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What happens if the deceased owned property abroad? 

When a person dies leaving property abroad, you should seek legal advice from a Probate Solicitor, as what will happen to it may depend on where the person lived prior to their death, and how the property is owned (i.e. with another person or in the deceased’s sole name). Quite often, the laws of the country where the property was owned will dictate what will happen to it. 
You may find that it will pass to the deceased’s family, such as a spouse or children, or it may pass under their Will in that country (if they made one). 
You may wish to consult a solicitor (or equivalent) in the country where the property is owned to find out what you need to do if your loved one has died. Alternatively, if you have just purchased or you are looking at purchasing property in a foreign country, you should speak to a lawyer in that country to discuss making a Will. 
Remember, it is always a good idea to have a Will in England and Wales, too, if you still have ties to this country (even if it is so much as shares invested, a bank account, a car, or any personal possessions) to help make life as easy as possible for your loved one’s after your death. You can contact our expert Will drafting solicitors online, here, or via email to wills@mglegal.co.uk to enquire about making a Will. 

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