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Health and social care accident solicitors. 

Nurses, healthcare and hospital staff provide a vital service to patients in private and public hospitals, home-care and private and public medical clinics. 
If you work in any area of health and social care, your help and assistance to those in need, is hugely appreciated, and the time and effort you spend helping others is no doubt invaluable. This area of work often involves lots of lifting patients and those you are caring for, carrying, bathing, and moving from wheelchairs to beds. 
If you are a nurse, or other healthcare provider, and have been injured in the course of your work, contact MG Legal's personal injury specialists, for a confidential, informative chat about how we can help you claim personal injury compensation, on a No Win No Fee basis.  
Why choose MG Legal? 
MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99% and settle many thousands of personal injury claims, on a yearly basis. Call your nearest office now, or email us at injury@mglegal.co.uk, and one of our personal injury specialists will make contact with you today. 

What are the main types of personal injuries in the health and social care services sector? 

The main Injuries to those who work in the health and social care services industry sector, according to the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 RIDDOR can be broken down as follows: 
Slips, Trips and falls, including falling over objects, and slipping on wet floors 27%; 
Lifting and Handling, including patients, wheelchairs and other apparatus 25%; 
Acts of physical violence, resulting in cuts, bruises, or scalds 21%; 
Other injuries, including being punctured by needles, or stress 27%; 
Work related stress is a major cause of sickness absence in health and social care leading to an estimated 2.9m working days lost per year. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Get in touch today to start your claim for personal injury compensation 
MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

What are the main causes of personal injury within the health and social care sector? 

The majority of injuries to workers in the health and social care sector are caused by: 
Overexertion and repetitive strain injuries –healthcare workers are more than  
seven times as likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders, compared with other  
workers in the UK; 
Patient handling activities – These include manual lifting as patients are  
transferred to different positions or are moved from a wheelchair or bed into the  
shower or bath; 
Needle sticks – Healthcare workers routinely use needles and sharp medical  
instruments that could cut or puncture the skin; 
Physical assaults and violence – health and social care services and social service  
workers are at high risk of being violently assaulted at work. Care workers often  
care for patients who are bigger and stronger than they are, and could have  
violent tendencies, or have mental issues, causing the patient to lose control of  
their temper. As most care workers and health and social care workers have  
access to prescription drugs, hospitals and clinics are also both likely robbery  
targets because of the presence of drugs; 
Slips and falls – Failure to mop up spillages from floors, or water leaking in from  
faulty building work, often lead to healthcare workers suffering slips, trips and  
falls, and personal injury to the back, neck and head; 
Understaffing – An often much overlooked cause of personal injury in the  
workplace, as many personal injury solicitors do not ask about staffing when they  
are investigating your claim for personal injury compensation; but many hospitals,  
nursing homes and private care clinics do not employ enough qualified staff to help  
carry out the necessary duties. Employing the right number of employees is of the  
utmost importance and when employers begin to cut corners, the impact on  
employees, often resulting in work-related stress and personal injury, can be  
dramatic. Understaffing can increase the risks of many types of injuries because of  
the pressure to work faster and the absence of support to assist with tasks such as  
patient transfers;  
MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have dealt hundred’s of cases where an health care worker was injured as a result of lifting a patient on their own, as the nursing home they worked in was understaffed, and there were no lifts, hoists, or sufficient staff to assist. 

Why should I choose MG Legal for my accident at work personal injury claim? 

MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have successfully won compensation for clients in the health and social care services industry who have suffered musculoskeletal injury to the neck and back, from lifting patients, through to injuries from tripping and slipping, and electrical injuries and burns and scalds from kitchen equipment. Some of our clients have suffered an assault in the workplace, as a result of the improper supervision of a patient. Our expert injury in the workplace solicitors accept injuries to health and care workers on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our clients. 
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