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What happens on the day of Completion? 

The day of Completion is the day we are all working towards, with each and every transaction – moving day! Whilst you work packing up those last bits and bats in boxes ready for the big move, our conveyancing solicitors are working behind the scenes to make sure all runs smoothly for you. 
On the day of Completion, the buyer’s solicitor sends funds to the credit of the client account of the seller’s solicitor. Once the same have been received, Completion is deemed to have taken place and keys are released. 
The solicitor acting on behalf of the seller then sends the amount required to redeem any mortgages, to the lender(s), and the sale proceeds, deduct any disbursements, estate agent fees and solicitor fees, are sent back to the client. 
As you can see, the importance, on the day of Completion, concerns funds. In order to prevent any issues, when acting for purchaser clients, our conveyancing solicitors always request that any mortgage funds are released the day before the anticipated Completion date. This helps ensure that there are no delays, and Completion can take place without issue. 
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Do I need to attend your office on the day of Completion? 

This is something our team are asked a lot. We do not require your physical attendance at the office, we simply require that you are on hand, and contactable, throughout the day. This is because we will not only require your verbal authority to proceed, but our team will be keeping you updated as to the progress of Completion and, of course, when this is deemed to have taken place. 

What happens with the keys? 

The keys to the property, in most cases, are left with the estate agents. This is usually arranged the day before Completion, to ensure that they are ready for release upon Completion. Once the estate agents have had confirmation that Completion has taken place, they are authorised to release the keys to the buyers, as the new owners of the property. Where, however, we are dealing with a private sale, arrangements should be made, prior to Completion, between the seller and buyer, to make sufficient provision for the same. The keys will not, under any uncertain terms, be released until Completion has been confirmed. 

What do I need to do on the day of Completion? 

In terms of the legalities, there is nothing that you need to do. Leave this to our property solicitors in Preston, who will ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. What you do need to do, is to ensure that you have removals assistance in place, whether this be family members and friends pulling together, or via a removal firm. This is particularly important when selling as, upon Completion, you are legally required to vacate the property and, should you be unable to do so, you may find yourself in breach of Contract, and subject to penalties. This is less important for property purchasers as, once the property is yours, it is yours. You can, therefore, arrange to move in at your own leisure. Our team do, however, understand that many wish to get into their new property as soon as possible, making it a good idea to have removals assistance in place, in readiness. 
For more on exactly what happens on the day of Completion itself, see our Preston solicitors blog, for a full breakdown as to the steps your conveyancing solicitor will be taking, here

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- Are we in a chain? 
When Completion takes place, and there is a chain of transactions, this can affect the time at which all may be finalised. This can depend on your position in the chain as, evidently, being at the bottom of the chain, you will be the first transaction to Complete. However, where you are at the top of the chain, you will be the last and, as such, matters may not be finalised until mid-afternoon. Your conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise you of your position in the chain, in order to manage your expectations on the timing of Completion accordingly. At MG Legal, our property experts prepare for Completions the day before they are set to take place. This way, any unnecessary delays can be avoided, which can be particularly useful when part of a chain. 
For more information on chains in conveyancing, and what this can mean, see our blog, here. 
- The Banking System 
In order to proceed to Completion, the buyer’s solicitor is required to lodge the purchase monies within the banking system, to the credit of the seller’s solicitors’ client account. Once lodged, it is over to the banking system, and how quickly they can work to arrange the delivery of funds. This can take anything from ten minutes to a few hours. Whilst this is something that your conveyancing solicitor has no control over, it is a good idea to ensure funds are forwarded at the earliest opportunity, to avoid delay. As discussed above, our team make the necessary preparations for Completion, before the day of Completion itself, and this includes setting up payments, in order that the same can be forwarded as soon as possible. 
- Funds 
It is important to ensure that, in anticipation of Completion, the buyer has their funds in place. Whether this be by way of a gift, savings or mortgage advance, the same need to be readily available in order to proceed to Completion. At MG Legal, we would always request that our clients let us have the required funds to Complete the matter, a few days ahead of Completion, this is in order that any potential delays, or daily limits on transfer allowances, can be accounted for and not pose an issue. 
In so far as mortgage advances are concerned, our property experts would request that the mortgage advance is forwarded to the credit of their client account the day before Completion. This is because mortgage lenders have set time slots in which mortgage funds are released. These slots, usually, commence at 9:30am and run until 3:30pm. There is, therefore, then a risk that mortgage funds may not be released until 3:30pm which could, potentially, endanger Completion taking place on that day. 
As you can see, it is important to ensure that funds are secured, in readiness. 
- Signed Documents 
Whilst this may seem a given, it is important to ensure that all relevant documents have been signed. The most important documents can include: 
(a) The Contract for Sale – For guidance on what this entails, see our blog, here. 
(b) The Transfer Deed – For more information on the Transfer Deed, and its meaning, see our blog, here. 
(c) The Mortgage Deed – For our Preston solicitors’ advice on signing the Mortgage Deed, see our blog, here. 
The above documents each play an important role within your conveyance, therefore, it is important to ensure that the same have been executed correctly before Completion. 
As you can see, there are number of ways in which the time that Completion takes place can be affected. So, the trick is to be organised. Leave this to the expertise of MG Legal’s property experts, who can ensure the day of Completion runs as smoothly as possible. We will do all we can to Complete the matter at the earliest opportunity, so that you can then get on with the big move. 
So, if you want to get organised ahead of Completion, contact our team of solicitors in Preston today, at, who can advise you of the best steps you can take. 
Or, if you are wanting to commence the conveyancing process and are looking for a fixed-fee quote, with no hidden extras, look no further than MG Legal. We offer a five-star service, that is second to none, which should make us your first port of call. Submit your details online today, here, where our local solicitors will be on hand to assist you. 
One further, frequently asked question about Completion is: What time will Completion take place? 
At MG Legal, our team of property solicitors understand that the all-important question for our clients, in respect of Completion, is what time Completion will take place. This can be required for all kinds of reasons, for example, to confirm with removal companies, to request any required time off work or simply for the pure excitement of the big move. 
In many cases, Completion can take place before midday. There are, however, a number of factors to consider, in order to be realistic as to when Completion will be deemed to have taken place. 

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