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Conveyancing Solicitors on NatWest Panel. 

Holding the Conveyancing Quality Scheme accreditation, and with an excellent reputation for carrying out residential conveyancing sales and purchases, MG Legal, your local conveyancing solicitors, are members of the Natwest Conveyancing Panel. If you are buying a property, with a Natwest mortgage, then our conveyancing solicitors will be more than happy to help you move into your new home as soon as possible. 

Panel solicitors for NatWest Bank 

When you instruct a conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf, the solicitor will act for you, and your mortgage lender, and the conveyancing solicitor must act in your best interests, and those of your lender. So, when you instruct MG Legal’s conveyancing solicitors to act in relation to a house purchase, a transfer of equity, or re-mortgage, you can relax in the knowledge that we are working for you, and with your mortgage provider, to get your property transaction concluded as soon as possible. Our conveyancing solicitors accept instruction from clients with a Natwest mortgage, on a daily basis. 
NatWest bank's logo; our conveyancing solicitors are on NatWest bank's panel, and can help with your NatWest purchase.

Find a solicitor on Natwest Bank’s panel 

When you get a mortgage to help purchase your new property, then your lender will require you to instruct a conveyancing solicitor. When you have a mortgage with Natwest Bank, tell them that you have instructed MG Legal’s conveyancing solicitors to assist you with your property purchase, or re-mortgage, and give them the details of our head office: MG Legal, 7 Pringle Court, Garstang, Preston, PR3 1LN. We have offices throughout the North of England, and Lancashire, including Garstang, Preston, Longridge, and of course our newest office in Lytham, on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. At MG Legal, our conveyancing team are all fully-qualified solicitors, with local knowledge and specially trained in property law. 

Why choose MG Legal's conveyancing solicitors on NatWest Panel? 

Transparent fees. 

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Why use a solicitor on the Natwest panel? 

If you choose a solicitor that is not on Natwest’s panel of approved conveyancing solicitors, then you will be instructing one solicitor, and Natwest will also require the assistance of a completely separate conveyancing solicitor, to act on their behalf. If this happens, you will also have to pay a legal fee or conveyancing fee for NatWest to also have a solicitor; therefore paying two lots of legal fees. Obviously, this is not a wise move- and you should only choose a solicitor that has integrity and acts in a manner that allows them to hold the Conveyancing Quality Accreditation, and be a trusted member of your mortgage provider’s panel. 

CQS Accredited Solicitors on NatWest Panel 

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is a recognised quality standard for SRA-regulated firms in residential conveyancing. It sets out the standards of competence, risk management and client service levels expected of practices. The CQS scheme first started in January 2011, and MG Legal’s conveyancing solicitors have held the accreditation since we first started accepting residential conveyancing work, in 2013. When your conveyancing solicitor holds the CQS accreditation, you can rest assured that they are competent in all aspects of conveyancing work. 
The Law Society accredited Conveyancing Quality Scheme logo, of which our Conveyancing Solicitors are members

Get an instant conveyancing quote from a Natwest panel solicitor 

If you would like an instant conveyancing quote, please contact our conveyancing solicitors by calling Preston 01772 783314, or emailing, you will receive an instant quote for our conveyancing solicitors, approved by your lender, to act on your behalf with your conveyancing transaction. Whether you are taking out a mortgage on a house or flat, or you are looking to re-mortgage your current property, our conveyancing solicitors work with NatWest, to ensure all the legal aspects of your mortgage are dealt with effectively, and of course, at a fixed-fee price that you are happy with. 

Does my mortgage solicitor need to be on the NatWest Conveyancing Panel? 

If your conveyancing solicitor is not on the Natwest mortgage solicitors panel, this can cause problems, including delays, miscommunication, and excessive costs. NatWest needs to ensure that your instructed property solicitor sits as an approved NatWest conveyancing panel solicitor, as solicitors are obliged to ensure NatWest’s security is protected. 

Is it important to get the right mortgage solicitor from the panel? 

It is essential that you find an experienced conveyancing solicitor from a firm that has been approved by your lender. Mortgaging a property is an important process, so finding a local conveyancing solicitor with a proven track record of working with your lender, makes sure your mortgage is dealt with effectively, your property is appropriately registered, and will ultimately save you time and money. 
MG Legal’s conveyancing solicitors have offices throughout the North West, in Longridge, Preston, Garstang, Lancaster and Lytham. These are all towns and cities where you can find a Natwest Bank, making instructing our conveyancing solicitors a great choice- you can pop in and see your conveyancing solicitor, minutes after arranging your mortgage with Natwest Bank. We are experienced in handling property transactions with NatWest, so whether you are buying, selling or remortgaging your home we can attend to your matter quickly and efficiently. 

Can solicitors on the NatWest mortgage panel, advise on a mortgage? 

Whilst our solicitors are experts in their field, the details of your mortgage are between you, and your lender, so if you have any questions or queries about your mortgage, we would advise you to ask your lender. Natwest, however, are good enough to have prepared a mortgage calculator, so you can find out how much you can borrow, and how much you can afford to pay back, on a monthly basis, for your new property. Natwest’s mortgage calculator can be found, here

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