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Whether it's your dream home, an investment property, your first home, or a home away from home, MG Legal’s team of expert property conveyancing solicitors have got you covered.  
Our expert conveyancing solicitors deal in all aspects of residential purchases, and are on hand to assist you throughout the property buying process, with clear fixed-fees and friendly, no-nonsense advice. 
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MG Legal's leading property solicitors offer fixed fees on all property conveyancing matters. 

Fixed-fee Conveyancing Solicitors: 

MG Legal's leading coveyancing solicitors offer an unmatched service, and clear, fixed-fee rates. Our team put your first, and work with care to ensure that your property matters go smoothly, with no hidden costs. Call us today so speak to a conveyancing solicitor: 01995 602129 
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Stages of purchasing a property. 

Initial stages: 

1. After your offer is accepted, the estate agent writes to your conveyancing solicitor with the details of the property and parties involved, known as the memorandum of sale. This can happen quickly, so it is important to have chosen your conveyancing solicitor in advance in order to prevent delays. 
2. Each solicitor then writes to their client with their terms of business, confirming their instructions and fees in the matter. To protect against fraud, clients are also asked to provide ID at this point. 
3. You will also be required to provide proof of funds here. You should also confirm mortgage arrangements, any gifted elements, and help to buy funding that may be involved in the transaction. 
4. The seller’s solicitor then compiles and forwards the Contract pack for review. This includes the draft Contract, the property forms, a copy of any relevant title deeds, the energy performance certificate and any relevant property documents. 

Conveyancing searches: 

5. The Contract pack encompasses the title plan pertaining to the property, which then allows the conveyancing searches to be applied for. There are four usual searches carried out, inclusive of: 
A local search- which raises enquiries with the local authority in respect of planning, building control works, road adoptions, smoke control orders and local land charges, as examples. 
An environmental search- which reports on environmental issues, such as whether the property may be built on contaminated land, flood risks, ground stability issues and radon gas levels. 
A drainage and water search- which shows where the assets run and confirms whether the property is connected to the mains. 
A coal and mining search- reveals whether there have been any past, present or proposed future mining works at the property. 
6. The search results take 7-10 days to arrive and, upon receipt, are reviewed and forwarded to you, together with a report on the same, detailing the various entries noted thereon. 
7. On receipt of the documentation, the Contract pack and search results are reviewed to check for discrepancies and other issues. It is at this point that you need the expertise of a specialist conveyancing solicitor, to ensure that any issues are properly dealt with, and to prevent any delays. 


8. Enquiries are then raised by your conveyancing solicitor, in the form of queries requiring the seller to provide clarity or further information in certain respects. The enquiries can range from spelling amendments to the Contract, to the provision of Planning Permission evidence, as examples. 
9. The seller’s solicitor then has the opportunity to review the enquiries, and take the seller’s instructions on the same in order to respond accordingly. 
10. The responses are usually satisfactory, however, in some instances, it may be necessary to raise further enquiries to ensure clarity is provided. In which case, this step would simply be repeated until the responses were acceptable, and your conveyancing solicitor achieved the results that you want. 

Exchanging of contracts: 

11. Once happy with the responses received, our final report is prepared, explaining the deeds and all relevant paperwork pertaining to the property. At this point, the Contract, Mortgage Deed and Transfer Deed are signed, in anticipation of Exchange of Contracts
12. Dates for Exchange and Completion can then be agreed. In some cases, these things may take place on the same day, which is known as a simultaneous Exchange of Contracts and Completion
13. Funds to facilitate Exchange and Completion are then requested, together with updated proof of funds evidence, confirming the origin of the same. At this point, any mortgage funds would also be requested from your mortgage lender. Arrangements should also be made, at this stage, to request any Help to Buy or Lifetime ISA bonuses.  
14. The solicitors then formally Exchange Contracts. At this point, the solicitors read through the Contract, confirming the details match up. Once finalised, this is a legally binding Contract, and if Completion does not take place on the agreed date, penalties on the party at fault can be imposed. 


15. On the day of Completion, the purchase monies to the credit of the seller’s solicitors’ client account. Once the money arrives, Completion is deemed to have taken place, and the estate agents may then release the keys to the property and it is all yours! 
16. The seller’s solicitor then forwards the title deeds and documents in order that arrangements can be made for the property to be registered in your name, as the new owner of the property. 


17. Upon receipt of the completed registration documents from HM Land Registry, the title deeds and documents are forwarded to you, for your records, thus concluding the transaction. 
Your designated conveyancing solicitor at MG Legal will take the time to ensure that you are completely happy with your property purchase, and with how the process has gone. For any more information on our team, and how the process of buying your property will go, contact us online here and speak to a conveyancing solicitor today. 

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