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Do I need to use a solicitor to apply for Probate? 

Currently you do not need to be legally qualified to apply for Probate, and therefore if you do not wish to instruct a solicitor to assist you with the application, you do not have to. 
However, there are some advantages of ensuring that you have an experienced legal professional to assist you with the application: 
1. Making sure that the application is correct – understandably, many people will never have to complete an application for Probate in their entire lifetime. And for those that do have to, many would agree that it can be a difficult application to understand. It’s important that the deceased’s Estate is finalised properly and correctly, and therefore, it can be better to instruct a legal professional who has years of experience with drafting the applications, to prevent there from being issues which have to be corrected later down the line. 
2. Less stress – again, many people who have dealt with the probate application themselves can confirm that, unfortunately, it can be a very stressful and lengthy process. By instructing an expert probate solicitor, you are reducing the stress that you will feel, and ensuring that you have expert knowledge and assistance throughout the application process. 
3. Preventing issues down the line – by instructing a solicitor at the start of the matter, who can assist you with the application for probate, you could prevent there from being any costly issues further down the line. For example, at MG Legal, we have previously been approached by clients who have submitted the application themselves for probate but have then faced an issue. Our team helped them to correct the issue, however, this incurred additional costs which would have been avoided had our expert team been involved from the start of the application. 
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