Up to £12,900 
Toe fracture- a simple fractured toe 
Up to £9,010 
Significant scarring- where the worst effects have been reduced by plastic surgery leaving some cosmetic disability 
£8,550 to £28,240 
Less significant scarring- all but one scar easily hidden or camouflaged  
£3,710 to £12,900 
Trivial scarring- where the effect is minor  
£1,600 to £3,310 

How to make a NO WIN NO FEE compensation claim for a fairground or theme park accident: 

In order to make a personal injury claim for a fairground accident, or theme park negligence, then you should always begin by getting in touch with a personal injury solicitor specialising in fairground accident claims. 
MG Legal’s team of solicitors are always dedicated to each and every case that we take on, and if you choose to work with us, you will be appointed a designated solicitor to your fairground and theme park accident claim for personal injury compensation. You will always be able to reach your solicitor by phone at all times, and if they do happen to miss your call then they will get back in touch with you within one working hour to answer any and all queries. 
Simply contact our specialist solicitors, here, for a no-obligation, confidential discussion on how we can assist with your fairground and theme park accident claim. 
Or, if you live more locally, then why not pop into one of our Preston solicitor's offices in Garstang, Lancaster, or Longridge in order to speak to one of MG Legal’s specialist accident solicitors about your claim today. 
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