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What is a contract pack? 

When selling your property, there are a number of important forms and documents involved, which form what is known as the contract pack. This is a very important bundle of documentation, that our conveyancing solicitors require, in order to carry out essential work as part of the conveyancing process. 
If acting on behalf of a seller, our expert solicitors will initially ask our clients to complete various forms, providing information about the property. These forms are required in order to draft the Contract itself, together with providing any other pieces of relevant documentation relating to the property. Read on to see a full and comprehensive overview of what is included within the contract pack. 

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What documents are included in the contract pack? 

Contract: Any certificates, guarantees, warranties, etc are also sent within the pack, as the same will be useful to the buyers. For example, a warranty for the boiler will be of use in the event that if there are any issues, which may be rectified under the warranty. 
Property Forms: Inclusive of the Property Information Form, which provides your solicitors in Longridge with various details about the property, such as any works that have been carried out, details of any occupiers, disputes, etc. Your conveyancing solicitors Preston also send the Fittings and Contents Form, which confirms which items the seller intends to leave or take from the property upon completion. If the property is leasehold, a Leasehold Information Form will also be sent, which includes details for the managing agents, maintenance information, service charge details, etc. 
Official Copy Entries: Your conveyancing solicitors Preston are able to download, from the Land Registry, a copy of all the information the Land Registry hold about the property. This is known as the Official Copy Register and will, for example, detail who the registered proprietors of the property are – to confirm that the sellers have the authority to sell. The Register will also reveal any charges or restrictions on the property. The Register is accompanied by a Title Plan which shows the physical boundaries of the property being sold. 
Any other Official Copy documents required: Upon obtaining the Official Copy Entries, your solicitors in Longridge will be able to see any other documents held by the Land Registry, for example, copy Conveyances. Your conveyancing solicitors Preston will download the same and send these as part of the Contract Pack. Such documents can contain details of any restrictive covenants or rights of way, for example, that provide the Preston law firm with important information about the property. 
Certificates: Any certificates, guarantees, warranties, etc are also sent within the pack as the same will be useful to the buyers. For example, a warranty for the boiler will be of use in the event that if there are any issues, the same can be rectified under the warranty. 
EPC: The energy Performance Certificate is sent with the pack to provide information on the property’s energy use and typical energy costs. 
Any other relevant information: Our property solicitors will also ask for any other relevant documentation that may be of use to the transaction. For example, if the property has the benefit of a septic tank, further information will be required here to be sent as part of the Contract Pack. 
If the property is Leasehold, it will be necessary for your solicitors in Longridge to request a management pack from the managing agents, to provide further information in respect of service charges, for example. 
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