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What can restaurants do to help customers with allergies? 

For people with food allergies, dining out can be stressful and in some cases, life-threatening or fatal. 
Under current laws for non pre-packed food, restaurants and other eateries must tell customers if any of their dishes contain the 14 most common allergens, either via a menu, chalkboard, information pack or verbally through staff members. 
But critics argue the rules leave too much room for error and that the food industry should be doing more to keep customers with allergies safe. 
If you have suffered an allergic reaction after eating food at a restaurant because they neglected to inform you of certain allergens contained in their foods, you could be entitled to financial compensation through a food allergy compensation claim. Contact us here to speak to a specialist food allergy solicitor. 
Interactive allergen menus 
Many restaurants and eateries already display allergen menus on their websites, including the 14 most common allergens, next to each dish. 
Some restaurants have online menus that allow customers to filter out foods by their allergy, which helps them make an informed choice about what they might eat. 
For other restaurants, interactive allergen menu services like Menu Guide can help them cater to the estimated two million people in the UK with a diagnosed food allergy. 
The online tool allows food retailers to customise their menus with the allergens in each dish before they are added to its website. 
Customers can view the menus 24/7 and filter out dishes according to their allergies or dietary needs. 
If you have suffered an allergic reaction, whether it was mild or life-threatening then you could be eligible to make a NO WIN NO FEE food allergy claim with our food allergy specialist solicitors. 
For further information, please visit our Food Allergy Claims page. 

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