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MG Legal, No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston. The team that put you first. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation: 01772 783314 or email at: 

Suffered a personal injury in the last 3 years?  Call 01772 783314 Or, fill in your details and our No Win No Fee solicitors in Preston will contact you within one working hour. 

No Win No Fee Solicitors in Preston. 

100% No Win No Fee Claims. Pay nothing if you lose. 

When you work with MG Legal's no win no fee solicitors, you get: 

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Free, no-obligation consultation with a specialist solicitor 
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The maximum financial compensation in your personal injury claim 
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A no win no fee solicitor in Preston with up to 30 years' experience specialising in personal injury compensation  

Our No Win No Fee Claims Success Rate is 99% 

Here at MG Legal, our no win no fee solicitors have a success rate of over 99%, in settling the injury compensation claims we have accepted. Our claims are conducted on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that it won't cost you a penny for your claim. If you are successful, our no win no fee solicitors simply deduct 20% off your damages, meaning that you don't have to fund your claim up front. See our client's glowing feedback here
A no win, no fee claim is where an injured person makes a claim for personal injury and does so by entering into a contract with a specialist no win no fee solicitor. The no win no fee contract stipulates that if the injured person’s personal injury claim is not successful, then there will be no legal fees to pay- hence the term, ‘no win, no fee’. 
When you enter into a no win no fee agreement with MG Legal, our personal injury solicitors will be open, and honest about how we will pursue your claim, and what you are agreeing to. When you choose to instruct our team, there are no hidden terms, and if you do not win your claim, then you will not be in any worse position than when you contacted us. There are no hidden clauses and no hidden charges, and everything is explained upfront. It really is that simple. 
When you approach our no win no fee solicitors, the first thing we do is to discuss your claim with you. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident at work, suffered a form of medical negligence, or found a foreign object in your food, our expert team will assess your claim and the injuries you have suffered. If we think you have a claim we can accept on a no win no fee basis, then we ask you to complete one of our personal injury claim forms and no win no fee agreements. 
We can then submit your claim to the party at fault, or their insurers, and instruct a trusted medical expert to prepare a medico-legal report detailing your injuries, so we are ready to negotiate settlement of your no win no fee personal injury claim, as soon as we have an admission of liability. 
At MG Legal, the solicitors in our Preston office, accept no win no fee agreements for the following types of claim: 
Serious Road Traffic Accident Claims 
Food allergy Claims 
Accidents at work 
Injury caused by a foreign object in food 
Coeliac compensation claims 
Care home negligence cases 
Injury caused by slipping, tripping, or falling. 
Medical negligence no win no fee claims (surgery errors, misdiagnosis and no win no fee care negligence claims) 
Find out more about the types of claims you can make, here

Is a No Win No Fee claim suitable for me? 

Our Preston solicitors are always at the end of the phone, or email, if you have suffered a personal injury and are looking to start a claim on a no win no fee basis. No matter what your financial situation is, we carry out all injury compensation claims on a no win no fee basis. 
When we accept instructions on a no win no fee basis, the onus is on our team of personal injury solicitors to settle your claim, or we don’t get paid. All that we ask in return is that you co-operate with us throughout your claim, listen to the advice given, and help our personal injury solicitors to bring the matter to a favourable conclusion.  
If you have any questions or queries, then come and meet our Preston solicitors, and we will walk you through the injury compensation claim process. Either that, or you can call us on Preston 01772 783314, or email, here, and one of our Personal Injury Solicitors will be happy to assist. 

Why choose MG Legal No Win No Fee Solicitors in Preston? 

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No hidden costs. 

no win no fee personal injury service

We are the experts. 

start your claim

Regular communication. 

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Multiple office locations. 

No Win No Fee agreements, officially known as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), offer a financial safety net for individuals seeking legal representation in injury claims in Preston. These agreements ensure that solicitors' fees are only payable if the case is won, making legal services accessible to all, regardless of financial status. 
Preston's No Win No Fee solicitors specialise in a wide range of injury claims, from workplace accidents and road traffic incidents to public liability cases, and food allergy claims. With a deep understanding of the local legal landscape, our solicitors provide personalised, effective legal representation aimed at securing the best possible outcome for your case. 

Expertise in Local Injury Claims 

Our team has extensive experience in handling injury claims specific to the Preston area, leveraging local laws and regulations to your advantage. 

Transparent Legal Advice 

We believe in clear, straightforward legal advice. Our Preston-based solicitors will guide you through the claims process, ensuring you're informed at every step. 

Tailored Approach to Each Case 

Understanding that every injury claim is unique, we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and circumstances of your case, aiming for the maximum compensation possible. 
Entering a No Win No Fee agreement with a solicitor in Preston means that you won't be charged any upfront fees. Your solicitor's fees will be a percentage of the compensation awarded, capped at a legal maximum, ensuring that the majority of the compensation goes directly to you. In fact, despite charging 25% plus VAT, like most other no win no fee solicitors in Preston, our fee is set at 20%, including VAT, meaning that when you instruct MG Legal’s no win no fee solicitors in Preston, you keep far more of your compensation. 

Initial Consultation 

The first step in making an injury claim in Preston is to have an initial consultation with a No Win No Fee solicitor. This meeting can be done over the phone, is free, and provides an opportunity to discuss the merits of your case and the likelihood of success. 

Gathering Evidence 

Your solicitor will help you gather all necessary evidence to support your claim, including medical reports, witness statements, and documentation of financial losses. 

Claim Submission 

Once the evidence is gathered, your solicitor will submit the claim on your behalf, handling all communication with the defendant and insurance companies, aiming to secure a fair settlement. 

Contact Our Preston No Win No Fee Solicitors Today 

Ready to start your injury claim in Preston? Contact our expert No Win No Fee solicitors today for a free initial consultation. Let us help you secure the compensation you deserve without any financial risk. 
No Win No Fee Injury Solicitors in Preston and Nationwide 
No matter where you are injured across England and Wales, MG Legal's Personal Injury Solicitors are here to help you to achieve the financial compensation that you deserve. 
For a free, no-obligation consultation with a personal injury solicitor, contact us online here or give us a call on Preston 01772 783314
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