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What exactly can I claim for in a playground accident claim? 

When you are making a personal injury claim for a playground accident on behalf of your child, the claim can be broken down into a number of different types of compensation. 
These are: 
General damages- this money will cover any pain and suffering that you or your child have felt as a result of the direct injuries. This will vary depending on both the injuries sustained and the severity of them. 
Loss of earnings- If you have lost any earnings due to taking time off work to look after your child, or due to your own injuries, then you could claim these back as part of your personal injury claim. 
Travel expenses- any money spent on travel for treatment or other appointments regarding the accident. 
Medication costs- money spent on any pain medication or other medications to treat the injuries sustained in the playground accident. 
For a full overview of the breakdown of a playground accident compensation claim, see here, or get in touch with MG Legal's specialist playground accident personal injury solicitors, here. 
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