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Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston

Our team of Wills and Probate Solicitors are based in our office in Longridge, offering expert Wills, Inheritance Tax and Will Trust advice to clients in Longridge PR3, Chipping, Goosnargh, Grimsargh, Fulwood PR2, Ingol, Cottam PR4, and the surrounding areas. 
MG Legal's team have over 30 years' experience helping clients to get their affairs in order, from first time buyers looking to make a Will, to elderly clients who want to update their Wills to make provision for their great-grandchildren, to clients wishing to exclude their family benefitting from their estate; whatever your needs, our expert Wills Solicitors in Longridge are here to help. 

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What services do MG Legal’s Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston offer? 

Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston: 

MG Legal have an expert team of no-nonsense Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston, based out of our welcoming Longridge office. If you need help with anything from writing a Will to setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney to dealing with your loved one's estate, then our friendly team of Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston are on hand to help you through the process one step at a time. 

How much do your Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston charge? 

Here at MG Legal, our leading Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston offer all of our services at clear and transparent fixed-fee rates. A full collection of these fees can be seen at any time on our helpful website, here. 
Our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston know how frustrating it can be to be bombarded with extra and hidden costs along the way, which is why we always ensure that this does not happen by being open from the outset with all of our clients about what their legal matter will cost. 

How can I contact MG Legal’s Wills and Probate solicitors in Preston? 

If you are looking for Preston Wills Solicitors or Preston Probate Solicitors to help with any of your needs, from Will writing, to Deputyship applications, and Lasting Powers of Attorney, then get in contact today. 
Contact us online today, here, and a member of our Wills and Probate team will get back to you within one working hour. Otherwise, email us at, or come and see our Wills and Probate solicitors in Preston at our Preston Offices. 

What is a Will? 

A Will is a legal document which allows you to choose the way your assets are divided after you die. When you have a Will drafted by a solicitor, such as our Wills Solicitors in Preston, it directly reflects your wishes and who you would like to benefit from your estate. You also have the benefit of receiving bespoke legal advice about the matters which could impact your estate- and therefore your Will- in the future. 

Who Should Make a Will? 

There is a common misconception that you need to be old before you think of making a Will. Trust us when we say, this is genuinely not the case. You do not need to be elderly to make a Will. Even if you are young, do not have children, are single or do not have many assets, you should still consider making a Will. 
Everyone, no matter what age or circumstance, has wishes on how they would like their assets to be distributed after they die. The only way to ensure that these wishes are fulfilled when you die, is to make a Will. If you have a house, a car, money in savings, if you do not have a Will in place, then your assets, money in the bank, or the share of the property you own, may not be distributed as you would like. 
If you do not make a Will, your estate can be harder to deal with after you have died In fact, applications for Letters of Administration where people die without a Will, take longer than applications for Grant of Probate where people die with a Will, as of June 2023. This could cause your family additional stress, while they wait for the Probate Registry to deal with their application admist the backlog of thousands of other applications being made. 

Get in touch and talk to a Wills and Probate Solicitor in Preston today. 

MG Legal's expert Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston are experienced in dealing with all aspects of Wills, Will Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate applications, Deputyships, and Estate Administration.  

What change of circumstances would mean that I need a new Will? 

Our Wills Solicitors in Preston would advise you to review your Will every year to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. That doesn't mean you need to make and pay for a new Will every year, but simply read through it and check your Will still reflects your wishes. If your wishes have changed you should consider making a new Will. In addition, the law changes, and you should consult Wills Solicitors in Preston every few years, just to ensure your Will is up-to-date, and takes advantage of all tax-free amounts that could be available on your estate after your death. 
You should especially consider making a new Will in the following changes of circumstances: 
Getting married, remarried or registering a civil partnership - if you get married or enter into a Civil Partnership after making a Will, unless the Will is made "in contemplation", it will be revoked.  
Getting divorced, dissolving a civil partnership or separating - this could render some clauses in your Will invalid, or it could mean that your ex-partner would benefit from your estate, even though you have separated. Seek advice to ensure that you know what will happen to your estate. 
Birth or adoption of children - you may consider adding these as beneficiaries in your Will, or even take advice on not including them. You can make provisions for who would act as guardians for your children on your death, and make sure that you include provisions for Trustees to look after your children's money until they are old enough. 

Probate Solicitors in Preston 

After your loved one has died, their estate may be required to go to Probate, before you can administer it. Probate is the legal process of getting legal authority from the Probate Registry to deal with an estate. Many organisations, such as banks and building societies, will require sight of the Grant of Probate, before they will release funds to the executors of an estate. Our Preston Probate Solicitors tend to find that many high street banks will request Probate over £15,000, although some do have lower and higher thresholds than this. If your loved one had a property, our Probate Solicitors in Preston would advise that Probate will need to be obtained to satisfy the Land Registry's requirements. Applying for Probate can be a stressful experience, especially when you are grieving the loss of your loved one. That's why many executors instruct our expert Probate Solicitors in Preston to assist with the process. All of our services can be offered on a fixed-fee basis; simply speak to our Preston Probate Solicitors to find out more. 
To discuss an application for Probate, contact our Probate Solicitors in Preston today on Preston 01772 783 314 or contact us online, here. Prefer email? Our Preston Probate Solicitors can be contacted on

Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Preston: 

Our Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Preston cannot stress enough the importance of everyone having Lasting Powers of Attorney ('LPAs'). These documents allow you to authorise trusted people to make decisions on your behalf, if you lack capacity to make the decision yourself. Unfortunately, LPAs can be required when we least expect it, so it is better to make them before you need them, than for your loved ones to find themselves experiencing difficulties when you can no longer make them. Our Preston Lasting Powers of Attorney Solicitors can guide you through the documents from start to finish, making sure these are completed correctly, signed and registered, ready to use if you ever need them. 
To discuss making LPAs, contact our Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors in Preston today on 01772 783 314 or contact us online, here. Prefer email? Our Preston LPA Solicitors can be contacted on We offer fixed-fees, which you can see here, and home visits, by appointment. 

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You may ask yourself "are MG Legal local Wills & Probate Solicitors near me?". Yes, we certainly are. Our team of Preston Solicitors have offices in Longridge, Preston, and Garstang, Preston, even offering home visits by appointment for those who cannot make it into our office. Our clients leave us glowing feedback- which you can read, here- and for good reason: our Preston Wills & Probate Solicitors care about each and everyone of our clients, and we want to help you get your affairs in order, so that your loved ones don't have difficulties after you've died or if you lose capacity. So, don't delay- visit us today at our Preston Solicitors' offices, or call 01772 783314 to arrange an appointment. 

How can our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston help you today? 

When you contact MG Legal, our Preston Wills & Probate Solicitors will offer you a fixed-fee for preparing your Will, drafting a Lasting Powers of Attorney, dealing with applications for Probate and estate administration, and applications to the Court of Protection for Deputyships. Our solicitors also offer fixed-fee conveyancing services, including selling property, buying property, transfers of equity, and purchases or sales of land. Our No Win No Fee Injury Solicitors accept injury compensation claims, on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our injured client. Claims our Preston solicitors accept on a no win no fee basis, include, medical negligence, accidents at work, slips or trips, and food allergy compensations claims. 
Contact the "expert solicitors near me" today on 01772 783314, or via email to, to see how we can help. Alternatively, fill out the 'Contact Us' form and a member of our team will be in touch within one working hour- although, expect a call before this as our team usually get in touch within a couple of minutes. 
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No matter where you are located across England and Wales, MG Legal's expert Wills and Probate solicitors are here to help you to achieve the best possible outcome in your legal matter. 
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