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Allergy-safe Easter 

Easter is a time of year when lots of people indulge in chocolate and other treats. However, these celebrations can be difficult for those who are at risk of a severe allergic reaction, particularly for kids who might require different foods to keep them safe. 
Tips for an allergy-safe Easter 
Inform family and friends about the allergy, what to do in an emergency, and how to use any prescribed adrenaline auto-injectors (AAI). 
Always keep your child's AAIs and medication on hand. 
Remind your child about their allergens and go over the warning signs and symptoms they need to be aware of. 
Tell your child not to consume any snacks their friends might give them without first having an adult read the ingredients list. 
Provide safe sweets, snacks, or non-food treats which can be substituted for any unsuitable food so that no one feels left out. 
Remove the emphasis on food. Instead, engage in arts and crafts or dress-up activities. Also give stickers, books or toys in the place of food. 
Avoid using empty food containers for crafts as some traces may still be present. 
Note that Easter eggs and other chocolate products manufactured just for Easter may not contain the same ingredients or allergens as chocolate bars made by the same brand at other times of the year, therefore you should always check the ingredients list. 
Be cautious with multipack products that may have been separated from the main packaging. 
Allergy-safe Easter activities 
If your child has an allergy or you are hosting an easter event for kids with allergies you may find this list of fun allergy-safe activities useful. 
Pin the tail on the rabbit 
You will need: 
Coloured paper 
White paper or cotton wool 
Sticky tac, sticky tape or Velcro 
Sleeping mask or scarf for a blindfold 
Making your rabbit: 
Cut a rabbit template out of coloured paper. 
Lightly draw on where the tail should go. 
Make a fluffy rabbit tail out of white paper or cotton wool. 
Add sticky tac/tape or Velcro to the back of the white tail. 
Stick your rabbit carefully to a wall with sticky tac. 
How to play: 
Blindfold your players and spin them around. 
Give players one attempt to stick the tail on the rabbit. 
Put a mark on the paper to show how close each person has got to the target. 
Closest to the original tail mark wins! 
Making a Easter bunny mask 
You will need: 
Paper plates 
Pipe cleaners or black paper 
White paper 
Wooden lollipop sticks 
Pink colouring pencil 
Stapler or glue 
How to make: 
Cut out the centre of the paper plate, big enough to see your face through. 
Cut up 6 strips of black paper or get 6 pipe cleaners and stick it on the cheek area of the paper plate mask. 
Then cut out two bunny ear shapes, and stick/staple them to the top of the mask. 
Colour in the middle of the ears with the pink pencil. 
Stick the wooden lollipop stick to the bottom of the mask and use it to hold it in front of your face. 
Now you have your own easy-to-make bunny mask! 
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Decorate an egg 
If your child has an egg allergy, avoid real eggs.  
Purchase some wooden eggs, available online or in store from many craft retailers. Decorate the eggs and get creative.  
You can also cut out some 2D eggs from card for children to colour in. You can download Easter Egg Templates here
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