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Thread vein injury compensation solicitors 

If you have had laser vein removal treatment, and the treatment caused burns, scarring, swelling or vein damage, then MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation if the treatment was carried our negligently. 
Our expert solicitors accept all personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis. 
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MG Legal accept all Medical Negligence Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

What is thread vein treatment, and how can it cause personal injury? 

Thread vein removal, can come in one of three forms. One, is Intense Pulsed Light Procedure, where laser is directed at the small, unsightly veins causing them to heat up quickly, causing the vein to break down and collapse in on itself, before gradually dissolving, and being removed through the body’s natural immune system, leaving your skin smooth and clear.  
Thread veins are often found on the nose or face, but can appear anywhere on your body, with the main causes being overexposure to the sun, excessive alcohol consumption, hormonal changes such as pregnancy, or even sudden changes in pressure such as severe vomiting or sneezing. It is estimated that 50% of the western population suffer from thread veins, on one part of the body, or another. 
Laser treatment is available, and over a few courses of treatment, has a very high success rate, and clients are often happy with the results. 
There are of course dangers involved, as you can imagine when the light from a laser is used to dry up parts of your body. 
Another method of removing thread veins is called sclerotherapy- a form of treatment where a medical practitioner injects medicine into blood vessels or lymph vessels that causes them to shrink. It is commonly used to treat varicose veins or thread veins, and again, is sold to clients as a non -invasive, non-surgical procedure, as sclerotherapy treatment requires only an injection into the targeted area of the body. 
The final method is thread, or spider vein removal, is called Micro-Thermocoagulation or Veinwave treatment. 
Veinwave targets smaller veins that are not treatable with scelerotherapy and can be used safely on the face. Veinwave works by a process called thermocoagulation, which is where energy created by a high frequency current produces a thermal lesion, destroying the vein while preserving the skin. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Our specialised medical negligence solicitors have 30 years of experience in all aspects of medical negligence financial compensation claims, and have achieved a success rate of over 99%. Click below to learn more about what our expert medical negligence solicitors do, and why they are the right team for you. 

What sort of injuries can you sustain when having laser thread vein treatment? 

As you would expect, whilst sold as a safe procedure, thread vein removal, using laser, veinwave, or sclerotherapy, can cause personal injury. The Intense Pulsed Light treatment uses laser, and MG Legal’s personal injury experts have recently successfully won compensation when a client suffered burns as a result the treatment. Normally, if you choose the Intense Pulsed Light treatmentwith any personal injury caused is as a result of human error, and caused by the treating technician applying the laser for too long, in an concentrated area, such as the nose, or on the more sensitive parts of the face.  
During Intense Pulsed Light (IPL treatment) the light from the laser gradually, but quickly heats up the targeted area, and heats up the area causing damage to the cells in the thread vein resulting in a gradual reduction in its visible appearance. If the technician leaves the laser on the skin for a fraction too long, the procedure can leave skin blisters or burns which can lead to mild scarring and changes in skin colour or pigment. 
MG Legal’s personal injury experts have also recently settled a claim for a client who was injured whilst having sclerotherapy treatment. The lady in question was having sclerotherapy treatment for thread veins on her lower legs. The first mistake the technician made was to not carry out any test patch, falsely believing that as our client had other treatments at the salon previously, that no patch test was required for any new treatment she was to undergo. 
The treatment took place during a supervised training session and the practitoners were involved in a workshop in which students were providing treatments to paying clients, supervised by their tutor. As a result of no patch test being carried out, in order to find if the treatment was suitable for our client, our client reacted badly to the sclerotherapy treatment, and after 5 days she started to feel itchy in the treated areas and one morning she noted a blister with the adjacent skin had become red and inflamed. The injured lady contacted MG Legal, and our personal injury solicitors instructed a consultant plastic surgeon to assess our client, and prepare a fully court compliant medical report. 
As the technician did not carry out a patch test, or a full lower limbs deep vein system, the assessment prior to undergoing the index treatment was deemed to be negligent. MG Legal’s expert also noted that 
a Duplex Doppler ultrasound investigation in addition to an assessment by a specialist vascular surgeon should have been carried out prior to the technician carrying out the thread vein removal treatment on our injured client. MG Legal’s personal injury experts won an award of £5,000 for our client, for her personal injury alone, with another £2,000 to pay for the camouflage treatment required to hide the small scars that remained as a result of the botched thread vein removal treatment. 

Will I be injured if I have thread vein removal treatment? 

MG Legal’s solicitors do, successfully, pursue compensation for negligent thread vein removal treatment on a regular basis. The chances are, that if the technician carrying out the thread vein removal procedure and they use the correct equipment, use the equipment properly, carry out a patch test, and have the relevant qualifications, then the chances of being injured are negligible. The correct training for the technician is of the utmost importance, and MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have acted for clients, injured as a result of the technician using defective equipment, but also because the technician has not been properly trained. A good technician should be aware that treatment of thread veins does not work very well until any varicose veins in the same leg have been removed, and that sclerotherapy is not the correct thread vein removal treatment for your face, or surrounding areas. MG Legal have successfully won compensation for clients who have suffered personal injury as a result of the technician using the incorrect equipment, and not following the correct procedure. If you have had thread vein removal treatment, and have suffered a personal injury as a result of the technician’s negligence, then contact one of our personal injury solicitors for a no nonsense, conversation. 

How much personal injury compensation will I receive? 

As with every personal injury, the amount of compensation you will receive for your negligent thread vein removal treatment, depends on a few different factors. When liability is admitted and we have the medical evidence of the relevant medical practitioner in our possession, be it a plastic surgeon, or maxilla-facial expert, we will be in a position to value your personal injury compensation award. All personal injury solicitors, barristers, and the courts, are guided in relation to any personal injury settlement, by the 15th Edition of the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, and some of the compensation awards are given below: 
Very severe facial scarring 
In those who are relatively young, these being from teenagers to those in their early 30’s, and the cosmetic effect of the botched thread vein removal to their face is very disfiguring, and the psychological effects are severe enough to affect confidence, then, for the personal injury alone, damages range, somewhat dramatically, between £27,940 and £91,350. 
Less Severe Facial Scarring 
Where the facial scarring, after negligent thread vein removal treatment is substantial, and the injured person is still suffering significant psychological distress as a result of the treatment, then the award for personal injury alone, notwithstanding any other losses such as camouflage treatment, medical expenses, or lost earnings, would be between £16,860 and £45,440. The figures change every 2 years or so when new Judicial Studies Board Guidelines are introduced, so if you have any questions about an award for personal injury, then please do not hesitate to contact our offices and speak to one of the personal injury team, for a no obligation chat. 
Significant Scarring 
The effects of negligent thread vein removal can be reduced by plastic surgery, or camouflage treatment and where the worst effects have been, or will be reduced by plastic surgery, but there remains some cosmetic change, and the psychological injuries can be treated, and there has been a reduction in the psychological injury sustained. Significant scarring will still be visible at a conversational distance, so for example, when in meetings, in a bar, or around a coffee table. Compensation for significant scarring to the face, as a result of negligent thread vein removal treatment, is valued between £8,550 and £28,240. Again, these figures are just guidelines, laid down by the Judicial Studies Board, and each and every injured person who instructs MG Legal for their personal injury claim is treated with the utmost care and attention, with the best medical experts instructed, enabling our personal injury team to obtain the best compensation for your injuries. 

How long have I got to make an injury compensation claim for negligent thread vein removal? 

Subject to the Limitation Act 1980, if you have been injured as a result of negligence you have three years from the date of negligence, or the date you know about the negligence, to pursue a claim for personal injury. So, for example, if you suffer a facial burn injury at the time of having thread vein removal treatment, then the three years within which to bring your personal injury claim, would start on the same day you have your appointment, and suffered the facial burns. If everything appears ok to start with and then you later find out about that, for example, the reason why the skin pigmentation on the part of your body where you had thread vein removal treatment is because of the technician’s negligence, your three years starts from the day you find out this information. In such instances, clients are often advised of the reason for their injury, by their GP, or other medical practitioner, and this would be deemed to be the date of knowledge. 
There are exceptions, for those under 18 years old at time of the injury, in that minors have three years from their 18th birthday within which to make a personal injury claim. Time limits may differ if you are acting on behalf of someone with limited mental capacity, if you are acting as guardian or subject a lasting power of attorney. If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact one of MG Legal’s personal injury experts, for a friendly, informative, no obligation chat. 

Who pays my legal fees if I make a personal injury claim for negligent thread vein treatment? 

If you have been injured as a result of negligent thread vein removal treatment, within the last 3 years, and your injury is a result of someone else’s negligence, MG Legal’s personal injury claims solicitors will help you bring a claim for compensation, on a no win no fee basis. Our experts believe that if the injury is not your fault, then you shouldn’t have to pay upfront costs to have access to justice, an apology from the negligent technician, and monetary compensation. At MG Legal, our personal injury department consists of a small, dedicated team of solicitors, all of whom specialise in personal injury; from road traffic accidents, to medical negligence- each solicitor has their speciality, and we believe the advice and assistance we offer our injured clients, is the best available. 
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